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Title: The Reception
Post by: (RIP) Marius Von Schliefen on 25 May, 2013, 04:32:39 PM
You hated the road... You always did! Your legs are still soar and your back aches, and by the bumps and potholes and the cracking sounds of your carriage and the constent cursing of your coachman you could tell, that Romans nerver built their roads this far up north. "They must have had a damned good reason!" you heared yourself say as your amanuensis gazed at you with his pityful, but sympathetical look in his eyes. He shared your discomfort, but he knew you had to go.
"Times have never been as hard as today", your King said when he sent you your mission. "Our nations fate depends on the outcome of these negotiations. You have full confidence in your diplomatic and negotiating skills! You will bring this to a good end." And crestfallen because he knew matters were not in his hands anymore he turned away, grabed his cup and sat back down on his throne. "My thoughts will go with you."

You could still feel the burden and the weight of his words upon you as your travelling company left the forest road into cultivated land. And as if someone lifted a heavy darkish green curtain, suddenly tiny little warm sunbeams pierced through you window. The air had gotten lighter and even the road became less rough. Loosing yourself in your own thoughts you watched the people on the outside passing by, minding their little businesses as they brought in crops and hay and eventually looked up from their work to watch the sumptuous procession, that you and your cortage pose. Those recognizing your colours bent their knee in respect. Absent-minded you slightly waved to them. Simple folk...

"The gates of Bremen, M'lord!" - the call of your guard captain suddenly awoke you from your daydreams - "We have arrived, Your Excellency", he said riding up your carriage. "The city guards were expecting us and will lead you directly to your accomodation where you can freshen up and take some rest before tonights events."

The place was neat and clean and that nap felt good! Hot fresh water and some subtile scents did their parts in making you feel civilized and self-confident again. You dressed up in your fines silks and put on the ornaments of your high office and checked your looks in the mirror. "You look splendid, Your Excellency", your amanuensis said, adujsting your robe here and there. "Shall we go now?"

You passed the town hall just across the deserted marketplace. The evening was clear and cold and the air was chilly. But turning around the next corner, embedded in warm glint of oil lamps, you found the Kanzleramt awaiting tonights attendees.
Honour guards were standing watch over the heavy studded doors and on the doorsteps the Chancellor receives you with a heartly welcome. "It is a great honour to see you again, my dear friend! Your journey must have been long and hard. I appologize for all your toubles! But now come in - sit, eat, drink! You are now amongst friends." As he led you up the stairs and into the halls a sudden feeling of excitement came upon you.
"This is it now..." you think to yourself. "Lets make history!"


Baron Marius von Schliefen zu Sachsen-Thuringen
Chancellor of the Kingdom and Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Knight of the King's Court

Ibi fas ubi proxima merces.
Title: Re: The Reception
Post by: (RIP) Duarte Vaz de Lisboa on 26 May, 2013, 01:16:04 AM
«I have crossed the Baltic Sea many times, heading to Mecklemburg, but this time it is different…» - he thought while watching the seagulls and the seafaring in the shore. «It is the first time that the chancellors of our powerful alliance meet and discuss the pressing matters of their countries and their unbreakable bonds.» It was dusk when Duarte de Lisboa found accommodation in a local inn, near Wismar’s main square. The night went gentle as the linen of his bed. The next day, after long hours of travel and expectation, the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Denmark arrived at Bremen’s marketplace when the village bells stoke seven times. At the doorsteps of the Kanzleramt, Baron Marius von Schliefen greeted him warmly and he replied: «Thank you for your good words my friend. I’m also honored to be here today. I shall sit, eat and drink with much pleasure!»
Title: Re: The Reception
Post by: (RIP) Wolfgang Von Habsburg on 27 May, 2013, 08:21:52 PM
The young newly appointed Chancellor of Austria anxiously awaited the meeting with the foreign diplomats.  He stayed comfortably in an inn in the city as ideas swarmed in his mind.  He hastily made his way to Kanzleramt when the time came and was greeted quickly.  "Thank you for the invitation.  It is my honor to be here to enjoy the time and have great discussion!"
Title: Re: The Reception
Post by: (RIP) Sofie Wittelsbach on 27 May, 2013, 09:15:43 PM
After a short delay,I,Sofie Wittelsbach,have arrived at Bremen...As a newly appointed vassal i had a lot of work to do and as a woman,it takes me some time to gt dressed...
After that,i asked the lords to excuse me because i had to go to my room to take a bath and have some rest because the trip was so tiring...
Before i closed my eyes,some thoughts have crossed my mind about the discussion and my full body filled with anxiety....
Title: Re: The Reception
Post by: (RIP) Aviendha Althor on 29 May, 2013, 09:55:46 AM
Lady Aviendha Althor arrives fashionably late as is her wont!  Apologize for the delay to my fellow diplomats     :)   
Title: Re: The Reception
Post by: (RIP) Robrecht de Béthune on 31 July, 2013, 09:42:51 PM
After a long and tiring journey from my fief, Ostfriesland, I finally come to Bremen. On the river Weser, I get off at the Inn, Weserblick, which makes an inviting impression on me. After having refreshed me and dressed to have the reception at the Chancellor's Office, I set path to that famous Chancellery.
I am there received with the usual honors by the pages and the master of ceremonies. Once entered in the main hall, I gaze around looking for my host. Once found him among the other Ambassadors of the various Kingdoms, I head over to him.

I take a deep bow for Baron Marius von Schlieffen.

Grüße, Baron Von Schlieffen, es ist mir eine Freude, hier zu sein. Ihre Einladung ist für mich eine Ehre. Ich bleibe am Inn, Weserblick, die seinen Namen nicht gestohlen hat. Mein Zimmer hat einen herrlichen Panoramablick auf den schönen Fluss Weser.
Title: Re: The Reception
Post by: (RIP) Marius Von Schliefen on 01 August, 2013, 12:43:28 AM
'It is so good to see you, Marquise! I hope you had a pleasant journey and your dwelling suits your needs.', Marius joyfully replied. 'I have been awaiting your arrival. Now come, let me get you some refreshments and introduce you to the assembled Excellencies.'
Title: Re: The Reception
Post by: (RIP) Sofie Falkenburg on 01 August, 2013, 05:07:23 PM
With her father's old horse, a light brownish highland pony called Snooks, Sofie made her way to Saxony again. On Snook's back one could not travel too fast, but those formerly called celtic ponies were sturdy and reliable even at high age. The Austrian vassal, also representing her king and kingdom as ambassador, was in no hurry, the invitation of Baron Marius had reached her only a few days ago and he knew that she was on her way.

It was late afternoon when Sofie reached the Kanzleramt of Bremen. She was impressed of the building and the attentive welcome of the guards. One of them rushed towards her, putting down a footstool beside Snooks, so she was able to get off her horse's back comfortably.
The guard called the stable lad who promised to take special care of her horse, which - about that Sofie was sure - he would tell every guest. Yet she nodded with a thankful smile, then presented the baron's invitation to the guard.

Without too many further words she was escorted through corridors and hallways to the parlour, where Marius Von Schliefen would expect her. Looking down at herself Sofie checked her appearance with a quick glance. She would have preferred a stop at an inn before meeting the baron, but she would not want to have him wait longer than necessary.