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Title: Hostility to France
Post by: Ezzelino Da Romano on 18 November, 2019, 09:27:40 PM
I, Ezzelino da Romano, Grand Caliph of the Caliphate of Cyrene, officially declare the hostility of the Caliphate of Cyrene towards the Kingdom of France.
This hostility does not necessarily mean a state of war, however, for fairness and respect, I would like to point out that this hostility could also be transformed into a state of war towards France in the short or long term.

I would like to remind you that until a few days ago the Caliphate of Cyrene and the Kingdom of France enjoyed a friendly diplomatic status, status changed by the Kingdom of France because a transit citizen of the Cyrene Caliphate extracted salt without permission in a French territory and the French king instead of trying and arrest this citizen, as the laws probably foresee, has preferred to change status by affecting the whole of Cyrene.
I also would like you note that Cyrene's evolution in recent months is visible to all, so decisions of this kind, taken in the past by other kingdoms, are the natural evolution of the history of a kingdom (in this case of a Caliphate).
Whatever happens, I remain at your disposal and please do not consider this as a lack of respect for someone.

Io, Ezzelino da Romano, Gran Califfo del Califfato di Cyrene, dichiaro ufficialmente l'ostilità del Califfato di Cyrene verso il Regno di Francia
Tale ostilità non significa necessariamente stato di guerra, tuttavia per correttezza e per rispetto, tengo a precisare che tale ostilità potrebbe trasformarsi anche in stato di guerra verso la Francia a breve o a lungo termine.

La ragione di tale ostilità stà nelle intenzioni di espansione dei territori del Califfato per poter permettere l'assegnazione dei cittadini più meritevoli del Califfato ad ambire a nuovi titoli e nuovi ruoli, considerato che gli attuali territori del Califfato non permettono tale assegnazione.

Tengo a ricordare che fino a pochi giorni fa il Califfato di Cyrene ed il Regno di Francia godevano di uno status diplomatico amichevole, status cambiato dal Regno di Francia perchè un cittadino di transito del Califfato di Cyrene ha estratto sale senza permesso presso un territorio francese e il re francese invece di processare tale cittadino, come probabilemte le leggi prevedono, ha preferito cambiare status colpendo tutta Cyrene.
Faccio anche notare che l'evoluzione di Cyrene negli ultimi mesi è visibile a tutti, quindi decisioni di questo genere , prese in passato da altri regni, sono la naturale evoluzione della storia di un regno (in questo caso di un Califfato).
Qualsiasi cosa succeda, resto a disposizione e vi prego di non considerare tutto ciò come una mancanza di rispetto verso qualcuno.

Title: Re: Hostility to France
Post by: Lucifel Uchiha on 19 November, 2019, 11:39:44 AM
I, King of France will respond on the statement of the Leader of Cyrene:

1- Diplomacy is from French origin "diplomatie" and Latin "diploma" which resonates about bent paper and letter of recommendation of whatever use you mean to give it.

2- Cyrene in anyway expressed any concern on the change of relations between France and Cyrene that happened months ago. So it seems a bit far-fetched to use such argument on something that old that didn't affect in anyway the trade between both nations. As an example products have been exported to the Cyrene region of York and vice-versa.

3- In the diplomatic scenario, a friendly relation considers and accepts that both nations open their gates on the free circulation, trade and resource gathering. Which France keeps with many nations without any hindrance. However as a friendly relation would assume when one nation (France) express their concern with evidence and prints from the national citizen of Cyrene and there is no doubt on his actions in French soil, which the Leader of Cyrene shows no concern or interest that "friendship" is compromised.

4- Though such event happened France only looked upon protecting his resources and nothing else. Like the leader of Cyrene states changing his status on France there was no offense in anyway in protecting the natural resources of our own Kingdom, its one Regent duty to protect it for the welfare of his citizens.

5- Finally we would like to Salute the Nation of Cyrene for its evolution and we invite it to become a beacon of trust, virtue and good relations of respect with all. Sending an official invite for Cyrene to arrange a meeting where all differences can be discussed and new policies can be achieved of mutual help and growth.

Best Regards,
Title: Re: Hostility to France
Post by: Lucifel Uchiha on 22 November, 2019, 12:50:36 PM
As King of France I will state the following:

After few days of diplomatic negotiation both nations of France and Cyrene all matters have been clarified and nations will enjoy peace and prosperity together.

I pass the word for my fellow Regent to state his side.
Title: Re: Hostility to France
Post by: Ezzelino Da Romano on 22 November, 2019, 11:02:58 PM
I confirm that there was a clarification, and the situation is now normalizated .