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Title: Dulcinas Destiny-A boundless tale
Post by: (RIP) Dulcina Griffin on 31 January, 2012, 05:21:12 AM
She was a simple and only  daughter of a blacksmith. Nothing special, nothing of nobility, nor wealth. An honnest woman, of little monetary worth. She had her father, and nothing else. But it was a strong bond, father and daughter shared. He teaching her all he could of weapons and men, and she giving to him enough of her heart and goodness, to find him a proud and honoured man.

The smoke of the forge was a under appreciated comfort to her, she had set the morning chores to pass, the one horse they shared, the donkey, the chickens all fed.  The  breads, and the stew for the nights supper were hers to complete, and they both had been seen to.

She walked into the forge, to see her father working upon sharpening some tools. "The chores are done Pa, and I am to the market this day. I am in need of shoes. We are due for taxes soon, and though it will hurt to take some coin for shoes, I need to find my feet covered for travels. I have been talking to some, and they say chopping wood..." she jumped when the sound of steel on steel rang through the shop.  "...please Papa, do none..."

"Enough Dulcina!" he bellowed. "My daughter she worry's too much. Much like her mother did. Go and buy your shoes, but I will not have you leaving! To chop wood of all things! I will not hear of it!"

Dulcina, would not stand against her father, nor his words. She only looked at him with her soft eyes that held the emotions of a hundred poets, and nodded. "Then the shoes I have now will suit me fine, if I am not to travel."

Yet she would soon, she would have to, because no matter how much her father tried to hide how much they struggled, and no matter how much he worked almost endless hours, they were simply not getting ahead by any means.

Worry indeed was set upon her finest of features, as the young girl of seventeen, turned to leave the forge knowing it would be well passed sun down until she saw her father again.
Title: Re: Dulcinas Destiny-A boundless tale
Post by: (RIP) Dulcina Griffin on 04 February, 2012, 05:12:08 AM
She was right, the dinner made had grown cold, and she, she had fallen asleep by the fire, wrapped in a blanket, with a book fallen forgotten against her lap.  She did jump, startled when her father entered their small house, and she looked up, with heavy sleepy eyes.

"Go back to sleep lass. You should have found your bed." he said calmly. "I can manage." But it was too late, she had stood, stretched and moved to the kitchen to make him a fresh bowl of stew.  

Not bothering to cover a yawn, she looked at her father. "You work too hard Pa, I do worry so. I do not know what I would do without you." she said placing the bowl down and yawning again. Still she took to his company at the table. She would always give him company when she could.

"Lass you are stubborn. That part you get from me. But find your bed as you do the chores of two women at least, and not even for a husband, but an ol'run down dog of a Pa." he took his stew into his hungry belly and it was then she noticed the fresh burn on his hand.

She made a sound of frustration. "You will get infection. How many times do I tell you, yet you work yourself passed exhaustion." she set fresh water to boil, and was now well awake, knowing the hours of the night would see her this way.  "Do not use your tongue to lecture, when it is you that sets to teach." she smiled lovingly at him, but he knew her words rang true.

The 'argument' of earlier in the day between them forgotten, as she prepared to clean and tend his burn.
Title: Re: Dulcinas Destiny-A boundless tale
Post by: (RIP) Dulcina Griffin on 05 February, 2012, 05:27:25 AM
Once her fathers hand was properly seen to and bandaged. She sat down. "I will have to go find more herbs in the woods soon. The trip you hate me taking, the one that lasts a night at least. We run low on supplies, and I am not sure I am willing to take chance with you having enough burns in the last three months, that most men and women combined see in a lifetime!" she smiled at her Pa, and drank a bit of the ale.  It was not a favorite of hers to drink, but it was plentiful enough that she had grown accustomed to the taste.

They spoke a little, the same as always, there was never much change to their routine. They managed and that was that. Both never complaining, but always secretly understanding the desire to have a little more then struggle.  Dulcina had made a promise long ago to herself that she would find a way to make profits, and her father would retire the forge, or sell it to someone younger at least. 

Once her father, William Griffin the third, "and final" as he would say with a chuckle, never producing another babe but his beloved daughter went to bed, she took to clearing dishes.  After, Dulcina took her book, and tucked it under her arm, and went outside to the steps of the porch.

Looking up to the high moon, she knew she wouldn't really read the pages of the book this night. Her mind, her heart, and her mood were far too distracting for that. Still, it was a comfort, and not only that, a friend.
Title: Re: Dulcinas Destiny-A boundless tale
Post by: (RIP) Dulcina Griffin on 11 February, 2012, 07:22:07 AM
Dulcina had fallen asleep outside, and was none the wiser. She did not wake until the morning sun had the rooster calling her from dreams. Such sweet dreams they had been. A song of beauty filled her heart as she stretched, and realized she had found sleep not in her bed, but upon the porch of all places.

Routine though a pain, was comfort. She set the fires to burn, and boiled water. She filled the kettle with teas, and she set out the flour and went to gather the eggs. From there the animals would be fed, the waters changed, and half the morning already gone before she even realized it.

And so it had been such, without a misstep. Familiar was the day, the surroundings and yet she knew the night would end differently for her plans to spend a night or two within the woods would be seen into action this night.

For the next hours, she baked a double batch of everything, so there would be foods for both her and her Pa.

She joined her father in his shop, with her knifes. One for safety and one for cutting the herbs. "Will ye please sharpen to perfection Pa." she smiled at him.