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Title: JB de Savoy: Catalog 1312 (CRP)
Post by: (RIP) James Balliot on 22 October, 2012, 05:56:49 PM
Catalog: 1313

We are available for hire for any and all needs in the new burgeoning wardrobe industry. Whether it's a special hat, a pair of sheepskin boots, or a more Kingly Crown that more befits your Regality, we can make your dreams come true.

We have 3 pricing structures to fit every budget:

A: Default Package (100 doubloons per piece): Use any established design in our catalog (available upon request). New designs will be released periodically.

B: The Custom Package (200 doubloons per piece): Use any established design in our catalog, then customize it to your hearts desire with a change of color or add your own sigil, emblem, and/or country flag.

C: The Commission Package (400 doubloons per piece): We will create any piece of clothing, armor, or weapon that you desire. The sky is the limit.

Our work queue is filling up so don't wait! Our seamstresses can only work 24 hours a day for so long before they pass out from exhaustion. Contact James Balliot for more details or to place an order.

A Common shirt and hose can only get you so far in these modern times, upgrade your wardrobe today! And remember if you're not wearing the JBS label, you might as well be wearing rags.

(OFF: Please do not reply into this thread, only the owner is allowed. If you wish to contact me send a PM or use the thread in the market section. Here we will update our catalog of wardrobe options as they are completed.)
Title: Men's Clothing
Post by: (RIP) James Balliot on 22 October, 2012, 06:05:22 PM
Men's Clothing

Black Leather Boots
These black dyed leather boots may replace the standard set for those who wish to portray a more stylish appearance.


The Velvet Tunic
This styled shirt may replace the standard short or long sleeved shirt. It comes with an alternate scabbard and sword belt in black or brown leather. Shown in green and red, this tunic is available in an array of custom colors to fit your taste.


The Traveler's Hood & The Hooded Cloak
Add a touch of mystery to your appearance while keeping that pesky rain and filth of the peasants out of your hair with these two stylish options. The Hood replaces the default hood, while the Hooded Cloak replaces the hood and also includes a pair of studded linen pants to display the cloak flowing behind.


The Scottish Kilt
Show your manly legs to the world with this latest offering. A variety or tartan designs are available and can be customized to your tastes or clan. The kilt replaces the default pants and can be worn with any style boot. The default shirts will overlap the waist of the kilt but you can add in a tucked in shirt for a few extra doubloons. Of course why not just add in a velvet tunic in that case to complete the ensemble.


The Monk's Robe and Sandals
For those theologians who prefer to live a life of poverty while still staying on the edge of fashion! We bring you the Monk's Robe and Sandals. Replaces the common robe and men's shoes it comes in a variety of colors for all religions and can be augmented by a golden medallion to pay homage to your whomever it is you happen to worship (medallion replaces any of the Rings).

Title: Women's Clothing
Post by: (RIP) James Balliot on 22 October, 2012, 06:07:55 PM
Women's Clothing

Title: Men's Armor
Post by: (RIP) James Balliot on 22 October, 2012, 06:30:13 PM
Men's Armor

Chainmail Coif
Why leave your head unprotected? This full coverage chainmail set looks as sharp as the sword blows it deflects.


Iron Half Helm
Can replace the standard Iron Helmet, the Iron Half Helm is reinforced and includes nose protection.


Heraldic Surcoat
Can alternately replace the standard chainmail, or more likely the leather armor. This surcoat is vastly customizable with a variety of color and emblem options.


Heraldic Iron Shield
May replace either the standard Iron shield or the Iron Norman Shield. It has similar customization availability as the surcoat.


Title: Re: JB de Savoy: Catalog 1312 (CRP)
Post by: Anton Alfaro on 01 November, 2012, 05:35:27 PM
Admirable work...
Excellent Wardrobe designs...
Congratulations for the outstanding workmanship...
God's Blessings.
Anton Alfaro