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Declaration of Bavarian Law
« on: 23 December, 2014, 09:37:03 PM »
Declaration of Bavarian Law
Date: Dec 23rd, 1314

Title 1: Domestic Policy on Foreigners

Subtitle A: Acts of Abduction
I. Citizens of the Bavarian Queendom, or person of any nationality, may be seized from a Bavarian territory to be Held or Imprisoned (or any other reason), without prior written authorization by the Queen of Bavaria or by a duly appointed and expressly authorized representative of Bavaria. Seizure of a person from any territory belonging to the Queendom without prior authorization is considered an Act of Abduction.

II. Individuals found guilty of Abduction will be prosecuted according to the due process of the law, while the nation from which the arrest warrant originated may be required to pay a fine of up to, but no more than, 1,000 silver. This fine may be paid voluntarily or may be acquired by alternate means if necessary.

Subtitle B: Extradition
I. Individuals wanted for crimes in countries holding an Allied diplomatic status with Savoy may be detained until a representative of the government in which the crime was committed can arrange for the transfer of that individual into their custody.

II. Individuals pleading or, or having obtained, Sanctuary on Bavarian Lands (T1, Sub C, I) may have some or all fines and penalties communicated from them to the Kingdom Proper.

Subtitle C: Sanctuary
I. Sanctuary provides ex post facto Citizenship and legal protections in the Queendom of Bavaria.  Sanctuary may only be provided by the Reagent of Bavaria.  Sanctuary is only in effect upon posting to the community Forum (posts will be made public in the Bavarian Thread on said forum)

II. Foreign powers may convene a council to communicate crimes from the individual to the Queendom of Bavaria.  The Queendom takes the right to exercise it's wealth on behalf of Individuals seeking Sanctuary.

III.  Individuals leaving the Queendom for any reason during Sanctuary immediately forfeit any and all protections.  An individual who leaves the country will be also be subject to fines equally any expenses incurred by the Queendom during the process.

Subtitle D : Non Loquitur
I. The Queendom of Bavaria takes for granted that 'citizens' in the Lands of Bavaria, who show activity, and do not share in the general communication of the Land, with the Regency, Vassalships, Judge or other entitled individuals are, by default, enemies of the Queendom.

II. Any three communications to an individual by any entitled may be grounds for Non Loquitar.

III.  Such citizens will be tried in accordance with a Severe Crime and as an act of Treason.  Any and all efforts may be made to remove such an individual.

IV. (OOC Commentary for Non Loquitar to the Admins -- the fact that there is little to be done about people in your own lands.... In the first place makes Subtitle D, here, a flowery formality at best....)

Subtitle E: Borders
I. The borders of Bavaria are closed to any citizens from Foreign Hostile States

II. Any citizen of a Foreign Hostile State found within the borders of Bavaria is considered to be committing an act of Hostile Trespassing which is a severe crime.

III. Any person within the country borders suspected of being an enemy combatant to Bavaria is considered to be committing an act of Hostile Trespassing which is a severe crime. Evidence of being an enemy combatant includes, but is not limited to, having engaged in battles against Bavaria or her allies within 90 days; being a citizen of a country with current or eminent hostile intentions toward Bavaria or her allies; aligning oneself through words, actions or association, with enemies of Bavaria or her allies.

Subtitle F: Borders and Disease

I. During times of a clearly stated “Disease Threat Level: HIGH”, access to borders is restricted.
   - Current Disease Threat Level: Low

II. Threat Level HIGH travel restriction -- Prior to entering Bavaria, any citizen of a non-allied foreign country must contact the local Vassal to arrange a physical examination before proceeding into port. Once this examination has been completed that individual will be free to move throughout the country.

III. Any member of a non-allied foreign country found within the borders of Bavaria without a physical being performed will be remanded to jail immediately until a physical can be scheduled and his health verified. This is to protect both that individual and the public at large from the spread of disease.

Subtitle G: Armed or Arms in Bavaria

I. Wearing tools, arms, or armor (except leather boots and leather pants) is considered an aggressive action.  It is a warning or a Minor Crime.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Title 2: Religious Freedom

Subtitle A: Freedom to worship
I. No one religion is state sanctioned, required, or considered meritorious above all others.

II. All faiths are accepted within the Queendom of Bavaria.

III.  Religious Intolerance, if proven, is subject to a Moderate Severity Crime the first time, and a sever crime the second time.

Subtitle B: Driudic Clause
I. While Subtitle A is in full effect, the Queendom of Bavaria is indebted to the good works of the Pagan Churches in residence at the Capitol of Oberbayern.

II. The religious structures of the realm are protected. Any damage done to any religious building will be considered an act of Sabotage.

III. Sabotage to a religious structure is a Severe Crime

- - - - - - - - - - -
Title 3: Resources

Subtitle A: Resource Gathering
I. The gathering of resources in Ansbach (Iron) and Oberbayern (Coal), use of Furstenburg (Cows), and buying of Fields in Furstenburg will be restricted to persons approved by the Regency. Gathering any resource or holding any tool within the regions of Oberbayern, Ansbach, and Furstenburg without written permission from the Regent will be regarded as breaking this law.

II. Resource gathering without permission is considered a Minor Crime

Subtitle B - Property
I. It will be considered illegal for anyone to own property in the regions of Ansbach and Furstenburg that can be used to facility the gathering of resources or used in the exploitation of resources. The banned properties includes any form of dwelling as well as any shop.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Title 4: Market

Subtitle A: Forestalling
I. It is forbidden for an individual to buy an item from any market of Bavaria and then putting the item up for sale on a market of Bavaria at an increased price within fourteen days of the initial purchase. This is considered an act of forestalling.

II. T4, Sub B, I. Stipulates Warehousing, which is a legal form of forestalling.  A player who is Warehousing, as per the clause T4, Sub B, I. but as posted a price of 'Reasonable Marketability' will receive a warning from an Entitled representative of the Regency to repost the goods at a higher rate.

Subtitle B: Warehousing
I. It is legal for residents of Bavaria to Warehouse in any Bavarian Market (as the game provides no warehouse option for players outside of being entitled to certain buildings).  Warehousing is the act of storing items in a market, far beyond reasonable Marketability, for concerns or storage and space.

II. Warehoused Items should listed as well beyond 'Reasonable Marketability' - this is what separates Warehousing from Forestalling.

III. Improper Warehousing will always begin with a warning to re-list items.  A player who is away from the area for a time must make contact with the Reagent, Vassal, or Judge to give a reasonable time frame in which they will make the price adjustment.

IV. Bavaria makes no promise for compensation of items if lost during a Raid by a foreign entity.  Warehousing is done at risk to personal property loss.

Subtitle C: Foreign Warehousing
I. Foreign Warehousing is legal only with consent from the Reagent.

II. It is a Minor Crime for a Foreigner to 'Warehouse' so without consent.

Subtitle D : Foreign Trade
I. All foreign trade in Bavaria is to take place in the Oberbayern Market.  Citizens of Bavaria will post and buy from foreigners in Oberbayern.

II. All other Bavarian markets are for domestic use only, unless, by express, written permission by the Reagent.
- - - - - - - - - - -
Title 5: Treason

Subtitle A: Acts of Treason
I. Any act designed to undermine, destabilize, or overthrow the government of Bavaria is considered an act of treason. Non Loquitur, Title 1, is a form of Treason.

II. During their prison term the Regent will determine whether the individual should be banned from the country for life.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Title 6: Titles and Inheritance

Subtitle A: Meaning
I. As of this Dec 23rd, 1314 titles unaffiliated with buildings in game bear no power.  As such, the Titles system in Bavaria is merely a reward system to help encourage Role playing and participation.

II. Titles are obtained by asking for one...

Subtitle B: Heir
I. As of this Dec 23rd, 1314 the Heir Apparent to the throne of Bavaria is Doll Gerspacher.

Subtitle C: Princess and Inheritance.
I. Without a 'dowager' or 'retired' queen title the ex-queen Sophie Wittlesbach, entitled Princess, is given full rights in Bavaria as though she were a Citizen.  In the state of an emergency, she is declared "Heir Presumptive" to the throne of Bavaria.

Subtitle D : Bavarian Titulation
I. We decree Bavaria to be the 'Land of Mountains and Cheese' (Land of Cheese Mountains is also acceptable).

II. As it is likely Bavaria will lose it's cheesy dominance to the admins and natives -- this Titulation is temporary....

- - - - - - - - - - -
Title 7: Lost Territory to Natives

Subtitle A: Sovereign Ownership
I. Bavaria claims sovereignty to any territories it will inevitably lose to Natives until it can gather enough of an army of allies to re-claim it.

II. Bavaria recommends all countries make a similar claim of ownership.

III. Bavaria makes promise to respect Sovereign Ownership of such territories.

IV. A foreign entity taking a territory once claimed under Sovereign Ownership will be considered an Act of War, in no way different from attacking Bavaria directly.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Appendix 1: Crime Severity
Crimes in in the Queendom of Bavaria have been listed as Light, Moderate, and Severe.  If, after payment for certain Crimes, the crime continues, (example, 'foreign warehousing') the defendant, having been given reasonable time to collect the items, may incur an ongoing penalty.

I. Minor Crime
Prison: 1 day only if Fine is not paid.
Fine only - 0-100 Silver
Goods: Goods may be confiscated only to pay a fine or if an individual has fled the country and is unwilling to cooperate.

II. Moderate Crime
Prison: up to 2 days
Fine: up to 300 silver
Goods: Goods may be confiscated, as per the discretion of the Judge, or if an individual has fled the country and is unwilling to cooperate.

III. Severe Crime
Prison Term: up to 5 days
Fine: up to 500 silver
Goods: Will be confiscated, return of goods is based on serving the Prison Term and Paying a fine in full.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Appendix 2: Definitions

I. Banishment: 1) A baseless threat.  Something that no one can actually do in game.... Despite historic precedence. 2) a Joke (i.e. If you don't stop burning that church down I'll banish you! HA HA.  HAHAAHAHAHAHAH.  LOLOLOLOLLLLLOL!!!11!!!11ONEONE!!!ONE1!ELVEN!!!!111!!!)

II. Entitled Officer: The Reagent, Vassal, Judge, Guard Captain but also includes the unaffiliated and technically powerless Chancellorship.

III. Heir: 1)Someone who wouldn't normally take over a kingdom after the death of a reagent... but that doesn't exist either.  Nor do families. 2) A good friend 3) the stuff on top of your head.

IV. Natives: Unorganized NPC mobs who are WAY WAY better then your character is ... because..... because they have native training grounds that you can't see and they pump Iron ALL. DAY. LONG.

V. Noble Title: 1) Something given to a player to force them to wear clothes, else they are fined. 2) a Punishment (i.e. if you don't put pants on I'll make you a count, then you'll REALLY be sorry)

VI. Non Loquitur: "Not Speaking", a law written because it's more advantageous to revolt then to actually fight.

VII. Reasonable Marketability: Prices fluctuate in Medieval Europe and so what an item can reasonable be expected to sell for changes.  The Title 4 Market use hinges on this.  As such, this Declaration of Law will use an this 'Example Market' has basis for all warning, or court cases dealing with Forestalling and Warehousing in Bavaria.
  IIa) Example: Bread has a cost around Europe of 2-3 Silver.  It's reasonable to sell it for 0-4 silver.  A player who brought Bread for 1 silver, and then sells it for 2 silver is forestalling.  To Warehouse, any item brought under 1 silver should be multiplied by 10. and Item over 1 silver should be multiplied by 5.

VIII. Warehousing: Something you do because upgrading your shop is a pain and buying a big house is a stupid waste silver