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Little hut overlooking the mountains (CRP)
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06 Nov 1314

David returned to Savoy after being baptised at Rome. He never had the chance to catch the Pope, so he may have to visit again. But the signs were clear that he must become part of the church - divine will David never dares to cross.

David sits on a rock half naked, his skin getting re-acclimatised to the cold air of the mountains just outside the city of Savoie. He thinks about his adventures since his days in Austria. Almost 3 years have passed, and his life has been extremely eventful. Life before his duties as king of Austria began was blissful and full of joy. Those days have passed and since becoming King he has been alone - and accepted such a life.

Duties have hardened his resolve, wrinkled his skin, frowned his brows. Wars have scarred his body, tainted his soul, and questioned his beliefs. As David reflects, he a book that records his deeds and adventures:

[OOC: Here I compile all the RP I could find that I have been part of or initiated, in order to give a quick overview of my RP life.

1. Coronation as Duke of Austria,8242.0.html
2. Notice Board as Duke of Austria,8243.0.html
3. Visit to the Iberian Peninsula as Duke of Austria,8425.0.html
4. City RP, and departure from Austria,8404.0.html

5. Arrival at, and departure from Savoy,8694.0.html
6. Office as King of Savoy,8705.0.html
7. Sculpting the statue of Goddess Batiara,9210.0.html

8. Journey to the East (incomplete account),9313.msg60900.html#msg60900
9. Becoming leader of the Mystics [link missing]
10. Leaving Mamluk

Theological Church
11. Officiating the marriage of the King and Queen of England,14352.msg100431.html#new

David closes the book, and his mind wanders to his many friends and followers whose lives crossed with his during the past few years. Very soon he must leave and go to Rome. He returns to the retreat hut to pack up, intending to go to the city, where Oscar his steward waits for him to leave for Rome.
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