Author Topic: LOWER-DNIEPR battle  (Read 646 times)

Michael Isauricos

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« on: 13 November, 2014, 05:25:54 PM »
We bring forth this epic battle and the heroic actions of our great soldiers, who are all bearers of both Glory and Sorrow.

Battle to conquer region LOWER-DNIEPR, fought on 06-Nov-1312, 12:01:04

Attackers: Michael Isauricos, Faraxius Fasces Ruxus, Kronos Focas, Narsis Focas, Pyro Carencius, Theodora Isaurica, Alexander Focas, Agrementos Lightbringer, Bilge Tonyukuk, Ioannes Ii Komnenos, Selahattin Eyyubi, Yakamoz Han, Gregory Focas, Cinnia Foca, Karmixs Sehzade, Ersagun Bey, Dimitrios Isauricos, Mohammed Oz Beg Khan, Constantino Leone, Leon Isauricos, Sebastos Isauricos, Ioustinianos Focas, Safiya Al-mu'min, Doruk Han, Zoealexandra Lyndos, Melih Gazi, Cuhadar Cuthar

Defenders: 44 Natives