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[RP] Triune Introduction Ceremony
« on: 21 August, 2014, 07:17:33 PM »
From early morning, the bells rang out around Kiev. Crowd of citizens gathered on the main square between the palace of the prince and the Patriarchal Basilica of St. Jeronim. Hum of voices filled the morning , and among them are often heard phrases in a foreign language. In addition to people of Kiev, there was still a lot of Hungarians and Albanians who came from distant lands to see the ceremony.

Suddenly the bell stopped beating and the crowd fell silent. Great iron doors of the temple opened and out came the angelic voices of the choir praising the name of the Triune Deus.

Majesty, accompanied by the clergy, from the doors came Patriarch Vladimir. Three times he blessed the crowd with a sign of the Triune Deus.

- People of Kiev, Hungary and Albania, Praise the name of our Lord Triune Deus, since it gave us a great day today. And on this glorious day our three nations become one, as in one connected The Flesh, The Life and The Will in Our Creator. Three glorious Men, three characters of our three nations, now reunited in divine ceremonies and become brothers in the Faith. The sun illuminates the sky that day because happy is Triune Deus, who sees his creations walking the path of truth to the Heavenly Kingdom of Eternal Joy.

As soon as you hear the last words of the Patriarch from the Prince's Palace thundered fanfare and the crowd parted, making way solemn procession coming out of the palace gates. In the retinue of the knights from Order of the Brothers of the Sword and their most close courtiers three majestic monarch went to the Basilica - Thooba Delvideky, King of Hungary; Mao Chao, Grand Prince of Kiev; and Radost Konstantinovic, King of Albania.
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Re: [RP] Triune Introduction Ceremony
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That day Kiev was in fest. The bells rang and passed joy in the hearts of the faithful of the One and Triune Deus. Albrecht, Grand Master of the Brothers of the Sword, opened the procession from the Palace of the Prince he walked into the Holy Basilica. The other knights of the Order were behind and made sure to keep order during the ceremony.