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As evidenced by the evidence presented, I find Telodo Dulo  guilty of the following charges:
- It`s forbidden to damage structures in Tsardom of Bulgaria /church in Mira/,repeatability, without having a consent from The Tsar of Bulgaria,  I find you as guilty.

The evidence provided is direct to the proof of guilt.

The verdict
I condemn  you to 5 days in prison and 1000 silver coins, 50% reduced /age/, to 500 silver coins.

The defendant and the prosecution have 12 hours of objections.

The verdict is final.

Case closed!
As evidenced by the evidence presented, I find Ronnie James Dio  guilty of the following charges:
- It`s forbidden to damage structures in Tsardom of Bulgaria /church in Mira/,repeatability, without having a consent from The Tsar of Bulgaria,  I find you as guilty.

The evidence provided is direct to the proof of guilt.

The verdict
I condemn  you to 5 days in prison and 1000 silver coins, 50% reduced /age/, to 500 silver coins.

The defendant and the prosecution have 12 hours of objections.

The verdict is final.

Case closed!

Pontifical Palace of Teological Church

/ Re: La fine
« Last post by Gracia Mendoza on 22 February, 2019, 01:38:09 AM »
Gracia left the scroll she had received on her lap and sighed.... Tears run ....

She remembered how much love, how much kindness, how much understanding Father Celestino  put on his sermons every Sunday, when he was a humble priest in a small parish church, and how much comfort  she felt when reading them.

She remembered how Reverend Father Celestino had said a mass for the soul of her King, His Majesty Lello Da Chianciano, and his wise words to her, his advice.

She also remembered how the theological faithfull had asked him to guide them in extremely difficult times. Gracia had met three Pontiffs in her life; she knew all of them made the best they could, given the circumstances in which they lived.
Gracia knew about the campaings of difamation done  against the last Pontiffs and also the ugly insults that some supposed smart regents made to them. Shame! That their tongues rot inside their mouths!

It is not easy to take the responsability to become the Great Sheperd. Every decision the Holy Father takes will be critiziced by the enemies, and sadly, by his own flock in some cases. It is not easy to live in the Holy See, which is in Rome, when the King of Rome is another person with different targets, ideas and ways of behaving, because what the king of Rome does can be mistaken with the Pontiff´s  own behaviour. People tend to identify the Pope with the Regent of the Roman Republic, as if they were the same. The regent has a political and military power just in his kingdom, the Pope an spiritual guideness for his flock everywhere.

Probably this is difficult to understand for beligerant religions such us the patriarcal, a religion invented for military purposes .
That is one of the differences between the easterns and the westerns: 100 easternes = 1 head / 100 westerns = 100 heads
I really don´t know if all the patriarcals think the same or if only they are programmed since they are born to follow instructions with strict discipline. I know that among us, every single individual thinks different, and everybody believes firmly that his way is the one, that his ideas are the solution. This means, of course, endless discussions...until a real charismatic leader appears.
And even if there is a clear leader, some people do their own way.

Reverend Father Celestino agreed to be the Holy Father, knowing all this, living in a city raided eight or nine times by the revengefull patriarcals. Even though, he invited them to a Peace Council, in an attempt to find a peaceful solution.

 Gracia was a that time Chancellor of the Kingdom of Castilla and León, Vassal and Duchess of Burgos; she was not invited to take part in the conversations. It didn´t matter. Her presence would have not changed the fact that the patriarcal regents wanted their absolut, full revenge over the arberian/sicilian/roman alliance which had conquered some of their regions, stolen their relic and damaged some of their temples. They also wanted full vengeance over the people who dared to give the defeated shelter, or the friends of those, or the flies overflying them. They were "giving lessons".

In the way the patriarcals arrived to the Council, fully armoured or even with a dog, in the prepotent and arrogant way they talked, Gracia knew from the very beginning that, this Council was wasted time, because nobody was going to step back just an inch. There was not going to be a compromise.  All those difficult conversations worn our Holy Father.

He had suffered so much. In a few months he became several years older, his health failed.  He had close and good companions, good collaborators who kept giving him courage....but the strikes were too big.

Gracia regreted not having written to him in the last  weeks, just to tell him he had not failed. That he was a good man with a great heart. That he was their hope in a better future. That he was an example to follow. Now, it was too late.

All she could do was to pray for his soul. May Theos bring him to a place of Peace.


Pontifical Palace of Teological Church

/ Re: La fine
« Last post by Svatomir Brodnik on 21 February, 2019, 06:53:05 PM »
20-Feb-1319, 23:52:02   Celestino I, Summus Pontifex Theological Church died, the role is vacant. The man tried to do something but couldn't. Those who held his relic respected him more than his flock. It's sad...Brodnik drank a horn of wine in memory of the head of the theologians...

Pontifical Palace of Teological Church

/ Re: La fine
« Last post by Sandro D' Angiò on 21 February, 2019, 06:24:31 PM »
Sandro listened attentively to Monsignor Strozzi approached the Pope, took him in his arms and felt that he was now breathing hard.
He spoke to Monsignor Strozzi
"Let's pray together for our Pope we can not do anything else"

Sandro ascoltò con attenzione monsignor strozzi si avvicinò al Papa , lo prese tra le braccia e sentì che  questi ormai respirava a fatica .
Si rivolse a Monsignor Strozzi
" Preghiamo insieme per il nostro Papa altro non possiamo ormai fare "

Pontifical Palace of Teological Church

/ Re: La fine
« Last post by Ernesto Strozzi on 21 February, 2019, 11:55:15 AM »
Ernesto noticed that the Pontifex was not responding so he looked to Cardinal Sandro and said.

“Your Eminence, our beloved Celestino I has grown weak with grief. He is dying but I know not how to heal this kind of wound.”

Ernesto si accorse che il Pontefice non rispondeva, così guardò il cardinale Sandro e disse.

"Vostra Eminenza, il nostro amato Celestino I si è indebolito con il dolore.  Sta morendo, ma io non so come guarire questo tipo di ferite".

Pontifical Palace of Teological Church

/ Re: La fine
« Last post by Sandro D' Angiò on 19 February, 2019, 09:38:49 PM »
Sandro arrived just in time to see the scene of despair of the Pope and the dismay of Ernesto.

Holy Father, redeem yourself, you are not alone! Teos has put us to the test to see the strength of our faith, but I think above all because we make self-criticism and rediscover the value of our faith and the teachings of Immanuel.
I think we must look into our hearts and rediscover the truth of the teachings of Immanuel, ask Perodno to Teos for our sins and to how many voluntarily or involuntarily we have hurt / offended

Sandro arrivo giusto in tempo per vedere la scena di disperazione del Papa e lo sgomento di Ernesto.

Santo Padre riscuotetevi , non siete solo !  Teos ci ha messo alla prova per vedere la forza della nostra fede , ma penso sopratutto perché facciamo autocritica e riscopriamo il veor valore della nostra fede e gli insegnamenti di Immanuel.
Penso che dobbiamo guardare nei nostri cuori e riscoprire la verità degli insegnamenti di Immanuel , chiedere perodno a Teos per i nostri peccati ed a quanti volontariamente o involontariamente abbiamo ferito / offeso
Zaragoza / Juramento
« Last post by Blanca Borja on 19 February, 2019, 02:12:29 AM »

Pontifical Palace of Teological Church

/ Re: La fine
« Last post by Ernesto Strozzi on 19 February, 2019, 12:04:27 AM »
Ernesto sat in stunned silence, unable to say a word. Some of his most loyal friends and supporters had since abandoned the faith and turned to false teachings.

Ernesto sedeva in un silenzio sbalordito, incapace di dire una parola.  Alcuni dei suoi più fedeli amici e sostenitori avevano abbandonato la fede e si erano rivolti a falsi insegnamenti.
*Regno di Italia - Kingdom of Italy / L'ultima lettera / The last scroll
« Last post by Isabella Este on 18 February, 2019, 10:55:27 AM »

Il freddo del rigido inverno aveva strappato via dai rami le ultime foglie rimaste tenacemente attaccate alle loro madri. La morte necessaria prima della rinascita, pensò.

Isabella guardava dalle finestre delle sue stanze di Palazzo, dove era obbligata a soggiornare per una grave febbre che l’aveva colpita verso la fine di Gennaio, quel panorama innevato e ameno.
Urbino era assorto in un silenzio tombale e solo un corvo, poggiato su un ramo, dichiarava che la vita là fuori ancora era presente. Ma quell’uccello inneggiava altresì ad un cattivo presagio.

La malattia si protraeva da settimane e lei si sentiva sempre più debole. La volontà non le mancava ma le forze sì. Pertanto, inetta, trascorreva i giorni in quella stanza tra letto e finestra, incapace di fare altro.
Il dottore era stato perentorio, riposo assoluto. L’ottimismo non aveva accompagnato quelle parole tanto che non aveva escluso che la Regina sarebbe potuta anche morire…

Isabella così aveva preso una decisione.
Le era costato molto fare quella scelta, ma si era resa conto che il Regno non era al sicuro con un Sovrano malato e impossibilitato a svolgere appieno il suo Ruolo.
Prese carta e penna e iniziò a scrivere una missiva per i suoi amati sudditi
L’ultima lettera da Regina.

Dilettissimi figli d’Italia, Stirpe Benedetta del Montefeltro, fratelli miei amati,

Questa sarà l’ultima lettera che la vostra Regina vi invia, dato che la febbre maligna che mi ha colto, non mi consente oltre di svolgere appieno gli ardui e gravosi uffizi che mi competono e che non possono essere derogati.
Sapete che sono stata una donna forte e sempre presente e spero di aver svolto il mio Ruolo, onorando Voi tutti in primis e gli impegni che il nostro Re Oddantonio aveva preso con i suoi Alleati, ma in questo momento non sarei capace di fare altrettanto. Vi chiedo dunque perdono e comprensione.

Questi lunghi anni al servizio di Urbino prima e dell’amata Patria Italica poi, nonché al Vostro, sono stati vissuti intensamente e malgrado il dolore per la perdita del Re Montefeltro e di molti amati cittadini, li ho trascorsi nella gratificazione e nella felicità grazie anche al mio amato Consorte lo Zar Dusan Nemanjic.

Lascio questa benedetta Assise serena e appagata per i grandiosi risultati che, grazie a Voi tutti, il Regno d’Italia ha potuto ottenere contro i suoi nemici, oggi ridotti a vagare per il mondo senza più né meta, né casa.

La Gloria di questo Regno non è dipesa da me o da Re Oddantonio, ma dalla grande lealtà e spirito di abnegazione che Voi avete dimostrato in tanti anni di lotte, sangue e sacrifici. Senza di Voi, ognuno di Voi dal primo all’ultimo, fatta eccezione per quei pochi casi che hanno visto incistarsi in taluni nostri ex concittadini il morbo della pazzia e della malvagità, nessun traguardo sarebbe stato possibile e non potremmo essere stato considerato il Regno Invictus che siamo, uno dei più temuti e potenti di questo Mondo, la culla della Civiltà,  dell’Onestà e della Grandezza.

Come Regina vi lascio in eredità le mie Virtù di Madre, di Sorella e di Amica, quale spero di essere stata per Voi, come Voi tante volte per me.  Vi lascio l’insegnamento dell’Amore per la nostra Terra, per i nostri Fratelli che usiamo chiamare Famiglia, la lealtà verso i nostri Alleati e la Fede verso la nostra Religione Patriarcale.

Tenete ben saldo nel Vostro animo l’Orgoglio di appartenere a questo Regno e nel cuore l’affetto e la vicinanza per vostri fratelli concittadini, soprattutto i più deboli e meno fortunati.

Alzate ogni sera lo sguardo al Cielo e ricordate il Vostro Re Oddantonio che ci ha amato più di sé stesso tanto che per difenderci ha donato la propria vita.

Ogni giorno onorate la nostra Bandiera e ricordate che dietro quei colori sventola il sangue benedetto del Montefeltro che avete onorato come sua prole.

Adesso Figli miei dilettissimi, stringetevi attorno al nuovo Re e consentitegli, di guidarvi verso altre mete che perpetueranno il nostro Mito.

Sperando che l’Altissimo mi dia ancora le forze per gioire ancora con Voi, Ringraziandovi tutti per ogni istante di felicità che mi avete regalato, nonché per la possibilità di avermi fatto sentire l’Orgoglio di essere Vostra Regina e stringendovi a me
Tra le lacrime di commozione, vi invio i miei fraterni saluti et la Santa Benedizone.



The cold of the harsh winter had ripped off the last leaves remained tenaciously attached to their mothers. The death necessary before the rebirth, she thought.

Isabella looked from the windows of her palace rooms, where she was forced to stay because of a severe fever that had struck her at the end of January, that snowy and pleasant landscape.

Urbino was absorbed in a deadly silence and only a crow, resting on a branch, declared that life out there was still present. But that bird also praised a bad omen.
The disease had lasted for weeks and she felt weaker and weaker. The will was not lacking but the strength did. Therefore, inette, she spent the days in that room between bed and window, unable to do anything else.
The doctor had been peremptory, absolute rest. The optimism had not accompanied those words so much that he had not ruled out that the Queen could also have died ....

Isabella so made a decision.
It had cost her a lot to make that choice, but she realized that the Kingdom was not safe with a sick Sovereign and unable to fully fulfill his role.
She took paper and pen and began to write a letter for his beloved subjects.
The last letter as Queen.

Beloved sons of Italy, Benedict heirs of  Montefeltro, my beloved brothers,

This will be the last letter that your Queen sends you, given that the malignant fever that has seized me, does not allow me to fully carry out the arduous and burdensome offices that compete with me and which can not be waived.

You know that I was a strong and always present woman and I hope I have done my role, honoring you all in the first place and the commitments that our King Oddantonio had taken with his allies, but at this moment I would not be able to do the same. I therefore ask you for forgiveness and understanding.

These long years at the service of Urbino first and the beloved Italic Patria then, as well as yours, have been lived intensely and despite the pain for the loss of King Montefeltro and many beloved citizens, I spent them in gratification and happiness thanks also to my beloved Consort the Tsar Dusan Nemanjic.

I leave this blessed Seat serene and satisfied for the great results that, thanks to you all, the Kingdom of Italy has been able to obtain against its enemies, today reduced to wander the world without more no destination, nor home.

The glory of this Kingdom has not depended on me or on King Oddantonio, but on the great loyalty and spirit of self-denial that you have shown over many years of struggles, blood and sacrifice. Without you, each of you from the first to the last, except for the few cases that have seen in some of our former fellow citizens the disease of madness and wickedness, no goal would have been possible and we could not have been considered the Invictus Kingdom that we are, one of the most feared and powerful of this world, the cradle of Civilization, Honesty and Greatness.

As a Queen I leave you my Mother, Sister and Friend Virtues, as I hope to have been for You, as You have done so many times for me. I leave you the teaching of Love for our Land, for our Brothers whom we use to call Family, loyalty to our Allies and Faith to our Patriarchal Religion.

Keep the Pride of belonging to this Kingdom firmly in your soul and in your heart the affection and closeness for your fellow citizens, especially the weakest and least fortunate.

Raise your eyes every evening to Heaven and remember your King Oddantonio who has loved us more than himself so much that he has given his life to defend us.

Every day, honor our flag and remember that the blessed blood of the Montefeltro that you have honored as his offspring, flies behind those colors.
Now my beloved children, gather around the new King Morello and allow him to guide you to other goals that will perpetuate our Myth.

Hoping that the Most High will still give me the strength to rejoice with You again, Thanking you all for every moment of happiness you have given me, as well as for the possibility of making me feel the Pride of being Your Queen and hugging you to me
Among the tears of emotion, I send you my fraternal greetings and the Holy Blessing.

Sincerly Your

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