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Title: The Cardinal's Palace in Lothian;
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The Cardinal's Palace in Edinburgh was the second attempt the Scots made to restore religion in the kingdoms after the Papal Wars in 1311-1312 in which we participated.  The first having been the Pagan path (,8986.0.html) which was difficult in itself.  But the Patriarchal faith declared a Holy War soon after we finished those temples, and we had to concede lest that war spill all over our lands and we chose instead to abandon that way and fight another day perhaps, and for any other reason but not that one.

So that in 1316 after a very prolonged absence of it we welcomed Teos again to the auld parish church (,5948.msg34618.html#msg34618) at Castle Edinburgh ( which was much improved for our long labour and the excellent holy father of the church Sisto, Fifth of his Name, anointed Lannea de Chaol Gleann the Cardinal of Scotland so that we were glad for it - for we had barely survived the native battles that still harried us in Norway (though it did remain mostly fun) and the plague which still haunted our waking hours as well as sleep.

The parish church now resembles a Cathedral and is named for Lannea Darling for she and only another (Greendragon Storm) endured the arduous monotony of the seminary and the boundless hoops which they were required to jump through.  Not at all alike the Pagan faith or the ease with which one bears it up was the Theological faith.  And they did it not only one time, but twice.  It required of us 350 bricks, 80 pieces of wood, 150 stone, and 80 iron, though we might have done it with possibly less, we built that church up with extra special care and with hope we'd never have to again.  We spent 1000 hours constructing it, 1000 silver coins, and in the End of things we wiped our brows and covered the two in kisses because it was worth it.

Not quite ready to form a queue and be baptized were we, though, for we'd still another church to build, and then another, before we could take upon ourselves the mantle.  But even then we were praying that the Logos keep us upright in our endeavor, Rosaria her virgin steel in our spines, and Immanuel the Hailed out of our busy way.
Title: Re: The Cardinal's Palace in Lothian;
Post by: (RIP) Lannea De Chaol Gleann on 26 September, 2019, 02:53:48 PM
Lannea slowly hobbled into the grand cathedral and smiled as she saw it's grandeur. She is retired now, no longer a Cardinal, having moved up north where she was born, to raise sheep in the final days of her life. She feelt the end drawing close, like a curtain at the end of a good show. Afterall, the end comes to us all, and we must all be prepared to face it. And so she made on last trip back to remember and ponder on her life.

It was a good life, filled with many accomplishments, ups and downs, friends made and lost. Perhaps bringing Theology to Scotland was her proudest moment. She survived many monarchs, diseases, conflicts and conquests. But now she's tired. It is time for younger Scotts to take up the torch and shape the future of Scotland.

She always believed in Scotland and was always proud of its people. She remembered sending the young warriors to battle with a blessing of Teos, and how they would always return victorious. She often joined them in the battles, back when her arms still held strength. Glorious days those were.

It was a nice blessing.. How did it go? Ah yes. She remembered now. She would read a passage from the holy book:

"Hear me well, my bishops: it has been shown that the Saviour wins Death, it is time for you to become one thing with me, with Teos and with the Logos."

Then as she would close the book she would face the gathered warriors and speak:

"This is the word of our Saviour. This is his command that we defy and beat death; sneer down at it, as he has before us. For if we have faith in him, we cannot truly die. Even in death, we will live in Teos's embrace, for death has no power over us, as it has no power of Him. What is dead may never die. But rises again, harder and stronger!”

When you face you foes, blade drawn, be confident and steel your will, have courage and faith, for our Saviour strengthens our arms, toughens our shields and sharpens our spears to strike true. And if you were to fall, you will merely fall into the arms of Teos. We will not cry, but rejoice, for our fallen will wait alongside our Saviour, in glory and in honour, for the day we all reunite to ride our horses once more along the open steppe, falcon at our wrist, wind blowing in our hair, in joy and revelry, following behind the light of the sky, Teos."

Lannea smiled to herself, in quiet remembrance.

She spent a few more hours in the cathedral, feeling the peace of Teos, then with one look back, she exited the place and started heading back north, to the her birth place. Perhaps she would still have time to raise a few sheep in this world. But she was at peace for she knew that when she left this world, she would go meet the warriors of Scotland that left before her, and would once again feast and raise a cup in joy and celebration.

Farewell Scotland. Farewell good folk. I'll see you in the afterlife.
Title: Re: The Cardinal's Palace in Lothian;
Post by: Ernesto Strozzi on 28 September, 2019, 10:55:23 AM
Luke II remembered the Kingdom of Scotland in his prayers. He asked Theos to guide the Cardinal-elect of Lothian, as the new spiritual leader of Scotland and Ireland. He gave thanks for all those who had served Theos in Scotland and prayed that they would be granted their heavenly reward. Salvation is only through Immanuel not through works, yet Immanuel promises a reward to all those who remain faithful.