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A correct, if not actually agreeable ending......under current wiki terms and standards.

This has been an interesting read.
It exposes some exploitable cirizenship  loopholes on the part of the defendant.
 It also exposes more loopholes in the law process outlined in wiki.

I do believe we need a topic regarding the process as it is written "verbatim" as well as the overall observation of ethics regarding trial. As well it is much too vague regarding institutional offenses and that portion requires suspension until the details may be assigned.

One last point. Most kingfoms have in fact included a law allowing the Regent an "at will" discretionary punishment. These should all be summarily removed to avoid the bypassing of "due process" otherwise the entire judicial system means nothing.

Not to mention how the absence of admin support may effect timing voncerns regarding the trial.

This case also opened that an existing nation still legally standing may not have a criminal prosecution while occupied....or at least the region of the courthouse is occupied...and no crime is therefore committed. THAT is most assuredly a gross exploitation that interferes with timing limits.....because the judge may be forced to evacuate. Trial ends. So crime becomes unpunishable???? Ever????
Certainly not what I would call due process.

I stop there and ask if anyone wishes to open the other topic under non-rp.
The Market / Re: Emporikon (buying/selling)
« Last post by Emmanouil Olovolos on 25 April, 2019, 11:06:15 PM »
Looking to buy doublons.

Please send your offers ingame.
*Kingdom of Scotland - Regno di Scozia / Regional Announcement - Carrick
« Last post by Arthur Scott on 24 April, 2019, 02:45:56 PM »
Dear Citizens of Scotland,

I want to begin by thanking King Daniel Mcfinnigan for giving me the opportunity to be put to the test as vassal of Carrick. I will do everything in my power to bring order and hope to these wonderful lands.

The times are challenging in all over Europe, while Scotland needs to remain strong. Working together as a community by helping each other and which is most important, by communicating with each other, we can make the difference. I would like to establish effective workflows in a way each and everyone's contribution is valued. Carrick shall be a flourishing place, known across the borders of Scotland, where it's people grow and prosper.

+ Potter
+ Tailor
+ Distiller
+ Citizens with at least 1 field producing basic materials.

Construction of a Watch Tower. It will begin soon, so builders are most welcome to join us and complete this task.

Establishing a self sustainable community, strengthening local production and raising import/export activities.

I recognize the value and effectiveness of an organized society and I look forward to help my people achieve their goals. I am always available and willing to assist, send me a scroll if you are interested.

With sincere appreciation, i bid you farewell.
Viken / Re: A day of grief and sorrow.
« Last post by Gunnar Håmundarson on 22 April, 2019, 09:18:18 PM »
The servants of Lord Hugone had moved the dead body to a room in the first floor. There the body of the brave warrior and vassal lay on lit-de-parade, so that all those who wanted to see him and take a farewell to him would be allowed to do so.

There were wonderful flowers of the season decorating the room, and two guards of honour were on post. The doorway into the castle was decorated with fir branches, as was custom when somebody had died. And Lord Hugone had his favourite sword with him, the same sword that Gunnar crafted for him more than a year ago, and which never had been used in harm or in war, only for the slaying of dogs, rats and other wild creatures.

Father Gunnar started to make preparations for the funeral, and he wondered where Lord Hugone should get his final resting place. He had no family grave at the cemetary, but it would be no trouble finding a good spot close to the church. An even better idea could be to bury him inside the church, since Lord Hugone after all was a protector and good benefactor of the church, having a high ranking status. Then again, Lord Hugone could be buried at his castle. Father Gunnar needed to figure out these questions first, perhaps some of his friends and fellows could help to get an answer to this?

Father Gunnar started to send out messages and invitations to the funeral ceremony. He wondered if queen Costance would arrive. If so, she would most certainly stay at the castle. But there were also all the other lords and knights, not only in Viken but in the entire Danish nation. Perhaps there would come some foreigners as well. Gunnar hoped the inns would suffice for the noblemen, otherwise he would of course open the church for people needing a place to stay during the night.
Viken / Re: A day of grief and sorrow.
« Last post by Thora Lubiani on 22 April, 2019, 04:45:45 PM »
That day, after learning of the sad news, Thora had run away from the training camp to take refuge in the silence of her room.
She had left the soldiers to train on their own, and the young Danes watched her in amazement as she rushed away from the camp.
She had never left training once before, but that time she felt the need to be alone for a few moments.

Lord Hugone was a knight, a gentleman and a well-prepared warrior. They had often duelled together and the two times she had won, she had always been left with the suspicion that it was he who made her win, for gallantry.

Their friendship had slowly grown, both shy and shy, they always found a meeting point in their common interest in fighting, training and small tricks to improve assaults and defense.
When Hugone came to the capital with his load of wooden dummies from his carpentry in Viken, they did not miss an opportunity to meet and chat about their favorite topics.
And now, Thora could not believe that she would never meet him again.

A silent tear ploughed through her face.

Quel giorno, dopo aver appreso della triste notizia, Thora era corsa via dal campo addestramento per rifugiarsi nel silenzio della sua stanza .
Aveva lasciato i soldati addestrarsi da soli, i giovani danesi la guardavano stupiti mentre si allontanava in fretta e furia dal campo .
Non era mai andata via  prima una sola volta dall'addestramento, ma quella volta sentiva il bisogno di stare qualche momento da sola.

Lord Hugone era un cavaliere, un gentiluomo ed un guerriero molto preparato . Avevano spesso duellato insieme e le due volte che aveva vinto, le era sempre rimasto il sospetto che fosse stato lui a farla vincere, per galanteria.
La loro amicizia era cresciuta piano piano, entrambi timidi e schivi, trovavano sempre un punto d'incontro nel loro comune interesse per la lotta, l'addestrammento e i piccoli trucchi per migliorare gli assalti e la difesa.

Quando Hugone veniva in capitale col suo carico di manichini provenienti dalla sua falegnameria di Viken, non perdevano occasione per incontrarsi e chiaccherare dei loro argomenti preferiti .
E adesso , Thora non riusciva a credere che non l'avrebbe piu' incontrato.

Una lacrima silenziosa le solco' il viso .

Viken / Re: A day of grief and sorrow.
« Last post by Giovanni Da Cingoli on 21 April, 2019, 10:22:38 PM »
The bishop received a letter he never wanted to receive.
Father Gunnar informed him of the disappearance of one of the noblest citizens of the kingdom and one of the most respectful men of the teachings of Teos he had ever known.
Lord Hugone was an excellent vassal for the feud of Viken and all his people, always willing to help others and never tired of doing good.

He replied to Brother Gunnar that the funeral should be held in Viken, respecting the title of Lord Hugone and that he would never arrive in time from the capital. The journey was too long and for obvious reasons it was right to give worthy burial to the knight Lord Hugone.
Father Gunnar could have officiated the funeral and John would have arrived a few days later to impart his blessing to Hugone and accompany his soul on the journey to Teos with the prayer and union of the citizens of Viken who would all pray together for him.

He was certain that Father Gunnar would, as always, do an excellent service.
A moment of prayer was gathered, turning to Teos, "Father Teos, welcome into your arms Your son Hugone who deserves to find the way to rejoin You in the kingdom of heaven".


Il vescovo ricevette una lettera che mai avrebbe voluto ricevere .
Padre Gunnar lo informava della scomparsa di uno tra i piu' nobili cittadini del regno ed uno tra gli uomini piu' rispettosi degli insegnamenti di Teos che lui avesse mai conosciuto.

Lord Hugone era un ottimo vassallo per il feudo di Viken e per tutta la sua gente , sempre disposto ad aiutare gli altri e mai stanco di fare del bene .
Rispose a fratello Gunnar che il funerale avrebbe dovuto essere tenuto a Viken , in rispetto del titolo di Lord Hugone e che lui non sarebbe mai arrivato in tempo dalla capitale . Il viaggio era troppo lungo e per ovvi motivi era giusto dare degna sepoltura al cavaliere Lord Hugone .

Padre Gunnar avrebbe potuto officiare il funerale e Giovanni sarebbe arrivato qualche giorno dopo per impartire la sua benedizione ad Hugone ed accompagnare la sua anima nel viaggio verso Teos con la preghiera e l'unione dei cittadini di Viken che avrebbero pregato tutti insieme per lui.

Era certo che Padre Gunnar avrebbe svolto , come sempre, un ottimo servizio .

Si raccolse un momento in preghiera , rivolgendosi a Teos " Padre Teos, accogli tra le tue braccia il figlio Hugone che merita di trovare la via per ricongiungersi a Te nel regno dei cieli".

Viken / Re: A day of grief and sorrow.
« Last post by Gunnar Håmundarson on 21 April, 2019, 12:45:01 PM »
Father Gunnar finished his prayers. He assumed there would be a need to noitfy Lord Hugone's relatives. By the way, did he have any? Gunner did not recall he had heard about any. After a quick examination of the body, father Gunnar could not notice any signs of disease or recent violence. The cause of death must have been simply exhaustion, father Gunnar thought, either just before Lord Hugone had fallen asleep or while sleeping. There were neither any signs of poisoning, so the death must have been natural.

-Well, I will anyway have to notify the Queen, as well as the other people here in Viken, especially the Guard Captain, Lord Antonio Gagliardi. He would have to take care of Lord Hugone's posessions, making sure nobody would steal or ruin any of them.

Father Gunnar hurried back to the church, where he sat down to write some letters. The first one was of course to queen Costance, then one to Lord Antonio, asking him to protect Lord Hugone's castle and of course his dead body. He also wrote a letter to the bishop, father Giovanni, in Sjaelland, asking about details of the funeral. Father Gunnar needed to know if Lord Hugone should be buried here in Viken, in Sjaelland or any other place. And he also asked bishop Giovanni if the bishop himself wanted to lead the funeral, taken into consideration the high ranking position Lord Hugone has had.

-Please give me a quick response, father Gunnar wrote in his letter to the bishop.

Inside the church, in front of the altar, father Gunnar lit a candle for the soul of poor Lord Hugone.

Suddenly, a messenger boy entered the church, crying out he had a message to father Gunnar from the queen herself. Gunnar managed to finish his prayer before his curiosity won and opened the letter.
Viken / Re: A day of grief and sorrow.
« Last post by Gracia Mendoza on 20 April, 2019, 09:52:59 PM »
Gracia had read the news about the unexpected death of Hugone de Pagani. Although she had never met him personally, she knew about him and knew he had been an important person in ME.

What a pity that such persons left this world, she thought. She just wanted to send a few warm words of friendship and support to Reverend Father Gunnar, and extend them to all those who had been loyal friends of D. Hugone de Pagani, may Theos bless his soul.
Viken / Re: A day of grief and sorrow.
« Last post by Costance D'hauteville on 20 April, 2019, 09:27:37 PM »
It was with immense pain that the queen learned of the unexpected death of one of her closest and dearest friends. Costance did not want to believe the announcement from Viken, it seemed impossible, unacceptable, and terribly painful.

A true, sincere friend, a confidant and loyal man with whom he had shared joys and sorrows, suddenly passed away.
A dark cloud' the sky, it almost seemed that nature also participated in the sadness of the queen and her people.

She looked out of his balcony and raising her eyes to the sky she wondered if his friend was looking at her, wherever he was, and if he was protecting her as he had always done.

She approached her desk to write about the sad news to her husband. She knew that he would be close to her in that moment of great pain. She knew that she would come to her as soon as possible.
In those moments, she thanked Teos for giving her such a caring and loving man.

She recomposed herself, drying the tears that ploughed through her face. Hugone would never have wanted to see her crying. And her people needed her, she could not show any weakness, even if her heart was deeply wounded by the terrible news.

She wrote a letter to Father Gunnar, and commissioned a page to have it delivered immediately.
For his brotherly friend, she wanted a simple funeral, as he would have liked, intimate and silent but open to all citizens. Everyone appreciated and esteemed him, after having met him on his arrival in Denmark.   Hugone De' Pagani was a great man and as such should be remembered.

E' con immenso dolore che  la regina apprese della morte inaspettata di uno dei suoi piu' cari e fedeli amici. Costance non voleva credere all'annuncio giunto da Viken , le sembrava impossibile , inaccettabile , e terribilmente doloroso .

Un amico vero, sincero , un confidente e leale uomo con cui aveva condiviso gioie e dolori , veniva a mancare all'improvviso.

Una nube oscuro' il cielo , sembrava quasi che anche la natura partecipasse alla tristezza della regina e del suo popolo.
Guardo' fuori dal suo balcone e levando gli occhi al cielo si chiese se il suo amico la stesse guardando , ovunque si trovasse , e se la stesse proteggendo come aveva sempre fatto .

Si avvicino' al suo scrittoio per scrivere della triste notizia  a suo marito . Sapeva che lui le sarebbe stato vicino in quel momento di grande dolore. Sapeva che sarebbe corso da lei appena possibile.
In quei momentii, ringraziava Teos per averle donato un uomo cosi' premuroso ed amorevole.

Si ricompose, asciugando le lacrime che solcavano il suo viso . Hugone non avrebbe mai voluto vederla piangere . Ed il suo popolo aveva bisogno di lei , non poteva mostrare alcuna debolezza , anche se il suo cuore era ferito profondamente dalla terribile notizia .

Scrisse una lettera a Padre Gunnar, ed incarico' un paggio di farla recapitare immediatamente.
Per il suo fraterno amico, desiderava un funerale semplice , come lui avrebbe voluto , intimo e silenzioso ma aperto a tutta la cittadinanza . Tutti lo apprezzavano e stimavano, dopo averlo conosciuto al suo arrivo in Danimarca.  Era un grand'uomo Hugone De' Pagani , e come tale andava ricordato.

They were both sitting on what remained of an old wall. Now it had become a comfortable bench, and facing the beach.
And then the sea.
The sea.
"We should make our faith known to others," said Fabiotto.
"Why do you regret what you miss? You should rejoice in what you have" said old Orhan without looking away at the sea.
"I can't. Now that I have embraced the new faith, I feel happy, and I know that the One who must not be named wants this happiness to be lived by all"
"Did he tell you in person or did he send you a scroll?"
"This is my feeling"
"The sensations are changeable. Now you are looking at the sea, and it is beautiful, and your feelings are of joy. If at this moment you were looking at my wife, you will see that your feelings would be completely different" smiled Orhan.
"I would like at least the whole mystical community to work on the same project, no matter which, but which was firmly united"
"If the desires of each of us could come true, it is not said that ours would be a better world"
"Do you have an answer for everything, Orhan?" now it was Fabiotto who smiled
"No" replied Orhan "but let's go now come with me to find some serenity"
"Do we go to church to pray?" asked Fabiotto
"For that there will be time," Orhan said. "Let's go into the tavern to get drunk," he winked.
Fabiotto smiled and stood up. "Old sponge, I already know that I'll have to load you on your back and take you home"
Once again they turned towards the sea as if to greet him.
And they walked together.

Erano entrambi seduti su quello che restava di un vecchio muro. Ora era diventato una panchina comoda, e di fronte la spiaggia.
E poi il mare.
Il mare.
"Dovremmo far conoscere la nostra fede anche ad altri" disse Fabiotto.
"Perchè ti rammarichi per quello che ti manca? Dovresti gioire per quello che hai" disse il vecchio Orhan senza distogliere lo sguardo verso il mare.
"Non ci riesco. Ora che ho abbracciato la nuova fede mi sento felice, e so che Colui che non deve essere pronunciato vuole che questa felicità sia vissuta da tutti"
"Te lo ha detto di persona o ti ha forse inviato una pergamena?"
"Si tratta di una mia sensazione"
"Le sensazioni sono mutevoli. Ora stai guardando il mare, ed è bellissimo, e le tue sensazioni sono di gioia. Se in questo momento tu stessi guardando mia moglie, vedrai che le tue sensazioni sarebbero completamente diverse" sorrise Orhan.
"Vorrei che almeno tutta la comunità mistica lavori per lo stesso progetto, non importa quale, ma che fosse saldamente unita"
"Se i desideri di ognuno di noi si potessero avverare, non è detto che il nostro sarebbe un mondo migliore"
"Tu hai una risposta per ogni cosa, Orhan?" ora fu Fabiotto a sorridere
"No" rispose Orhan "ma andiamo ora vieni con me a trovare un pò di serenità"
"Andiamo in Chiesa a pregare?" domandò Fabiotto
"Per quello ci sarà tempo" si alzò Orhan. "Andiamo in taverna a ubriacarci" strizzò l'occhio.
Fabiotto sorrise e si alzò. "Vecchia spugna, so già che dovrò caricarti  sulle spalle e portarti a casa"
Si girarono ancora una volta verso il mare come a volerlo salutare.
E si avviarono insieme.

OFF/  a thought to those who have recently left the game.
good luck
for all the others still alive: hold on!
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