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Title: Lancaster Vé
Post by: (RIP) James Broden on 13 July, 2017, 08:26:20 PM
A crow landed with a scroll at James window.

Upon reading the scroll James learned that the Vé had been completed in Lancaster and that Oliver Mactic had been selected to over see the conversion to the Norse Faith in England.

James was over joyed at the news with his hands raised he thanked Odin and once more asked for his blessings. He grabbed his horn to toast the news with mead,however remember, being the last few festivals he has attended he had over done the mead so thought better of it.

He took up his scrib and penned a letter to his trusted friends and fellow devoties.

Odin has blessed us with a Vè in Lancaster. We must rejoice and spread the news and please welcome  Oliver Mactic  our new Vefill .

Title: Re: Lancaster Vé
Post by: Gustav Wolfsangel on 13 July, 2017, 11:19:44 PM
I smile as I read the news of the coming celebration in Lancaster....the new Ve is opening!
On the way home from the Cairo Tournament, I had stopped there and said a few prayers...
The Ve had no Vifill at the time, but, I knew in my heart it was important to stop there...this being the first of Odin's Stones raised outside of my beloved Sweden...

When the Gothi Sofie contacted me regarding tailoring the proper tunic for the new Vifill Oliver, I did not hesitate...I worked feverishly as I always do for Odin's faithful...
forsaking all payment beyond a little mead to pull me through, I had crafted the tunic and sent it on its way...

now there is to be a celebration shortly after my wedding to my dearest one Clara...I must make plans to attend...aye...and even bring some of my finest goods from the leather works...I wonder what the entertainment might be....
Title: Re: Lancaster Vé
Post by: (RIP) James Broden on 14 July, 2017, 12:44:20 AM
James recived a crow from one of his friends while on the road to Lancaster informing him that he is still on a hostile list in England front the raign of King James I and that if he entered England he would face prison and a fine.

James sat and thought for a while. His love for Odin was pure as was his faith so he had no fear. But he respected the law of man so decided to write the King right away.

Title: Re: Lancaster Vé
Post by: (RIP) Oliver Mactic on 14 July, 2017, 12:59:46 AM
At dawn, where the calm thunder at the distance who'd have been overlooked by Oliver Mactic who stood over upon the grounds of his work, a powerful blow of a horn across the sea erupted into satisfaction for the new Vifill of Lancaster. The ground shook only for a moment when Oliver peered into his realm, there, Oliver had found that there was a formation when an opening within the Circle which had formed by the dirt itself...

The message as it follows:

...Oliver Mactic... I thank you for your progression... to spread words under Odin and his children's... I commence....

Oliver had opened his mind to the choice to become, as one of Odin. In part, the Lord of Lancaster chose him to make haste for an opening. It wasn't long to be appointed in Lancaster since new words have been spreading quite so fondly.

Made his way back... until something reminded him.

Oliver looked discreetly back and turned sour from the recent tides, he was soon deeply disappointed in his own agony since it was only across the sea and lands where the travel was too long to be part of the recent ceremony. Oliver thanked to be part of Odin, but there is much more to be done for him in the few months ahead.

Once Oliver had finished his duty to open the borders for James Broden, it will be done...
Title: Re: Lancaster Vé
Post by: (RIP) James Broden on 17 July, 2017, 12:05:00 AM
James arrived to Lancaster to see the Vé open its doors and to bless it in the name of Odin.

This was a fleeting visit as time was limited for James visit and he had to make his way back to his home lands.

He knew that the Vé was in safe hands.