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Title: Candidature of Konrad Einhart for Leader of Teological Religion
Post by: Konrad Einhart on 27 August, 2019, 05:06:43 PM
Greetings Faithful,

I announce my candidature for the leader of the Teological religion.
At the time of the candidature the candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

Must be of the current Religion: yes.
Must not have been disheartened from the current Religion in the last six months: have not.
Charisma at least 18 (allowed to be reached with bonuses): 16 (18+ with bonuses).
Should have obtained at least AFP badge levels 3: obtained.

Candidatess will need to post in the topic opened by Administration the following information:

Religion Seniority: humble servant.
Charisma: 16 (18+ with bonuses).
Role in the current Religion: previous bishop.

Project for Religion Management and Expansion:

How the Candidate wants to manage and rebuild the new religion: work with people. The religion is currently experiencing the "Kievan Exile." Not sure what can be done in the short term. Solutions must be built over time.

How the Candidate wants to manage the relations with other religions: we should respect current churches, but we should also be willing to negotiate when plebiscites demand it.

Why Religion Followers should vote for his candidature: I'm a newer player with no past grudges. I'm open to respectful conversation.

Konrad Einhart