Author Topic: Letters II: To Theological Heretic Leader  (Read 859 times)

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Letters II: To Theological Heretic Leader
« on: 17 September, 2014, 11:36:05 AM »
To Head of Theological Heresy on his proposal of "respectful and constructive relationship".

Sender: Vladimir Cheshirev
Recipient: Giovanni di Baldino Suardo
Subject: Re: Greetings
Sent on: 17 Sep, 2014 - 00:02

Godless Sinner and Heretic,

How you dare to write to the Patriarch of The Only True Holy Church and to offense Our Lord Triune Deus , Creator of All, with such unholy assumption that first of true faithful servants of Our Lord will discuss with main servant of cursed Lianatas , the Face of Evil and Master of Deception, any matters?! The only way your numerous sins can be forgiven is trough public repentance and renunciation of your false beliefs.

Come to Kiev and beg for forgiveness and embrace The True Faith trough ritual of Triune Initiation, and only then Our Merciful Lord will open his arms and will accept his lost sheep.

Repent till is not too late, because there will be no chance for redemption in Fires of Gehenna, where already pay for his sins your predecessor.

His Holiness
Vladimir Cheshirev
Triune Patriarch of Patriarchal Church
Chaplain of His Majesty King of Kiev
Chancellor of Kingdom of Kiev
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