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Church and Chaplain Office
« on: 05 August, 2014, 02:39:24 AM »
"it is with great pleasure that we today anoint you Chaplain of the Royal Army " Arn says with a ceremonial tone of voice
"Let it be known that from this day forth Matteo Lubiani  will serve our queen by administering to her troops comfort and blessing in tides of war as well as in peace. To pray for the souls of every man and woman united under her majesty's colors"

The ceremony continues for awhile and the onlookers bows theirs heads in respect for the new caretaker of their souls.

Later Arn catch up to Matteo once again welcoming him to his new office
"I do expect  that even a scholar and Sheppard like yourself to train the arts of archery. Even a stray arrow can change the course of history and participation in the archery tournament is mandatory"

Arn smiles and claps Matteo on the shoulder and places the insignia where it belongs.

Off*If it is against Matteo's philosophy to partake in this event then please disregard my enrolling you in the contest. It is merely for the rp*
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Matteo Lubiani

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Re: Church and Chaplain Office
« Reply #1 on: 08 August, 2014, 11:59:54 AM »
Father Matteo, was agreeably surpriseed for the ceremony dedicated to him.
it was evident how much esteeme and trust peopla had for him and he had no intention to deceive them.
At the end of sir Arn 's speech , Matteo asked the permission to talk .
" My fellows, your enthousiasm is a great joy for me , such that I can't express it by words. I know that you are called to a very busy life and difficult jobs, and my task is to gice peace and religious support to your souls.
Every time you'll need me, come and see me in my office, you 'll ne able to count on my humble help .
Don't worry and don't hesitate to knock to my door if you need comfort and encouragement . I can help you also for medical cares, being my studied dedicated to the souls nd body cares too.
I hope and wish to all our community to live in peace and joy even in little daily things.
Don't forget that every day is special and you have to live with peace in your heart .
Teos may guide you during your life ".
After this little speech to the community, he went for seeing Sir Arn and receive the insignia prepard for his office .
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