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Title: The Duke of Aquitaine's Royal Chamber
Post by: Pero Anes on 03 January, 2020, 12:32:08 PM
Majesties of all Kingodoms, Duchys and Republics,

the following citizens of Aquitaine have acquired our citizenship without permission or explanation,

Daniel D'angio (ex-Kingdom of Castille)
Massimiliano D'angio (ex-Kingdom of Castille)
Gastone Tornabuoni (ex-Kingdom of Castille)
Norberto Gonzaga (ex-Kingdom of Castille)
Sibilla Donati (ex-Kingdom of Castille)
Marco Fieramosca (ex-Kingdom of Aragon)

they are persona non grata and a danger to our reputation and safety.

Therefore, I will close our borders to a significant number of realms as a measure of safety that will benefit all.

I urge all of you to prosecute, trial and imprison these elements.