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Title: Praying for a better world
Post by: Pico Della Mirandola on 01 July, 2018, 02:48:57 PM
Pico sat down in the magnificant Lavra of Urbino and felt the urge for serious prayers.

He prayed hoping that certain enemies would see the light and stop questionable practices that create a strong suspect of cheating.

He prayed hoping that his own friends would see the light and use their words more carefully, without offending so often.

He prayed that this world would see the light and generate actions to increase what seemed every day a dwindling population.

And kept on praying, and praying, and praying........and praying
Title: Re: Praying for a better world
Post by: (RIP) Daxon Trufyre on 01 July, 2018, 07:11:13 PM
Title: Re: Praying for a better world
Post by: Pico Della Mirandola on 20 September, 2018, 05:08:26 PM
Pico was informed about the ignominious attack of the infidels on the site of the Holy Patriarchal Basilica, Kiev.

He dropped his actions and went to the Lavra of Urbino to pray.

"Almighty Deus, in your omnipresence I beg you to listen to few wishes from this humble son of Mithelin." He prayed looking at the altar.

He was comforted by the large crowd that had gathered to pray in such a terrible moment for the entire known world. 

He prayed for Deus to decuple the strenght of the defenders.

He prayed the rumors he had heard about the evil creator of the world having blocked many defenders from joining the fight - in yet another sign of the incredible bending of a creator who is meant to love his children all equally and instead continued favoring some of them - ; he prayed for those rumors to be untrue.

He also prayed for the attackers, to make these children of Lianathas the Damned that had clearly lost their right mind to actually see the light when they were still on time and avoid either an humbling defeat or a Pirrus victory.

He prayed that the Romans, even with their limited intellectual abilities, realized that attacking the Holy site would open the Wrath of Deus and mean the end of their own homes. No Patriarchal would rest until when the last of them had been wiped out from Earth. He prayed they would drop their unholy weapons when still on time.

He prayed that the Sicilians, obnubilated by having so many robbers within their ranks, would return to their scattered lands before making an attack that would mean the destruction of all their race.

He prayed that the Arberians, drawn into this by their inability to choose wisely their allies, would beg mercy for their sins to Deus, drop their few weapons and return to their land until when they still had one.

Mostly, he prayed for all the ones involved to be guided by Deus to avoid a very ill conceived fight.

And he kept on praying.
Title: Re: Praying for a better world
Post by: Willhelm Tell on 20 September, 2018, 05:45:30 PM
But praying will be useless if there are too powerful gods who just listen to Roman and Sicilian prayers and give them all they need.

Now for a magic trick, kievan allies can't join the fight !

(great strategy of course ! but after don't write on the forum "nobody joined the battle", cause nobody can join it ! We changed a situation of 10 VS 3 to a 2 VS 3, or at the time with Normandy even a 1 VS 3 and we couldn't change that ! 10 VS 3 was made cause of diplomatic skills, now it's all limited by magic rules n.d.r).

Honestly i would more pray to see Patriarchal warriors ready to fight and coming back in Kingdoms to defend their lands and their comrades. And sending back to the mediterranean ocean those invasors

(those paratrooper invasors, but right now paratrooping is not a problem anymore LOL)

In general let's pray Deus for the victory of defensors in Kiev, for the coming back of glorious patriarchal warriors, for the final Crusade against our enemies ... and for the survive of the entire Europe, cause if we continue on this path, those lands will be crodwed just by ghosts cause the living people will have left :(
Title: Re: Praying for a better world
Post by: Willhelm Tell on 24 September, 2018, 05:21:55 PM
And now let's pray for our Holy Relic, cause if enemies steal it from the Capital of Kiev, Patriarchal Church will be in trouble.
But i trust our faith leader Grand Prophetess Elizara that she will lead us to retake it in case we would lost the battle. Let show the world that behind this holy relic and this Church there are not only kingdoms and kings but an entire community of friends and warriors ready to stand united !
Title: Re: Praying for a better world
Post by: Pico Della Mirandola on 24 September, 2018, 10:20:50 PM
Pico received the news of the embarrassing, humiliating, ridiculing defeat of the siciliots and of their unsavvy allies whilst his boat had just left the iridescents shores of Urbino. He paid a large amount of silvers to the ship captain to be returned immediately to the port, with the boat actually making an 180 degrees turn which attracted the attention of many.

As the news, brought by several pigeons to different passengers, began to spread, the noise became increasingly loud until when it turned into great cheers of joy.

He left the ship amid uncontrollable chanting and singing; behind him, he noticed quite many passengers descending after him. Surprised, he saw many taking his same route. Walking through the splendid streets of the Capital, the closer he got to the Lavra the greater the scenes of joy.

Hundreds, thousands had gathered around the Sacred site for praying, thanks, celebrations. As he finally managed to enter the Lavra, helped by the reinvigorating fact that many, recognizing him, let him pass by waving him hello, and he could hear many "Hello Sir Pico" and "let him pass please, he fought many battles against the cowards", "We salute you, our warrior", he couldn't help but notice the extreme joy of the praying that was happening. Once he finally managed to get a suitable spot, he begun praying.

He prayed to thank Deus for having listened to his prayers.

He prayed to thank Deus for having multiplied the strength of the defenders. News reached him that the robbers were double the numbers of our heroic defenders.

He prayed Deus to forgive the attackers, arrogants who were not able to respect anything sacred in their ominous and uncontrolled quest for evilistic money and power. He prayed that they would rectify their barbaric behavior and start respecting the world around them, which so far they had largely demonstrated of ignoring, like lowlife kingdom usurpers do.

He prayed Deus to forgive the Evil creator for his actions. Apparently the robbers continued to be helped by events never seen in this world. Rumors had reached him that a shower of magic shoes had falled onto them, an evilistic mistery that had allowed many attackers to reach the battle site which otherwise they wouldn't have reached. He hoped the rumors weren't true.

Lastly, he prayed Deus to guide the actions of the various involved for a better world rather than one descended into wars and chaos. One where all children were loved equally.

Title: Re: Praying for a better world
Post by: Pico Della Mirandola on 17 October, 2018, 02:31:39 PM
Pico dropped his pickaxe for a moment. As the parish in Cosenza was about to be finally razed flat, he wanted to pray on what in future was possibly going to be a Holy Chapel.

He thanked Deus for the recent victories against the followers of Lianathas the Damned. Three raids on Rome, one on Palermo and one on Durazzo, all with resonating military successes had hit the infidels very hard.

And the return of the fertile lands of Cosenza and Salerno to where they belong was another divine sign; the maleficent was about to be finally eradicated in its latest form, that of the dark kingdoms of Rome, Sicily, Arberia.

The ones that, with their evil, sinful and suicidal actions, the raiding of Michelin Sacred Fishing Net, had brought upon themselves the never ending fury of the entire Patriarchal world. How arrogant of them to neglect the consequences of their nefarious acts.

He prayed for the innocent citizens of those lands, condemned to unimaginable sufferings by the ineptitude of their evil and foolish rulers and their damned comrades.

He knew the job was not done yet. He couldn't forget all the dark past signs of an evil creator who had helped those kingdoms of darkness prosper and get so arrogant in the past. The Michelin Sacred Fishing Net still had to be retrieved, and many lands had yet to return to their natural unity.

With that, he took his pickaxe and returned to his latest activity, with yet another hit to the by now ruins of the parish. It had to be completely destroyed, like the friends of Lianathas the Damned had to be sent back to the darkness of Gehenna.
Title: Re: Praying for a better world
Post by: Geralt Stark on 17 October, 2018, 10:29:04 PM
Geralt is praying for a better world, a world where roma is just a city and there is no existence of a kingdom named rome.
Title: Re: Praying for a better world
Post by: Pico Della Mirandola on 03 November, 2018, 01:17:29 PM
It was a magnificent day, the sun shining and the autumnal light kissing the trees browning leaves.  Pico, early in the morning, decided to go to the Holy Lavra to celebrate the upcoming battle and, most likely, victory.

Deus, oh Deus, listen to your humble son.

I pray for the poor defenders of (soon to be again) ransacked rome. It must be really difficult to go into a battle knowing that you will lose. Deus, give them strength to come to the battlefield and be beaten up and killed in scores.

I pray for the finding of our Holy Relic, to end the sufferings of the poor roman citizens and the continuous raids on their beleaguered city.

Once he finished praying he opened his eyes and, to his great surprise, next to him was a magnificent black sword. He looked at it and on the left center edge there was an inscription that read "Return me my Fishnet, my Son". He was astonished. Then he saw another inscription, on the top right edge: "This is for you Carlo". Pico saw a bright light and then understood. He had heard news of a lowly ranked roman semi-failed soldier, called Carlo Barbaspinosa, who apparently during a recent fight in Agrigento had lost his mind getting confused between dogs and humans, sign of his limited brain. And offending the Italian Kingdom in the process. Pico decided that he was going to find this soldier and, instead of just killing him, he was going to use the black sword to cut his manhood, rename him Carla, make her a slave and donate her to the Tzar of Serbia, the Very Noble Dusan Nemanjic, to look after the dogs of his court. Not that this deprived soldier deserved the attention, but to serve as a warning to everybody in this world to think twice before offending Italy and Italy's Great Queen Isabella.

With these thoughts in mind, he stood up, took the sword and headed back home to prepare the short trip to soon to be burnt again rome.
Title: Re: Praying for a better world
Post by: Pico Della Mirandola on 04 November, 2018, 02:47:58 PM
Pico entered the majestic Basilic in Siena. The mosaics gave the tall walls warm colors, whilst the light filtering through the long windows blessed the church with a refreshing shine. What a perfect setting to celebrate the return of the Michelin Sacred Fishing Net home.

"Thank you Deus for helping us locate the Holy Relic."

"Thank you Deus for crashing the spirit of the weak evil children of Lianathas the Damned; their defense was almost non existent, the few enemy soldiers left defending the city walls weakened by their unbearable sins and by the curse of defeat placed on them. Rarely a battle was so easily won."

Pico almost smiled between himself; among the opponent soldiers this lost soul, Carlo Barbaspinosa, wasn't there. Pico scouts had seen soon-to-be-Carla hiding amongst the women and the eunuchs; apparently dressed as one of them to help his disguise. Pico couldn't help but thinking that soon-to-be-Carla was already preparing himself for his upcoming life. He actually burst into laughs and few other churchgoers looked at him returning him amused smiles.

He paused, looked at his black sword and, amazingly, he noticed another inscription that read "For Siena, Malta, and all other regions that will follow". His hearth was pounding faster than usual. Was this yet another divine sign ? Was Deus guiding them into a just battle to return the evil children of Lianathas the Damned into Gehenna where they did belong ?

Alas, time to go and prepare the armory for yet another battle.