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I have been a little bit everywhere in this short time of my life from Prussia to Venice, and finally to Cyrene. I changed to Venetian after getting a job offer over there, and seeing how active the market was compared to that of my old kingdom after many a months of working, and farming I got a goodbye letter from Fabiotto about a kingdom, and place I never heard of. It intrigued me to say the least I looked at the map to find it upon looking I found out it was a small African kingdom in need of buildings, and many workers. For that very reason I wanted to go, it got my old Prussian blood boiling for the chance to make a small kingdom into a great one, and I love a challenge so I sailed after Fabiotto had landed, and went to check it out for myself after I got my bearings I prepared to do my part in making it great. So I bought a farm, and a hammer to feed, and build the kingdom up.
[English] Town Crier / Hammering in Cyrene
« Last post by Fabiotto Borgia on 20 June, 2018, 06:17:29 PM »
Message for you, young and old hammers of Europe!
I remind you that the construction of the Academy in Cyrene has been underway for a few days and we have almost reached 1000 hours of work. Will there be a party? Who knows ..
The work is paid 3sc per hour, and right now, the work of the Church of Cyrene start and this time we decided to overcome ourselves .. every hour will be paid 4 sc! Yes, because Cyrene wants to enter history! To make things more enjoyable, as soon as the work begins, a competition between the manufacturers will be announced, 50 doubloons for those who work longer hours, 5 cheeses for the second and 2 brandies for the third.
PS: Every 10 our worked you will receive 2 cheese at symbolic price of 1 sc each
Just to make things nicer. Write me in game for more info. Spend some time in Cyrene!
Remember also that in Cyrene the greatest experiment of recent times is underway, the attempt to bring together anyone who wants to join a new community and propose their ideas. Everything will be heard and taken into consideration.

Messaggio per Voi, giovani e meno giovani martellatori d'Europa!
Vi ricordo che già da qualche giorno è in corso la costruzione dell'Accademia a Cyrene ed abbiamo quasi raggiunto le 1000 ore di lavoro. Ci sarà una festa? Chissà..
Il lavoro è pagato 3sc l'ora, e da adesso, cominceranno i lavori della Chiesa di Cyrene e questa volta abbiamo deciso di superarci.. ogni ora sarà pagata 4 sc ! Si, perchè Cyrene vuole entrare nella storia! Per rendere le cose più divertenti, appena cominceranno i lavori sarà indetta anche una gara tra i costruttori, 50 dobloni per chi fa più ore, 5 formaggi per il secondo e 2 brandy per il terzo. Giusto per rendere le cose più simpatiche.
PS: al raggiungimento di ogni 10 ore lavorate verranno dati 2 formaggi al prezzo simbolico di 1 argento l'uno.
Scrivetemi in game per maggiori info. Trascorrete del tempo a Cyrene!
Ricordate inoltre che a Cyrene è in atto il più grande esperimento di questi ultimi tempi, il tentativo di riunire chiunque voglia unirsi in una nuova comunità e proporre le proprie idee. Tutto sarà ascoltato e preso in considerazione.

*Kingdom of Jerusalem - Regno di Jerusalem / Re: Cathedral of Caesarea
« Last post by Celestino Borromeo on 20 June, 2018, 09:00:32 AM »
Gathered in the morning praise, we pray Immanuel, who gave his life for his Church. Let's say with faith:
Guard your Church, O Lord.

Blessed be you, pastor of the Church, for the light and the life you give us on this day,
- grant to welcome your benefits with joy and gratitude.

Look with kindness to the people you gathered in your name,
- no one perishes of those whom the Father has entrusted to you.

Lead your Church in the way of your commandments,
- your Spirit always makes it docile to your will.

Feed your people at the table of the word and the bread of eternal life,
- because with the strength of this food proceed towards the mountain of your glory.
The time for you to present yourself to Court has passed already, your choice not to speak before. The Trial is closed.
You were imprisioned 2 days, as said here and restrained for the duration of Trial, like normal procedure requires. There is no compensation to be paid to you. More information can be found in Wiki.
When he opened the parchment, Fabiotto immediately recognized the calligraphy. And he immediately wanted some brandy.
He read it smiling.
"I wish there are people like him here in Cyrene ..." he sighed.
He saw from the window of his house, saw the builders, returned to the room, took the brandy, poured it into a glass, sat on the chair.
"Am having it on you, my friend!" he put both his feet on the table "Wherever you are..". And drank in one gulp.
Am sorry, i meant 2,15 for meat!
Pico raised his eyes from the last manuscript he was composing, the "900 theses". The news of his friend travel had reached him overnight, brought from travellers returning from the crossing of the Mediterranean sea.

He decided, sipping a glass of the precious mulberry brandy Pico kept from their last encounter, to send him a scroll and wrote:

Dear Fabiotto,

only a brave man can leave the comfortable shores of the city of Venice for the perilous winds of the North African regions. I salute you for your efforts and wish you best of luck in your future endeavors.

May you be lucky and blessed, find joy prosperity and happiness in your new home

Best Regards

Alas, he took the scroll to the port and passed it to the expert hands of a senior port officer he knew he could count on, to be dispatched with the first ship to sail for Cyrene.
The Market / Looking to buy 3000 doubloons.
« Last post by Theophilos Katakouzinos on 19 June, 2018, 01:40:02 PM »
Please send me your offers in game. Trade with iron also available.
The Market / Re: Selling Doubloons
« Last post by Alexandros Kokkinos on 19 June, 2018, 11:52:10 AM »
Thanks for your replies but the doubloons were sold!!!
The Market / Selling Doubloons
« Last post by Alexandros Kokkinos on 19 June, 2018, 10:10:36 AM »

Selling 1000 of doubloons for 1.4 sc  each.

Send me your offers in game.
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