Author Topic: A war far from home  (Read 1049 times)

William Syarco

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A war far from home
« on: 19 November, 2014, 10:53:57 AM »
The preparation of a young warrior before the battle of Pinsk

While William Syarco walked through the camps of the attacking factions, just before the battle of Pinsk, he kept wondering about how many different banners there were flying in the winds.
Counting wasn't his strong suit, but he started to recognize some of the banners. He had seen them before at the battlefields of Galich, Kujawy and Mazowsze. Battlefields on which he was present, but wasn't allowed to fight. He didn't really know why. Being present, but not fighting started to bug him. He had been away from home for months for the first time in his life. The journey to the Kingdom of Poland was the first time he ever left Flanders. He was itching for a fight, but orders were orders and he could still very well remember the lessons from his first duel in which he was struck critically when he left an opening in his defense while attacking in all his youthful enthusiasm. He would have to watch for such mistakes today if he wanted to survive.

The longer he walked around, trying to find the quarters of his countrymen the more banners arrived. Some more colourful then others but all with the same purpose, although he was wondering if they all shared the same reason for being there. He himself was just there to be experienced in the art of warfare as ordered by Queen Aldobrandeschi. The training grounds of Brugge had prepared him for some of it, but there was no such adrenaline rush as on the battlefield he kept thinking to himself. Everything would be different if he could just participate in a fight in a real war once. He would have a chance to make a name for himself and honour his family.

He then finally found the camp of his countrymen and walked in, wondering how at the edge of the known world if he would finally get a chance to swing his war axe for Queen, Country and Family.
In less than a hour he would know. If only he wouldn't die out there, so far from home.

(OoC) Bit rusty at writing RP and the pressure of the timer before the battle is on, I will take some more time for the next chapter.
If you are at the battlefield as well, feel free to jump in.