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Title: The Watchtower in Lothian;
Post by: (RIP) Anderson Buck on 27 May, 2017, 09:29:32 AM


The Watch Waverly Tower is joined by a section of the interior curtain wall to The Barracks and is located where the more contemporary Half Moon Battery is today, on the east side of the crag and above the moat and gatehouse.  From the utmost top floor one can see so far as all the adjoining counties and still be sheltered from the weather.  It's a popular place to drink with friends, or to take one's ain true love and view the stars.

It is so named because in 1310 after the earth shook and the climate in Scotland became extremely cold there was rampant hunger ensue and very few survive.  It was during this period of great hardship one, named Titpon Waverly, had had enough.  And as the workers clutched to the scaffolding weilding their hammers and having no bread for it, Titpon Waverly was seen and heard shouting as he departed the city, shaking his fist and bidding everyone a very kind farewell (as you might well imagine).  At the time they thought it was somewhat funny except that their bellies really were very empty.  They said "Ye had better watch out for him, that man is destined for greater things."

And when it was completed a few years later the name stuck.  "Watch Waverly" Tower.  Queen Aviendha didn't disapprove too greatly.  And Titpon Waverly did indeed depart for greater things, he became the second Regent of the kingdom of Saxony and dwelled there many years becoming generally known as the founding father of them and enjoyed much success.  He was always a good friend to Scots, too.

You can see above that Broggan Greybeard is the Guardian of that tower.  And he has been for most of his life.