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Title: The Vassal in Bergen;
Post by: (RIP) Anderson Buck on 11 May, 2017, 07:53:30 AM
The journey across the Way was very brief and pleasant.  I have arrived in the city of Bergen to find my belongings already unladen and handsomely arranged.  The castle is not at all dank nor dark, nor cold nor infested, in fact, it is somewhat different than I remember, though I only seen it a few times when we visited my mother's family here and this was a very, very, very long time ago and it is much improved since then.  Neither is the climate cold, it is certainly mountainous (there are seven nearby hills), but it is downright hot and humid and Spring has barely sprung.  When the gods deigned this place a hard one I do believe they must have been somewhere far away sipping a vintage which was a mite too green and having a right 2 and 8 on.  They must have been wholly unaccustomed to any clime but their own.

All the constructs here are in very good condition, actually.  Most cannot be more than two or three years in the world.  The people are few, but those of whom I encounter greet me familiarly.  I can determine that they are generally happy in their circumstances, and I am unaware of the hardships they have endured.

I have been assigned the city of Bergen, and the city of Skien.  Lately the ground has been trembling, there is an earthquake imminent.  Yet these have become a routine Thing and there should be no loss of life because of it - not in this kingdom anyway.  We will lose the cities Stavanger and AgĂ°ir, however.

Among the first tasks I undertake; I draft a report of all the properties in these regions, analyze the taxes - conclude that they are commensurate, move coins from the vulnerable building sites to a safe place and earmark them for other future projects, I delegate the task of depleting those regions of their resources in preparation for the event, I introduce myself to and find that I am already acquainted with the local blacksmith, and I write a few I know in the world to know if there is a fine carpenter among them which I will commission for some time, as well as a few others which I might establish trade with.  I then discern that the harbor in Telemark is wholly functional, but the way is blocked in Bergen.  I note this, as it will be essential to move that rock if we are to come and go by sea.  For now, all traffic is being redirected to the ski paths which exists in our hinters, and it is no quick journey, the Hardangers, and this must be fast remedied if I am to fulfill some of my obligations.

18 hours in Bergen, I must rest and recuperate my energy before I tackle other duties.  On a side note, it is apparent now that the Vassal's office is already occupied; by a cat.  It was happily lapping at the whisky I poured for myself, alas I looked away only a moment.  I should be forced to abide with the creature I think.  I have never been especially fond of cats.  But I look forward to the stimulating conversation, possibly.  She is a female, and I will call her Lady until her rightful name is unveiled to me.
Title: The Vassal in Bergen;
Post by: (RIP) Anderson Buck on 22 May, 2017, 10:58:18 AM
Now I have been the Regent's able vessel in Bergen eleven days and become familiar with the lay of the land, the depths of the water, and its people; which is not as difficult as I anticipated it may be.  I find that I recall more of the place than I initially thought I would and the people very forthcoming.  This morning we had stomped many hours and stopped to break our fast in a deep glen sheltered from the sun and rain, and as I inspected it I discovered a large lith lying in the cool of the day which had fallen over some years hence and become overgrown with moss and podzol.  It summoned the memory in me of when it stood still, and my brothers and I played beneath.  I believe that's the first time my nose was ever broken, actually.  Upon that very rock.  Diarman kicked Dag in the nads, and Unn whipped Ewan so hard across the head with a stick that Ewan's ear had to be sewn back onto, and all the time the eldest, Briff and Bruce, was chucking rocks and swearing at us.  I can't quite recall what the whole affair was about.  I only remember the sheer fun of it.

But I could not tarry there.  The sound of whole forests being hewn to the ground was behind us.  The Big Shake is upon us.  We've managed to appease the gods, we mortals, by sacrificing half our regions, but there's a chance yet They may demand blood.  Today I was in the region formally known as Rogaland.  The ground beneath us was disintegrating fast, from right under our feet, the gods were bearing down hot on our flank.  But we had the iron that was left in that region.  Before it was lost.

And we'll need that.  I have managed to persuade the Queen and other nobles  to build a training grounds in the region if we can amass the cost to, and having talked to the citizens here, determined we've a mast need for small churches.  She has approved both requests.  We shall have a parish church at the castle in Bergen, and a norse church in Skien if them in Sweden will it.  The training grounds should be built in the latter.  I have acquired 636 kg of stone, 372.5 kg of wood, 54 kg of iron, and 157.5 kg of coal, as well as an assortment of necessary stuffs alike paper and wax.  All of it very locally.  And that's just me personally.  In a day.  When last I looked at the reports all four cities were completely depleted of their resources.  We've been very busy, us.

I should acquire fertilizer for the farmers on the morrow because I could not this one.  Hops are coming into season.  The crown's annual tribute is due at harvest time.  For now I need to rest and recover from my labor.  My limbs are heavy, but my heart is light.  I anxiously await the next invasion of savages here.  I'm eager for a good fight, and it's been some weeks since I had a woman.