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Title: So fast changes
Post by: Giulia Aldobrandeschi on 19 March, 2014, 07:34:09 PM
Giulia was back in Andernach in the morning, there were many issues to take care before returning back to the capital.
At the Rhine gate, she just nodded the guards approaching her and galloped fast towards the castle.
Her wish was to be alone in that while, at least for a short while.
Although really grateful to her King for trust he showed in her person once again, she could not hide herself as much she was linked to Andernach fiefdom and its inhabitants.
A nod to Sir Andres and then she ran up the stairs to her studio upstairs. Once closed the door, she sat down at the table, ready to start writing every note useful for the future vassal, Lord Andrea Venzo da Vicenza....
when she shook her head and stood up again.
She had before taking her leave from that place in her heart.
Silently, she went to the window and looked along the landscape that stretched before her eyes, without haste.
Very different emotions were filling her heart.

Some time passed.  Finally, she sighed and suddenly smiled. Then she came back to the table and took up the feather again. Now she was quiet with herself and ready for all those fast changes.
Title: Re: So fast changes
Post by: Giulia Aldobrandeschi on 25 March, 2014, 06:36:30 PM
With care, without being distracted by other thoughts, Giulia put in order all different registers of the fiefdom, the one related to goods and taxes, that to the barracks, that to the order of the knights of the fiefdom and assigned noble titles.
All this took some time, the recent wars had been distracted her from the usual tasks.
She smiled and murmured, satisfied about her work - Yes, everything is good, he will not have any difficulty.
But there were many other things that she would have to speak with Lord Andrea, first of all about citizens.
She hoped to meet him soon, otherwise she would have written when I arrived in Brugge.

She heard a knock at the door, shook her head but invited  to join . Meisent, seemingly expressionless face, said simply - Milady all luggage from your private rooms was prepared.
Giulia nodded - Thank you, Meinsent. Don't worry about hiding your emotions, I know you're happy to return to Brugge, it's your hometown.
And I .... - she paused - it's weird how you can be happy and sad at the same time.

She stood up and walked to the window one last time and said - Go ahead, I'll join soon in the main courtyard.
She lingered a moment longer and then came out from the study, walking quickly along the corridors of the castle, as to fix in the memory those places and everything they were reminding her. She went down into the courtyard where the garden designed by Lord Michael was beginning to prepare for a new spring. She sat for a moment on the stone bench remembering how many times she had taken refuge there to think before making important decisions. She smiled looking at climbing roses, too early to see white blossoms.

I'll have to ask Lord Michael Lord to help me for the castle of Brugge, who knows if he will want to start over again -  she murmured softly.
Finally she got up and went into the main courtyard. She didn't hide her astonishment at seeing Sir Andries, the retired guard captain, her personal escort in Andernach, ready for the journey - Are you sure, Sir Andries? You have spent your whole life here...

The man nodded without hesitation, his face impassive as the habit of military discipline had become accustomed. Giulia looked at him straight in the eyes and seeing his determination nodded back - Thank you for showing me once again your loyalty and devotion, Sir Andries.
Then she added, gently laughing - I couldn't manage without your little reproaches, indeed. But I'm afraid  I will allow me a lot less freedom in riding when in Brugge.
Then she spurred Auster toward the Rhine gate, the last farewell to the city that had welcomed her arrival in Flanders.
Later on the road to Liege, she turned to look at the valley opening toward Andernach, a tear ran down her cheek - I have to go, King Harald is waiting for me.