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Title: Roman Republic vs. Enea Piccolomini
Post by: (RIP) Duncan Hamilton on 16 October, 2012, 04:16:39 AM
Roman Republic vs. Enea Piccolomini

I don't like this court hall. There's strange letters above the entrance that I don't understand and it smells like donkey's pish in here. But my dungeon is lacking a smell of rotten flesh so there it goes:

<Duncan unfolds a small blood stained and old scroll and reads out>

I, Guard Captain of Rome - Duncan Hamilton, start this trial in the matter of Rome Republic vs Enea Piccolomini. The various roles for this Court Case have been assigned by me and will be as follows:

Magistrate: George Killian
Prosecution: Duncan Hamilton
Defendant: Enea Piccolomini

The Defendant may assign his own Defense Attorney or he may act as his own Defense for this case.

The Prosecution may now proceed with this Court Case by reading the charge and presenting it’s evidence…

Blah, blah blah ... now get on with it and send that rat to my torture chamber!
Title: Re: Roman Republic vs. Enea Piccolomini
Post by: (RIP) Duncan Hamilton on 16 October, 2012, 04:54:54 AM
Muahahahahaha! haha! haaaaaaa!

The budget is tight and we can't afford famous Balliot & Partners so I will lead the prosecution. That's even better cause all those fancy words were giving me a headache.

Yet another smelly rat from Siena decided to sneak into my city. This will not happen on my watch. When this trial is over he will regret the day he was born. Muahahaha!

The defendant is accused of breaking Statue 6 of Roman Law:

Statute 6 - Closed Borders to Enemies of Rome

Proclaimed by: George Killian, Vassal - of
Proclaimed on: 02-July-1312

Article I - Foreign Hostile States
The borders of Rome are closed to any citizens from Foreign Hostile States (see list below).

Current Foreign Hostile States of Rome:

Any citizen of a Foreign Hostile State found within the borders Rome will be punished by confiscation of all market items and either imprisonment for two days or a fine of 1,000 silver pieces.


The defence may now proceed with their case ...

'I'm getting better with this' thought Duncan and went for a pish in the corner of the court hall :)
Title: Re: Roman Republic vs. Enea Piccolomini
Post by: (RIP) George Killian on 18 October, 2012, 04:20:02 PM
Due to the age of Enea Piccolomini (OOC 8 days at the time of his detainment) and the problems recently with getting into the court house (OOC Forum was down) I have decided to let the accused off with just a warning.

Please be away of the laws for ever country you enter. You can find the laws posted at the court house (OOC In game or,717.0.html ). Please be aware though that any further infractions will be  punished to the full extent of the law.

Case dismissed.