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Title: ORP- Baron of the White Gaurd(Chateau Boelistark)
Post by: (RIP) Sven Boelistark on 26 September, 2011, 03:34:49 AM
A few days after being notified of his acceptance into the white guard and his new title of Baron, Sven received land in Savoy. The great Duke offered Sven a castle that the owner had died and some surrounding land.  Having a lot of wealth from his family Sven decided to get working on renovating his home and surrounding lands. Sven decided that this Castle was important because it would house his knights of the white guard, as well as his armory, smith, training grounds, and other important things needed. The castle did not take long to build and furnish, Sven had his personal effects from Flanders shipped in immediately. Sven’s chambers were on the very top floor of this 4 story Castle. The fourth floor held dining rooms, kitchen as well as a few rooms for the higher ranking knights in the white guard that would decide to make the castle their home. The third floor held the barracks for the knights as well as the servant quarters, some administrative offices. The second floor held the training rooms, a holy hall for prayer, as well as other rooms. Finally the first floor held the drawing room, some open areas for meeting rooms when needed as well as a few areas that refugees could call a home. Another thing that the Castle held was the armory in the tower.
The castle was finished and needed to be named Sven thought the proper name should be Chateau de Boelistark/Boelistark Castle. Sven waited for the proper patents to be signed and sealed from the duke as well as others that where issued to Sven to arrive. Sven had a long few months of mass building so he found it best to get some rest in the master Chambers.
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Post by: (RIP) Sven Boelistark on 26 September, 2011, 03:35:34 AM
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Post by: (RIP) Sven Boelistark on 26 September, 2011, 03:35:58 AM
Sven arose early from Chateau Boelistark and decided to have an early breakfast. Sven needed an early start today because he was interviewing stewards for the castle. Sven needed a self-efficient one to help run the day to day, Sven was busy with training as well as any spare time he was setting up lodging as well as going over various paperwork that came to his attention. Sven had many stewards come far and wide to try out for the position, however Sven only found one. His name was Edward and he was from England. He followed tradition in his family to be stewards and he excelled greatly as one. He was efficient as well as organized.

Immediately after Edward to the position the order of the house was nearly complete, servants and knights had proper lodging as well as locale guards worked patrolling the perimeter as well as inside the castle to help maintain order. With free all of this free time Sven decided it was best to ride into Chambery because of impending war. He assigned the knights to be ready to march for Urbino at a moment’s notice.
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Post by: (RIP) Sven Boelistark on 26 September, 2011, 03:36:41 AM
The mood at the Chateau is very high spirits, there is talk of the Chateau previously being haunted, but jokingly the peasants and knights alike say the Bear Baron scared them away like he did the unholy Papist Pigs. Peasants and Knights drank side by side in the Bar as well as spirits were up on the fields and farms. Everyone in the Baron’s lands where happy, matter of fact all of Savoy was happy. However, the Baron was in a particular mood, very gloom at not hearing of his Betrothed but pleased in the progress he made in Chambery. The Baron had lots of wine and very little food however this did not impede on his ability to make just decisions.

Edward excelled as the steward in the castle; he had the servants working at peak condition as well as all the lodging in order. Things where indeed looking up in the Chateau.
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Post by: (RIP) Sven Boelistark on 26 September, 2011, 03:38:36 AM
There have been a few weeks passing in the Chateau Boelistark with no word from his betrothed. Sven grew weary of not hearing. This is not like Elizabeth so Sven set out a rider to patrol Normandy for any news of Elizabeth. Sven expected to hear some sort of siege took place in order to block communication or perhaps she has grown ill. Sven waited a few weeks for word but received none. While the Baron was worried Edward has the house running efficiently. The peasants tilled their fields, the nobles overlooked this and the Steward overlooked the nobles. Everyone had great morale, everyone except Baron Boelistark.

It was a brisk Thursday evening and Sven as he has done lately out of sadness drank too much wine. It seemed to be a Boelistark tradition to consume excessive amounts of wine in times of celebration, worry, or events of a negative note. Sven was not usually a violent man unless he has to be on the battlefield, however he was in a mood tonight where he wanted to argue and put up a fight.

Sven drifted to sleep after about a half of dozen flagons of wine that day and Edward thought it best to nudge Sven and urge him to go to bed. Whispering in his ear Edward spoke: My Lord it is getting late, you should really take to your chambers. Sven responded grunting: I shall go to bed when I wish; I will not leave until Robert returns from Normandy and not a second later. After he spoke Sven attempted to sit up but could not and as he stared down the room to take note who was in there, Sven slowly drifted back to sleep. Edward thought hard and thought the best way to get the drunken Baron to his chambers is by bribing him with more wine. Edward spoke: My Lord I do not want to send you to bed, I thought it best that you enjoy this imported red wine in your chambers alone, it’s couriered here from Monoco I believe. This ploy worked perfectly and Sven was helped in his chambers, once there Sven sat on his bed mumbling on about how things where falling apart and before Edward could pour the glass. Sven was fast asleep.
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Post by: (RIP) Sven Boelistark on 26 September, 2011, 03:39:02 AM
It’s been a few days of the same drinking and mowing about in a sad fashion. Sven was feeling very sluggish as well as agitated. Sven has spent many weeks without the light of his love upon him. It’s been too long since hearing a sign from his betrothed and perhaps the soft and happy exchange in Flanders was just a cover for her heart wondering and finding someone else. Sven loved Elizabeth with more than words described, but his honor is being tested in Savoy so no matter how much he wants to leave, he must simply soldier on.

It was like any other day and with the morning news a squire came in notifying the local military campaigns out against Urbino and Seine. Knowing from his own personal experience with the Kingdoms that religion is the cause. Sven drank like he usually done, picking at his breakfast, Sven has lost his much rumored appetite as of late. Picking through his boiled potatoes and beef steak a messenger rushed in with orders. Sven received another marching order, after reading the message Sven had his horse prepared and his military affects sent to his battlefield tent. Sven before washing up and going to the battlefield he was thinking long and hard. With no news of his love, his old life Sven had to think of his future. He longing heart has almost cost him his head in prior battles so Sven must fight away his connection and to just eat, breath, and sleep a soldier. Sven finished his goblet and then got ready and rode for War.
Title: Re: ORP- Baron of the White Gaurd(Chateau Boelistark)
Post by: (RIP) Sven Boelistark on 26 September, 2011, 03:41:06 AM
It has been many weeks of progress at the Chateau Boelistark. The peasants have been harvesting, raising cattle and created wares that where sold on market. Sven also sent many missives to the Marquise, many of which were pertaining to keeping his taxes in order for his land as well as market tax for selling in the lands of Savoy. Sven awoke and it was late in the morning, Fridays are usually fast pace and full of excitement, however Sven was in a sad mood. He was upset that it’s been a few weeks and no word from Robert or Elizabeth. Then for his surprise a rider came in waiving the Boelistark banner. Sven went to the drawing room and awaited the rider. For his satisfaction it was Robert, his trip was long and overdue but he was here. Sven greeted Robert and prepared for his response. Robert spoke softly, almost ashamed: My lord I have some bad news, I come from Normandy and have to say I was unable to contact the Lady Redvyne. She was either busy doing steward work for her uncle or busy with a personal guest, a fellow from London. The beggars seem to notice he is some sort of trader. Robert bows his head and hope Sven was not angered. Sven then spoke: You could not see her or leave her message? She has another suitor?  Sven put his hand on his head and listened to what Robert’s response was. My Lord, I tried to leave message but the diplomats would not send word, even though I was running yours and the Savoyard flags. Also, I know not if it’s a suitor, all I have seen and heard from the beggars is he stays in quarters close to Elizabeth in the extravagant castle as well as they eat together and prepare to ride the country side. Hearing this, Sven interrupted Robert and sent him away to leave him to his wine and thoughts. Edward the steward knew this was a bad idea, however it needs to be done so that the Baron can continue to do his work here.
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Sven returned home from Rome with the army, as they reached Chambery the White Guard broke off from formation and rode to Chateau Boelistark. Leading the group where a few squires one was leading holding the flag of Savoy and the other was holding the Flag of the family Boelistark. The rest was a few knights up front where Sven rode and then carriage carrying silver and some other spoils from Rome, most of which was the whine collection from the Vatican. It didn’t take long to get to the Castle from Chambery and once they entered the main gates many of the peasants and beggars surrounded them hoping to catch glimpses of the battle worn veterans.

Sven dismounted his black strider and called for Edward. Edward with a hurry came out of the main hall and outside by the gates to greet Sven. Edward bowed a moment as he rose he stared at his liege and Sven spoke: Edward, I need the stores of wine and mead thrown out, give it all to the beggars and Peasants and perhaps leave a few bottles into the worship hall for prayer. Once that is done have a few workers help you fill up our cellar and prepare a feast.

Sven then dismounted his horse and headed into the castle through the drawing room. Sven continued: Look through the market here and what you cannot find send for riders to Chambery I am told there are so fatted calves and some hogs ready for butchering. After that is attended to relieve the guards posted on the few carriages and then go through the contents of it. I want the missives, journals and other effects of a personal nature to be sent to my chambers the rest you may let the traders come through and highest bidder will win the item they want. Sven was heading through the castle to his personal chambers; Edward followed being mindful of the Baron’s request and making sure everything was in order. Sven continued: Have hot water be poured in the basin for me I need to wash up before the feast. Bring some entertainment for after the meal for the knights, they have fought valiantly in Florence and Rome so they deserve some distraction. Also, in the next few days I would like a report of pilgrims that call this their home, their job, as well as current contributions against the cost of their stay.  

Sven finally reached his apartments, Sven stood as his armor and battle attire was removed and the servants prepared the hot water. Sven began to wash his chest, back and arms while Edward stood attentively. That will be all  Sven said. Edward responded: Yes my Lord, I hope you journey was prosperous and I will speak to you before your feast after the arrangements have been met. Sven grinned and then dismissed all the servants; he finished washing himself and then applied some scented oils to himself. Sven then walked to the armoire and removed the clothes he would wear and dressed himself. Sven looked in the mirror and ran his fingers along his head and face. Sven has gone through so many changes since his stay at England; it was his first steps as a man.  He was definitely a different person, not as barbaric, but especially civilized as a proper gentleman. Only thing that remained of his former self and will always be there are the scars. Marks of battle in life and war, they will never diminish, however fade with time.
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The feast to celebrate the sacking of Rome as well as the signing of the treaty was one of the greatest in the history of Savoy. People from all over stopped by as well as prominent members of the Savoyard Army. Sven sat at the head of the feast as the Marquees could not attend because of diplomatic reasons. Sven’s head wasn’t in the feast, but he had to put on a happy face for the company. The feast lasted until the early morning. It was a great time and was remembered for a while.

A few weeks later Sven felt like his day was not being productive enough, he spent his time training and overseeing the matters that was untrusted to Edward. Sven was in the stables outside the market and found a little of sheep that where all runts. Sven remembered he was the runt of the Boelistark, however grew to the largest and arguably the strongest. Sven saw the promise of selling the wool and milk to his countryman as well as have something to take his time. Sven grabbed a bunch of wood and built his own personal stable for them as well as built troths for food and water. The sheep fit in nice and it gave Sven something to get through the day besides working the new training grounds in Chambery. Sven felt great having a full day of work as well as giving a new start for a flock of Sheep.
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Sven has been very busy as of late, constantly checking market for hay as well as feeding, milking and caring for his new flock of sheep. Sven never knew he had a knack for breeding, but he also had other demands on his day. Sven spent a lot of time helping the building effort of the new Military academy as well as the problems that usually arise. Sven always seem to keep busy, however he was satisfied.
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Post by: (RIP) Sven Boelistark on 28 October, 2011, 06:15:14 PM
Sven has finally had some time to his self. He has recently slaughtered the lot of sheep he has been caring for. Some has gone due to the harsh weather as of late but he sent his fleece to market as well as stocking up on their milk and meat. Sven had a feast to feed the whole Chateau and it was a great festivity. Sven having some time to him decide it would be best to help with the training grounds. Sven helped building as well as preparing some wooden swords and dummies for use in the academy. It was free time, but best to stay busy. 
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Sven spent all of his time in the training grounds; he was placing dummies and weights at the proper area as well as opening a office and classroom for military training. He was very busy and anytime to enjoy the brisk weather that was taking the mountain town of Chambery. It was very quiet now, but Sven figured once the weather heated up the town would be full of excitement.
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Sven finally had some personal time to himself at the Chateau Boelistark. Sven was very busy as of late, dealing with running the Military Academy at Savoy, helping the Duke with conquest of new regions to expand Savoy, as well as travel for various trades. Sven thought it best to go over some mail that has come as well as look over the local running of daily matters by his Steward. Edward did a great job and things seemed in tip top order. Sven pulled on the bell to summon Edward to his apartments.

Edward entered in punctual fashion; Edward bowed and awaited Sven’s demands. Sven spoke: Edward you have done great lately, I have some time to myself so I would like a pitcher of wine brought in a glass, and all of the mail and transcripts. Edward hurried and got the required items in record time. Sven sat down going thought each letter. Sven muttered to himself while raising his arm requesting wine. This is the wood I requested from Milan, this is transcripts from the Military academy, this is a local petition, and this is a request form. Hmm but you are different. This is the insignia from Normandy. Sven grabbed his chin and thought hard. Elizabeth hasn’t spoken to him in months and for word to finally reach him what shall it mean? Sven drank in some glasses of wine and reached the courage to open such a letter.

Sven opened the letter; he read it and realized the ink wasn’t written in Elizabeth’s hand. It was from the local priest informing Sven that Elizabeth was ill for over a month. She didn’t eat and she was bedridden for the end of her days. Sven stood from his study and began to pace, he had a rush of emotion come to him. Sven thought he was being ignored and did not realize that his love was dying. Sven struck Edward in the head after looking at the pitcher. It is empty are you dumb boy?  Sven then grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and slammed him into the wall. If you don’t be quick I will have you head on a pike! Instantly Sven felt tears fall from his face. Sven was having a huge breakdown that he couldn’t control.

After Edward returned, Sven ordered him to leave and he was alone with his thoughts and the pitcher of wine. Sven’s heart broke and there was no way to know what he shall do next…
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Sven spent a few weeks alone with his thoughts, he would have fits where he would start to cry uncontrollably and then just stop and his face would be emotionless. Across his apartments and study where half eaten meals and half-filled wine pitchers that could not be finished. The whole time trying to get a bearing on what has happened to Elizabeth. She has surely already been buried as well as well as had her affairs taken care of by her Uncle. Still Sven was drawn back; everyone in his life was taken from him by a young age. His father and mother, his dear cousin, and now Elizabeth. Sven just sat at the end of his bed on a chair with his wine goblet across from him, a blank stare covered his face.

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Edward had a tough task ahead, Sven had been going through a downward spiral and it seemed like there was no hope for him. Edward first thought it best to take it a step at a time. He had a basin of hot water come in, some salts a few rags and some scented oils brought in. Sven was washed down, oiled and put in some fresh cloths. It was a struggle to move the massive man; Sven was very unresponsive and had to be washed as if he was a small child. After Sven was washed Edward thought the best step would be to feed Sven. Edward had some fresh rolls brought then eventually some steamed meats. Feeding Sven a few pieces at a time then letting him eat a little on his own. After feeding and cleaning Sven, Edward left him alone to gather some thoughts and then move forward with his plans.

Sven received some focus, having clean clothes and some food in him brought his spirits up briefly then they dove back down realizing Elizabeth is gone forever. With this lost, Sven had no meaning anymore, his whole world is crashing and burning and there is nothing he can do. Sven decided the best thing to do would be to write Elizabeth’s Uncle and visit Avranches. Seeing Elizabeth’s grave and paying his respects would be what she wanted. Sven had to live a better life and live up to something that Elizabeth would respect and love. Even if it kills him Sven will be the man Elizabeth can look down on and be proud.
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Sven was put together and had his messengers head for Normandy to deliver the letter and had his servants pack some belongings for travel. Sven then got dressed and his riding boots on and then rode for Normandy. A cold look was on his face; however he must solider on and meet his obligations.
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Post by: (RIP) Sven Boelistark on 29 December, 2011, 03:50:15 PM
Sven was surprised to say the least to find out Elizabeth was alive these past few months. He knew he had to stay by her side and take care of her. However this meant that he must be by her instead of across the continent. Sven had the servants close up the chateau, only leaving the market and peasant quarters accessible. After Sven gave that order he went to his desk and wrote a few missives, one to Duke James Balliot thanking him for his stay at Savoy as well as making feel a part of the country and like family. Then he wrote the Vassal Aegis Rex informing him that his pay and personal items have been removed from the Military Academy. Sven signed and had the letters ready to be shipped out.

Sven locked the doors and put the key in his pocket, everything else was packed on carriages and heading to Avranches. He was happy to see and be with his fiancé; however he was also a bit somber. He knew his part in the papist engagement was over but that time seemed to fly by.
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After many months, Sven had his servants come and clear out the dusty halls of Chateau Boelistark. Sven was at trial so was unable to do so himself, however his faithful servants cleared the dust and cobwebs as well as returned his furniture there. They opened the gates so peasents may come and use the land to grow crops and make little homes along the outside wall.