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Title: [RP] World's end
Post by: (RIP) Mc Mullen Eilwen on 08 January, 2019, 01:16:09 PM
It was a small village far away from the capital. A place where you had more chances to face a sea bird than a human. Not that it made the young woman think twice when they explained the offer. " Cornwall needs an innkeeper" they said. At least here she would dance with the wind on the moors and listen to the songs of the sea. It was an improvement compared to Oxford where her mother was living. There she would have died of boredom for sure.

The building on the main (and only) square was waiting for her, like sleeping, its wooden shutters carefully closed. Eilwen put down her heavy package and smiled, taking time to consider her new property. With a slight pinch of worry she took the heavy key to open the door. What if it was just a dream ?  The creaking of wood brought a new smile on her lips.

Even the dust and spiderwebs in every corner were not able to decrease her mood. A good broom would easily take care of them.
As soon as it is said, as soon as it is done. Eilwen used the broom, and washed, and lighted a warm fire, and decorated the tables with heather flowers.

Her hands were red from cleaning, her cheecks dark because of the dust, but still, the young woman was smiling.

World's end Inn
It would be a nice name for this place.

Title: Re: [RP] World's end
Post by: (RIP) Mc Mullen Eilwen on 17 January, 2019, 02:32:59 PM
Battles or tournaments, daggers or compliments.
War and diplomacy as two face of the same game.
Somewhere else, the world was changing...

Eilwen smiles when the salted wind pulls her hair out of the long braid. Here no murmurs were disturbing her.
She turns the cheeses on the wooden shelves to allow them to dry on every side. With the money she would get on the market for them, she could soon buy a few cows. There was this nice grassland close to the field she had. Their meat would give nice soups for the workers.
A few more coins and she could afford a small hut.

And the young woman is dreaming on the quiet Cornwall moor.