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Title: The Courthouse in Lothian;
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The street frontage is provided by a wall topped off with iron railings, and steps lead up to an open area in front of the courthouse itself. Benches and tall trees surround the open area, providing a location for one to rest and think. The Courthouse itself is a tall building made of large stone blocks with an imposing square tower complete with an octagonal upper stage projecting from the frontage of the main building. A large wooden double door marks the entrance to the building, and the seal of Scotland is affixed above it. [ - Written, I think, by Millicent Reine in 1310.  After she died, and between the years 1310 and 1313 - when the kingdoms became the United Kingdoms - Bruce proclaimed there was no law in Scotland and that people were required to settle their disputes civilly and privately.  When the kingdoms merged we just copied them (,8735.msg55940.html#msg55940) which James Balliot the King of England wrote and posted a notice of the change (,8787.0.html) to our forum.  Since that time there have been marginal laws established (, most notably by Sandy Wallace, but still I believe we've not had a Judge in Scotland since the time of Millicent.  And it could be nigh time we made that a priority, especially if we would like to modify the face of that building, but to be honest there's never been any real pressing reason to have a Judge in Scotland.  The Regent may change the Law any time they need to.  And if somebody did a thing we didn't like we nominally just declared war, which is probably fairly accurate from a historical point of view.  I obviously need help in this article the most. ]