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Title: The Temple of Batiara / And Society of Umao;
Post by: (RIP) Bruce Enderson on 20 September, 2013, 08:03:53 PM
On the 15th day of September in 1313 Andrastos Emilian, the second of his name, and Primicerius for the Pagan faith, visited Edinburgh and was greeted in a familiar way by Bruce Enderson, the Regent of the Scots, near to the third year in his appointment.  Together they strolled the streets of the capital that at the time was haem to Althings Scottish, Norge, and ├Źslandic.

They discussed, as they had many times before, the faith and other things.  And in their peradventure they encountered a specific choille-dun that was a forested hill which waft often of heather and was near to Ironsides upon the Craigh being nearly as prominent in that it was so high.  This was the Cauldtoun Hill where every May's eve when all of the faers in the city had been extinguished there was a new one kindled and an enormous swell of paeples Pagan made a pilgrimage thaer so that they could remember their roouts in distant memory and pay homage to Umao from which this wyrld was forged.

Andrastos, having an ear for the auld gods, sensed immediately that this was a site of some significant prescience and asked to hear the ley of it.  So that he did know these things, and was inclined to seek out the ring of Cairn stones at the top of it.  And being shown the way he spent many moments taking communion with the lingering presences that dwelled there, and knowing each stone by their rightful name.

We do not know what he experienced in those minutes but he recovered from his episode and came away from it visibly changed.  And thaerafter he did instruct them in Edinburgh to collect a few resources and add to the site a Major Temple in all of its correct dimensions dedicated to the goddess Batiara (which he maintained was appropriate).

So that Bruce Enderson did summon his folk, and all of the other chiefs and their folk, and they had a mind to work.

The status of the Major Temple in Edinburgh is; "Under Construction"

We have acquired the following;And of the 1000 hours of construction we must complete we have completed 495

If you would like to contribute to the construction of the Major Temple in Edinburgh at this stage in its development you will need to invest in a hammer and if there are none on the market (which is unlikely - if you're using a filter try using "weapons") you may contact the Captain, Sandy Wallace, our resident carpenter.

You will be paid 1.00 for every hour you contribute as opposed to the real nominal 3.00 per which we try to use.  This is because we have no structural control over the thing.  But I will look at the info plaque frequently to see who has been contributing, and we will send 2.00 in the post for every hour you work.  Just as rapidly as I can.  So!  Good luck in the city today you mighty Scots.  And if you should fall may Freya pick you up again ~
Title: Re: The Temple of Batiara / And Society of Umao;
Post by: (RIP) Bruce Enderson on 24 September, 2013, 06:53:46 PM
Updated; I want to have a few more pieces + than we need so that if a crisis availed itself we would not want for anything.  But we'll fire this thing up within a day or three for certain.  And I know that you all enjoy being very mobile, never still, but there is a heap of stuff to be done in the city so lets start migrating haer (with the exception of our Norwegian kinfolk - they've got their own work cut out for them).  Thanks, you all, and keep up the good work ~