Author Topic: [ORP] On Sir "Brucy" trial - October 1314  (Read 928 times)

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[ORP] On Sir "Brucy" trial - October 1314
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Giulia was at the Palace, reading the last scrolls in her private rooms. In the afternoon, she will had to leave Brugge for visiting some regions in the Kingdom, last, but not least, Utrecht where the new Barracks were in progress.
She murmured - He is a young Flemish, by the true, but he seems deserve my trust. He had already shown his commitment to the Kingdom  with an unusual dedication to his young age.
She smiled, nodding.

Then she saw on a scroll the seal of the new judge in Brugge, Sir Fred Leeuwenhart, a young man, but a serious and hard worker. She was fully aware he didn't take his appointment just as honors, but as a duty toward her and the Kingdom, instead - Names are not water, by the true.
He was facing with his first trial, a tricky one, against a man well known in Flanders due to his repeated hoarding of food on Flemish markets, despite any advice, despite the alliance between their kingdoms.

In the scroll the transcript of Sinclair's defense was reported. Giulia laughed amused, absolutely not affected by those words. She had the occasion to meet him personally one time and to read also his amusing stories.
She shaked her head, saying - Oh Sir "Brucy", this is not matter of economy, it's matter of laws. No less, no more.
She felt the smell of the paper and the ink. She closed her eyes and for a while she felt the smell of the autumn coming on the lands,  , the smell of salty wind on the sea, the smell of the hunt.

Then she wrote a scroll to her friend, King Sandy of Scotland, for sharing with him this amusing news.

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