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The land is sold!
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the land is sold.
1. The location of the Holy See will be a matter for consultation, especially within the theological church, but outside views will also be taken into account.
2. The pontifical constitution will be a matter for all theological clergy and laity, but I am prepared to consider delegations and views from other religions also.
Good Day

I hope you can answer me as best as you can with my questions:

1. Do you already have a place in mind to where exactly will you relocate the Holy See ? Or will it be part of the consultation ? and;
2. Will the Consultation on reform of pontifical constitution be open to any religion/s and others or will it be decided by Theological faith ?

Thank You
I, Ernesto Strozzi, wish to offer myself as a candidate for religious leader.

I held the post of Chancellor Vicar, under the late Celestino I.

I am bishop of Liberec, and former priest of Praha, Opava and Jerusalem.

I have charisma 18 and over 5000 faith points.

I will seek a fresh translation of the sacred texts and open a consultation on reform of the pontifical constitution.

I will consider relocation of the Holy See to a kingdom that can be trusted to safeguard the relic and avoid offensive wars.

Io, Ernesto Strozzi, desidero offrirmi come candidato alla guida religiosa.

Ho ricoperto la carica di Cancelliere Vicario, sotto il compianto Celestino I.

Sono vescovo di Liberec ed ex sacerdote di Praha, Opava e Gerusalemme.

Ho carisma 18 e oltre 5000 punti fede.

Cercherò una nuova traduzione dei testi sacri e aprirò una consultazione sulla riforma della costituzione pontificia.

Prenderò in considerazione il trasferimento della Santa Sede in un regno di cui ci si può fidare per salvaguardare la reliquia ed evitare guerre offensive.
Ankara is selling and buying the following:

Selling to fund Amaysa Infrastructure developments.
115    pieces of gold at 15 silver coin per piece.
1500 pieces of iron at 2.40 silver coin per piece.

All price mentioned above are subject to taxes of Ankara's rate
The following goods will be available tom. at Ankara's market.

Buying for Amaysa possible development of Tavern and Well.
154 pieces of wood.
200 pieces of bricks.

Delivery process : Deposit it to Amaysa Castle.
Payment Procedure : Send it directly or sell any goods at Ankara's market at an agreed price.


Nis / Re: NIS TOWN HALL-New building's
« Last post by Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin on 07 August, 2019, 02:38:30 PM »

The Builder Dusan Zivkovic Dukljanin
Vexin / A new start for Vexin
« Last post by Anne De Courtney on 05 August, 2019, 09:07:59 PM »
After the ceremony when Pero was created Marquess of Vexin, his wife Anne strolled around the castle walls, looking out over the region of Vexin. It was a quiet peaceful rural landscape, with lots of pig farms. She looked forward to the time when she could open her second workshop here. Maybe one day, it would be like York.

She tried to imagine what the Sword & Quill Tournament would look like, both in York and Vexin, with the jousting and dueling pitches stretched out around the castle. Where would the literacy part of the contest take place? Would the contestants stand at the grand balcony of the castle, to read their composition to the crowds below?
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