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Development and bugs / Suggestion on Development Dairy 2: The Holy
« Last post by Willhelm Tell on 24 February, 2020, 12:57:13 PM »
Suggestion linked to this post:

Related to the religious system, i would like to talk about some things i remarked in the game, linked to religions

1. The large amount of vacancies within the religious hierarchy in almost every religion
2. The hierarchy is not a piramyd anymore, people take only higher ranks but leave lower ranks
3. Building religious buildings is easy, cause they don't collapse if there is no maintenance

What i would like to see about the religion in this game is the following

1. A ratio between followers and buildings, meaning that a religion with X followers can have max Y religious buildigns, so we avoid the uncontrolled spread of religious buildings where they are not needed nor requested. People FIRST will be asked to be initiated, then they will be able to build their church in their region. it has always worked like that with missionaries.

It is not normal that Norse church has 24 followers and 12 churches, Pagans are 18 and have 7 churches !
We all know that religious roles have high costs, and those costs are repaid by prayers. But if each church has on average 1 follower, this won't repay priests' costs at all, so the role will be vacant.

In my idea, i would like to set a ratio like this: every 10 follower = 1 religious building
So, first 20 followers you can have 1 religion HQ + 1 building lvl 2 + building lvl 3, building lvl 4 (one entire hierarchy)
then every 10 followers you can 1 lvl 4 building
every 20 followers you can have lvl 3 building
Then every 40 followers you have also a  building lvl 2
(Starting point on counting is the initial 20 followers)

thus, in general
first 20 followers: 1 HQ + 1 cardinal + 1 bishop + 1 priest
30 followers: 1 pope + 1 cardinal + 1 bishops + 2 priests
40 followers: 1 pope + 1 cardinal + 2 bishops + 3 priests
50 followers: 1 pope + 1 cardinal + 2 bishops + 4 priests
60 followers: 1 pope + 2 cardinals + 3 bishops + 5 priests

This will limit the number of churches and also will induce regional religions, it is strange to have mysticism in UK when they don't even "conquer" middle east, same for norse in sweden and sicily, then iberia. I don't argue with the geography, i just say that it should be logistically more difficult to have buildings spread around the map.

This limit will oblige more work to acquire followers, every follower will count.
Put also a rule that after 90 days of "newborn" cooldown, EVERY character has to be initiated to a religion or there will be disadvantages.
The tag of"anti clerical" or "heretic"
+ no possibility to be healed at all
+ maybe even a malus on production

Something that will oblige people in following a church and being linked to a church, that will also give more wealth to religions, more power and will also induce cooperation and interactions. We have too many people who are atheists just because their religion has no dogmas, but at the same time they can't occur in wars against enemy religions and can be healed by everyone, this has no sense. This is not a limit for newborns, just we all know that religions need followers and give them bonuses in exchange of prayers. but if nobody prays, nobody stays in a church and the church collapses, thus nobody will take a religious role. And this is a fundamental pillar in the game, we should put disadvantages in being atheist or we will always have atheists that "abuse" of the condition. Just say that atheists cannot be healed and you will see churches with more followers.

Or if you don't like the ratio, make another formula.

2. The hierarchy is a pyramid
It is also strange to have more cardinals and popes than priests on the field. With the limit of buildings and the hierarcisation of buildings, we will have also a pyramid of roles.

And maybe another limit, when the inferior level of church is built, the superior cannot be used if the inferior has a vacant role.
Ex. if you have a lvl 3 church and a lvl 4, first you have to recruit a priest and then you can appoint a bishop. but the bishop cannot work without the priest under.

To avoid bugs, let's say that every hierarchy level can appoint every inferior role. Ex. popes can appoint directly priests, bishops and cardinals. Cardinals can appoint bishops and priests (in their hierarchy line) and so on.

3. Finally, even adding the maintenance of buildings. Buildings unused risk to collapse after some time.

Development and bugs / Development Dairy #2 -The Young, the rested and the holy-
« Last post by Kol on 24 February, 2020, 04:42:36 AM »
I think enough time has passed since the last little development diary, which really didn't give a taste of anything...just a break down on how we look at things. 

Sooooooo, with that said.  Here comes the first look at some of the items we are actually testing out right now!

The Young -

     Young has been a term tossed around since I started in ME.  It isn't taken as being a bad thing, it just means you are new.  I personally like it more than a newbie, since that gets used as a negative against some people.   As the new players are part of the life of ME, we took a look at a few things involving them and how they interact with the Kingdoms they choose to start out in. 

1- Instead of being scattered in different provinces, we have made the choice to have all new members start in the Capital province of the Kingdom they are starting in.  Since typically in all size Kingdoms, there is a vassal that is active and the regent.  This helps Kingdoms see their new players, other than just getting a notification that can be missed at times.  As capitals are also hubs for activity in many kingdoms we figured this would be a great way for all citizens of a Kingdom to have a chance to welcome the new citizen. 

2- No longer will a new player have to hunt down a forest in the Kingdom or a regent seek a friendly Kingdom to get access to a forest.  We have set up a way for a forest to simply appear for the quest and vanish once finished.  This is much like how the plot of land and access to an Inn works in the tutorial.  This also provides Kingdoms that are facing blockades from hostile Kingdoms a way to still grow their population without a new player getting punished.

The Rested -

Now awhile back we did a survey to see what people thought about certain items, what they wanted to see and a great many more.  Among the questions we asked was about the speed of the game.  While 44% of those that responded felt the speed of the game was fine, the larger majority wanted to see some form of an increase in speed. 

To address this we looked at many things in the game that soak up the time a player has their character spend on.

Our answer was rather simple.  Change the rest rate of the houses players buys.  This will speed up how faster players rest, but they will still take the same time on all other things within the game.  We felt this was the least game-breaking effect.  It does reward players who have earned large amount of silver, but why shouldn't the rich enjoy the benefits of such luxury.  In History the Doge of Venice, the Medici's and other wealthy families had homes that rivaled even the Royalty of the time.

The Holy -

Now, something always baffled me when it came down to the clergy of ME.  It baffled a rather large number of you as well.  Why do members of the clergy have less authoritative power within their respected faiths the higher they get in rank?  It makes no sense to climb the ranks only to see things slim down.  Sure you can launch special projects and place people, but that is virtually the same for all but the lowest ranks. 

So to help flesh out the faiths a tad more for them we have started working on the following adjustments for the clergy based on what level of the temple they run.

Lvl 1 - Initiate & Heal
LVL 2-  Initiate, Heal & Perform marriages
Lvl 3- Initiate, Heal, Perform marriages & annual marriages
Lvl 4 - All of it as well as to excommunicate members of the faith.

Now, many of you are thinking this isn't mind-blowing changes and you still don't mention bugs or anything else!  Well, in regards to bugs...they will always plague the game as they do any game.  We will always try and hunt them and crush them and seek out the primary source for the to end them forever. 

As for other changes, I need the stuff to write about when I do these things.  So I'll give out little parts here and there as we chug along with coding, testing and overall talking on ideas. 

Thanks, everyone, and happy gaming!
"I will leave for the war. I will go to Flanders" said Fabiotto as he sat for the umpteenth time on what was once a wall and is now a comfortable bench overlooking the sea of ​​Cyrene.
"I know. The news runs like the north wind. Or like the sun's rays reaching the Southern seas." said Orhan.
"Fake news are also quick to run. And they go from East to west." said Fabiotto.
"There are people of all kinds in the world. Liars, fools, presumptuous. In the world there are masters, and there are servants. In the world there are people who have power. There are those who have earned it and who has not, but both use it when they are in trouble. I think if the fake news are quick to run it's because there are more liars in the world than sincere. A sincere person tells the truth only once. The lying person tells a falsehood many times, because only in this way can it be sure that his version is shared by all. And even those who are afraid of giving his version will support the version that is on the lips of many. I know that you are sincere, Fabiotto. Although you are afraid, you are sincere. " said Orhan.
"What will you do, my friend?" Fabiotto asked as he continued to look at the sea.
"My wife is joining me here in Cyrene. After that I will let myself die." Orhan's facial expression was sweet.
Fabiotto stopped looking at the sea. He turned to Orhan and his eyes were red. The pupils trembled.
"You must not be sad for me Fabiotto. My life has been full of beautiful things. And I am happy that you are one of the beautiful things in my life."
"I'll probably die before you, cursed old man!" Fabiotto said as he tried not to cry.
"We will all die, son. But not everyone can say they have lived." Then Orhan turned to Fabiotto. "Did you live?"
Fabiotto's mouth stopped shaking.
"Then we will die from having lived too long. And too much intense"
Both turned to the sea.
For the umpteenth time.
For the last time.

"Partirò per la guerra. Andrò nelle Fiandre" disse Fabiotto mentre sedeva per l'ennesima volta su quello che una volta era un muro ed adesso è una comoda panchina che guarda il mare di Cyrene.
"Lo so. Le notizie corrono come il vento del nord.   O  come i raggi del sole che raggiungono i mari del Sud."  disse Orhan.
"Anche le notizie false sono veloci a correre. E vanno da Est a ovest."  disse Fabiotto.
"Nel mondo esistono persone di ogni specie. Bugiarde, stolte, presuntuose. Nel mondo esistono padroni, ed esistono servi. Nel mondo esistono persone che hanno un potere. C'è chi lo ha guadagnato e chi no, ma entrambi lo usano quando sono in difficoltà. Credo che se le notizie false sono veloci a correre è perchè al mondo ci sono più bugiardi che sinceri. Una persona sincera racconta la verità una sola volta. La persona bugiarda racconta una falsità tante volte, perchè solo in questo modo potrà essere sicuro che la sua versione sia condivisa da tutti. Ed anche chi ha paura di dare la sua versione appoggerà la versione che è sulla bocca di tanti. Io so che tu sei sincero, Fabiotto. Nonostante tu abbia paura, tu sei sincero." disse Orhan.
"Cosa farai, amico mio?" chiese Fabiotto mentre continuava a guardare il mare.
"Mia moglie mi sta raggiungendo qui a Cyrene. Dopodichè mi lascerò morire". L'espressione  del viso di Orhan era dolce.
Fabiotto smise di guardare il mare. Si girò verso Orhan e i suoi occhi erano rossi. Le pupille tremavano.
"Non devi essere triste per me Fabiotto. La mia vita è stata piena di cose belle. E sono felice che tu sei una delle cose belle della mia vita."
"Probabilmente morirò prima di te, vecchio maledetto!" disse Fabiotto mentre si sforzava di non piangere.
"Moriremo tutti, figliolo. Non tutti però possono dire di aver vissuto.". Poi Orhan si girò verso Fabiotto. "Tu hai vissuto?"
La bocca di Fabiotto smise di tremare.
"Allora morirermo per aver vissuto troppo."
Entrambi si girarono verso il mare.
Per l'ennesima volta.
Per l'ultima volta.

Administration and Moderation / Re: How to moderate the kingdoms' forums
« Last post by Thekla Argyra on 19 February, 2020, 09:11:46 PM »
In case you are not sure what to do, ask for advice here. We are here to help each other, nobody's perfect.
Administration and Moderation / Re: How to moderate the kingdoms' forums
« Last post by Thekla Argyra on 19 February, 2020, 09:11:32 PM »

Merging topics

1. choose "merge topics" at the bottom of the page
2. choose the target board or
3. indicate the ID of the target topic; the ID is specified by the last digits in the url

Split posts

1. choose "split topic" from top right of a post

2. choose whether to split only one post, the chosen post and all following or if you want to choose manually which posts to split (might be necessary in loooong topics)
3. As subject for new new topic just exchange the "Re" in the subject with "split from", so everyone know from which original topic the split posts are.

4. You will find the new topic with the split post(s) in the same board like the original one; now you can lock / move it or do whatever is necessary.

Administration and Moderation / Re: How to moderate the kingdoms' forums
« Last post by Thekla Argyra on 19 February, 2020, 09:03:12 PM »
When using the "move" option, you will be asked if you want to create a redirect topic:

if you keep the box checked, you will end up with an entry like this:

You are kindly asked to uncheck the box, unless you see a purpose in having such an entry.
Administration and Moderation / How to moderate the kingdoms' forums
« Last post by Thekla Argyra on 19 February, 2020, 08:44:09 PM »
Your basis forum options at the top of any thread:

the additional moderator's options at the bottom of a thread:

please refrain from using the "remove" option and either move to the kingdom's historical archive or ask Forum staff to move thread to the bin, please.
[Any Language] International RP / Re: [ORP] The Paris' puppets parade
« Last post by Mathijs Janszoon on 19 February, 2020, 05:52:01 PM »
Mathijs coughed a bit. This was always the hardest part, the lyrics of the song are so fast that he often stumbled over his own tongue practising it. But… it was faultless during the performance! He did worry though. Wouldn't nobles be offended by this not-very-flattering version of a nobleman? He bit his tongue. Worries for later. Just proceed… and try to get the audience on your side.

(The baron stops weeping, straightens his back, and directs himself to the audience.)

Alas! It is true and as a pilgrim to Rome I must part!
Leave my precious Baroness in quiet solitude,
but overcome I shall - fear not my lady, take heart!
Our love will never be subdued!

I will go without delay and say farewell
And make sweet, sweet love to my baby doll
One last time - as a blessing for my travel!
And… Oh whatever, why am I making up reasons in rhyme again? She is my muse, I will see her before I leave!

(The Baron goes off the stage. A new background is shown - the room of the Baroness. No dolls appear on stage, but sounds are being made off-stage by two voices. It is being made abundantly clear that a vulgar scene is going on behind the scenes, but nothing is shown. While it goes on, the Baron enters the stage again.)

What a dreadful sound… And it appears to come from the Baroness' bedroom!
I must find out what is going on. If she is sick or in pain, I cannot leave!
Pumpkin, my heart, my love, is everything allright?

(the sounds stop abruptly. After a short silence, a female voice replies)

Of course everything is well my dear! I was just redecorating my room, I didn't like the position of the bed.
Which is why I asked the cardinal to come in and help me.
We needed to push hard and put in a lot of effort, so much that I am not very presentable for you at this very moment!
Give me a minute, we are almost ready!

(The baron is very surprised, and turns to the audience.)

Did you hear that, my dear friends?
She is spending time with the cardinal!
Instead of asking me for help while I was here...
She is consorting with the man who condemned me to this pilgrimage!
It was he, heading the inquisition and putting me on trial!
For no less than giving my wife a kiss at the entrance of the church!

Do you think something is going on?
It looks terribly suspicious to me!


OOC: like a real puppet's play, don't hesitate to interact with the dolls. If you don't have time, but do enjoy the reading, I greatly appreciate any rating as well!
*Kingdom of Sweden - Konungariket Sverige / Swedish "Thing" ORP
« Last post by Kol on 18 February, 2020, 08:29:38 PM »


The chambers to the throne room are opened up and all within Sweden have been invited to come forth.  For it is these next few days, regardless of your social position within Sweden, the King will listen to all and take into advisement all requests made upon him.  Matters of state will always be discussed.  It was a rare time in Sweden as they honored the old ways.

[All Swedish Citizens of ME are invited to come forth.  They can make a request for changes in the laws, diplomacy and even make personal requests of the King.  All citizens are also welcome to debate and argue the views of the other.  In the end, though it will fall upon the King.]
Il Barone di Porto Cristo aveva trascorso pochissimo tempo nel suo feudo.

Il suo gruppo di mercenari era molto ambito ed apprezzato dal califfato di Cirene, e per questo motivo veniva inviato in varie parti del mondo a svolgere la mansione di dispensatori di morte.

Ogni giorno era uguale al precedente: battaglia, sangue, cure, vino, baldoria.

Di punto in bianco Palmerino si ritrovò ad aver abbandonato la propria fede teologica e ad aver preso battesimo mistico.

Tutto abbastanza buffo dal suo punto di vista, ma perfettamente in linea con l'incoerenza che regnava da diversi anni.

Avevano combattuto in europa centrale, contro gruppi di contadini che disperatamente cercavano di difendere le proprie terre, ma Cirene aveva bisogno di territori, di castelli, per prepararsi alla difesa.
Dalla Serbia erano giunte minacce concrete, ed il Califfato doveva farsi trovare pronto.

Fu così che, tra una battaglia e l'altra, scoppiò una vera guerra. Questa volta contro le Fiandre.

La situazione era stata molto confusa.
Le Fiandre, uno dei regni più potenti ed attivi del mondo, viveva ormai da anni nella quasi totale inattività.
La Regina Giulia si era ritirata in un silenzio preoccupante, probabilmente anche lei delusa dalla dilagante incoerenza del mondo.
Dalle notizie pervenute, sembrava che i loro storici alleati inglesi volessero approfittare della situazione, e con un improvviso voltafaccia avevano dichiarato ostilità nei confronti delle Fiandre, pronti ad attaccare.
L'Aquitania, comandata da Re Deste, quindi non si era fatta sfuggire l'occasione di attaccare per prima.
E Cirene, come alleata dell'Aquitania, partecipava alla guerra.
Per difendere le Fiandre dall'attacco inglese?
Per conquistare territori e castelli?

Poco importava al Corvo, che doveva solo continuare a fare ciò che sapeva fare meglio: combattere.

Il primo attacco fu portato alla regione di OSTFRIESLAND.
Le forze in campo erano esigue, soprattutto in difesa.

Il caso volle che Gualtieri ed il suo gruppo si trovassero ad affrontare proprio la Regina Giulia, con la sua Guardia Reale.
Lo scontro fu molto cruento, e la Regina, già provata da altri combattimenti, alla fine dovette soccombere.

Si accasciò al suolo, priva di forze.
Il Corvo le si avvicinò per darle il colpo di grazia, ed i loro sguardi si incrociarono.
Entrambi riconobbero nell'altro la delusione per ciò che era successo.
Entrambi ricordarono cosa era stato quel mondo un tempo. E realizzarono ancora una volta che tutto era cambiato.
E fu la più straziante delle ferite.

La Regina chiuse gli occhi e svenne.

La battaglia era finita.
Le Fiandre avevano perso.


The Baron of Porto Cristo had spent very little time in his fiefdom.

His group of mercenaries was highly coveted and appreciated by the caliphate of Cyrene, and for this reason he was sent to various parts of the world to carry out the role of dispensers of death.

Every day was the same as the previous one: battle, blood, cure, wine, spree.

Suddenly Palmerino found himself abandoning his theological faith and taking mystical baptism.

All quite funny from his point of view, but perfectly in line with the incoherence that had reigned for several years.

They had fought in central Europe against groups of peasants who desperately tried to defend their lands, but Cyrene needed territories, castles, to prepare for defense.
Concrete threats had come from Serbia, and the Caliphate was to be found ready.

So it was that, one battle after another, a real war broke out. This time against Flanders.

The situation had been very confusing.
Flanders, one of the most powerful and active kingdoms in the world, had been living in almost total inactivity for years.
Queen Giulia had retired into a worrying silence, probably also disappointed by the spreading inconsistency of the world.
From the news received, it seemed that their historic english allies wanted to take advantage of the situation, and with a sudden turnaround they had declared hostility towards Flanders, ready to attack.
Aquitaine, commanded by King Deste, therefore had not missed the opportunity to attack first.
And Cyrene, as an ally of Aquitaine, participated in the war.
To defend Flanders from the English attack?
To conquer territories and castles?

It didn't matter to the Crow, who just had to keep doing what he did best: fighting.

The first attack was brought to the OSTFRIESLAND region.
The forces on the field were small, especially in defense.

It happened that Gualtieri and his group found themselves facing the Queen Giulia, with her Royal Guard.
The clash was very bloody, and the Queen, already strained by other fights,  had to succumb.

She slumped to the ground, without strength.
The Crow approached her to give her the coup de grace, and their eyes met.
Both recognized in the other the disappointment in what had happened to the world.
They both remembered what that world had once been. And they realized once again that everything had changed.
And it was the most excruciating of the wounds.

The Queen closed her eyes and fainted.

The battle was over.
Flanders had lost.
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