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Title: Scarbrough Castle topic Two
Post by: (RIP) John Naughton on 29 December, 2016, 06:28:56 AM
After Months of little hiccups, fights, two town whippings and three heavy rainy days later the town of Scarborough was working out very nice indeed.  There was now 40 fishing boats, plenty of fish two be caught and a new law to pass that fishing was only to be done 3 moths of the year, Leaving the fish time to spawn and make new numbers. Moral was very well and the town was doing well. 20 buildings had been repaired and fixed up and 8 new homeless where now homed, and retrained.John Smiled as he looked out the window of the Castle and Sipped his Coffee. He of course oddly Missed his father the King who had been away so very long now. He gave a little shiver and rolled his left arm, soar from training. He Took a breath and left down the Coffie before making his way down a long corridor to his Office. A pile of paper work waited him, Of course.He shook his head and nodded to the guard who moved the other side of the Door.He sat at a large Wooden desk and took  handful of papers, Gazing at the words...after a few moments he had to shake his head and get back to what he was doing.

John:" John old boy..wake up...this stuff wont do it by its self.''

He muttered to himself before grabbing a felt and writing on one of the piece of paper.
Title: Re: Scarbrough Castle topic Two
Post by: (RIP) John Naughton on 09 November, 2017, 10:03:30 PM
Months had passed and all was going well. The town thrived and the rivers full of fish thanks to a period of no fishing been aloud, yet there was the odd person who took a chance of catching fish and trying to smuggle them home or two bring to their family. Only 5 lashings had taken place and thanks to young John no one had been hanged.


Farmers kept a good stock of pigs and sheep. selling their veg on the market when they could and John managed to keep taxes at least somewhat low.