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Title: Rpg Dyrrachion
Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 02 November, 2015, 01:03:20 AM
With the sun up in the sky and and the cold wind of winter flowing toward his face,Arbro"s feet touched the ground of Durazzo for the first time. With only some rugs in his body and with no social status,all he could do was working for a piece of bread at the Town  Prison.
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 02 November, 2015, 04:50:20 PM
After a hard day of work,a piece of bread tasted like honey. That was it for the day,some silver in his hand and a piece of bread for his mouth. He rises his head toward the sky and thought he could do more then that.With his constitution,intelligence and strength he could find for himself a better job to do. The Kingdom of Albania will not be the same with his arrival. Bright days are ahead.
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 03 November, 2015, 10:53:29 PM
Arbro needed to learn haw to do big things.  He needed to have a place of his own,a field of his own to saw and harvest. He got one and tried to work hard for several days ,but the profits were not enough.

He needed to see haw would give to him better profits if he would had a workshop.
In the Town hall Arbro met Guglielmo Di Valenza. He had a bakery and he was happy to leave Arbro use it for just one day. Arbro worked hard and made 14 pieces of bread. It was good,but still it was not enough. While in it,arbro bought some milk and started experimenting and do some cheese,on his way.He made 8 pieces of it. Having a workshop was good,but his ambitions were higher.

He thought to send a letter to the mighty king of Albania and ask for a Vacant place to a Government building,but then he saw his rugs and thought it was early for such high ambitions.
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 12 November, 2015, 10:17:51 PM
Days passed and Arbro got many experience through workshops of old friends who he willingly worked for free just to learn new skills. He learned to saw,harvest,make cheese,bread,deal with animals and mine. He learned all that,but in the end he started making his first real money with a peace of land he bought  at Dyrrachion.
When he was young he used to call Dyrrachion ,Durazzo,and so he will start calling it.

Days passed and the money were hard to make. He did not wanted the money for greed ,but for a peace of sword he could practice. He was UPSET. His kingdom had just lost 4 provinces in the Great War,and the only one who suffered from it was Albania. We did not start that war,but we lost the most.  The protective Kingdom of  KIEV was not so protective after all toward us. Also when the peace treaty was made,they never mentioned our lost land. Haw can we accept to be their vassals when they did not save,or requested a single conquered land of us??? But this is not their fault,the fault is of our King who is too busy drinking then making adequate treaties and alliances.I have seen also scouts sending treaties to him to be signed and returned empty handed because he was to busy playing with the throne,then read and sign foreign treaties .

What kind of king rules a nation without Rules??? There he is ruling for more then 200 days and we as a kingdom have no Rules? Even the nations in the vast desert have rules,but in our countries everyone can do whatever they want. This is the land of thiefs and corruption. Even Arbro in essence of laws bought some few cheep seeds in the market and resold them with high prices. There was no law to stop him. There,there it was. The system got him too. The lack of laws had corrupted his soul too. There he realized the honor and value he had in his souls were breaking up if he would continue to live like this.

With red eyes and his teeth clicking Arbro tried to swallow,but his throat was dried and tiers came out of his eyes more from the pain inside his soul then of the throat.

He was young,with no money income and with no battle experience. There sitting in one fo Durazzo's roads he felt powerless and sad...

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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 20 November, 2015, 08:24:09 PM
Work work and only work. Arbro worked hard. If you could look at his hand they were all blood. He had worked at the prison and make those wall sparkling everyone would want to enter, but still no prisoner was there. The kingdom had no laws. He worked hard and bought a fieldom. Then he worked even  harder. His only way to fight dispear was loosing his head in work. No one has ever bought a field and workshop in less then 20 months( days).
There was one blacksmith in Town. Arbro wanted to buy such workshop . He wanted to hit that metal every day with all his power and strength and loose some fury outside his body, but the town needed something else. Then he bought a taylor workshop. His hands needed to be adapted to hard work and sawing. Sowing and sawing, those were his new tasks for him. Albanian kingdom would need adeguate clothes to wear, and cheap ones. The market was filled with expensive clothes outsider would sell profiting from the situation.

(After point refistribution)
All his wisdon and intelligence started deteriorating. Not talking much, just cleanig and working the filed made him strong and agile. Away from books and lonly night at the academy he started to see himself a soldier more then e noble...
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 27 November, 2015, 01:59:24 PM
One , two, three, four. Arbro was counting the clothes to be sold in the market. Working line and cotton in the field and then sawing his clothes at the taylorshop had become a rutine. He got the hand of it.
The food distributed from the prison had started to end. He usualy bought in the market the food he needed. He made alwayse sure to buy only from his country members even if the price was higher then the food of foreing sellers. He also called his town citizens to do the same. Buy things from your own country mbembers, strength ourselfs all the ways we can. Never buy from invaders members like Bulgarian! He alsodid not understand why we had neutral  diplomacy with them, when they have taken our land recently. 
Something had to be done about this, some letters sent to allies, new treaties, or whatever , just to take what was ours; what was taken from us . He had no power and no position to take any action , just hoping the future will bring many pozitive values to our countries.

Hopping our members gone in the tournament could return safe he Hopse they could start filling our markets with their goods. I see a blacksmith, but swords sold have different names in them. I see a carpenter, but tools sold had a different name. We need to fill the market with our products. We need also a herbalist in town and i hope the next new workshop will be it. He will need pills, his hand had started to bleed more in the training ground and something was in his mind... He wanted his land back!
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 03 December, 2015, 04:30:47 PM
All this days Arbro had a special investor who helped him out with finance. With his belly full of coins Arbro spent al ot of silver training in the Academy and making himself stronger and ready for a future battles.
Every day he went to the drill master,who stayed all days in the sun waiting for people like Arbro to spend his money up.
Suddenly after 30 days the special investor stopped sending silver to Arbro ,but Arbro had not saved any silver. He had a field ,a tailor workshop and a lot of clothes in the market to be sold. There were male sleeves ,male short clothes,womans too,there were woman dress,noblewoman dress,and lots of shoes in the market,but none was being sold. Suddenly he was stacked in a bad situation.

One day Arbro decided to go to the Drill master to ask for some silver back for himself as his strength was not going to benefit only himself ,but the hole nations and all inhabitant too,like Miroslav Novac,the drill master,elected from Guljem Blinishti,the vasal of Durazzo himself. As soon as Arbro went there he saw again Miroslav Novac ,but this time he really saw him. Miroslav Novac was naked,with no clothes. Staying all day with no clothe his back and neck was red! Now Arbro understood why no one was buing his clothes in the market and all his letter to the king and Vassal to make laws like prevention of naked people went to deaf ears. People like Miroslav 'Beograd' were to be left alone and people like him not to be touched. All was part of a conspiracy theory Arbro had thought.

The king and Vassal were not Albanina,they were 'Beograd' puppets who let the land be occupied from Hungary,allies of Serbia.

There it was the truth,but Arbro did not know what to do. he did not even had the strength to Revolt. He needed to eat something as his health started deteriorating. He had no home and no more silver.

He set at the road and there it was Guliem Blinishti,the great vassal of all vassals. He had returned from a great tournament who had finished second. He had earned a lot of fame and SILVER from it.
He saw Arbro pale and asked him haw are things going on,and Arbro explained his situation. Arbro as always bought Fish Soup from Guliem every day in the market ,even with high prices because he was Albanina,but he could not do it anymore cuz he had no more silver. Guliem blinishti smiled to him and took out,took out a...,took out a piece of dye,Arbro had requested to paint one of the Dress for a special person he had in his heart. Arbro took the dye,looking at it surprised. Then Guliem Blinishti smiled and greet goodbye to Arbro. There was no glut for Arbro to paint a cloth,or even work at the prison to take a piece of bread. Even if he could work at the prison,a piece of bread was not enough to fill his belly.

There was no hope for him. There was no hope for his land. There was no hope for a throne occupied from foreign forces,who think only for themselves and do nothing for their citizens and kingdom....


...,or there was. He wrote a letter and send it to a far away nation,calling for help. They were chevalier and noble. they could do something to restore order in this land and recapture our lost land from Bulgaria.

 He put his back to the ground. His face was pale ,and his heart beat was waiting for death to come from hunger. Only they could save him before death come to him.
There he was wispering: K i n g ...slayers Elite Cluuub , Andrew Naughton...
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Post by: (RIP) Guljelm Blinishti on 04 December, 2015, 12:14:22 AM
For about a month, Guljelm had had a lot of problems with a newborn. He thought Albania, richness, war and politics could be solved for as long as it takes a may-fly to live and die. He was arrogant, petulant, and uneducated. He wanted to give orders, but didn't want to take any counsel. He thought he was a great politician, but he was just ambitious. He wanted to be drill master, though the present drill master was keeping the drill going with the wooden puppets he worked by himself. He produced clothes without having any knowledge, or asking any opinion, which clothes might sell around. And he was the only Albanian so far, to complain that he couldn't afford a living...
He asked Guljelm and the King to make him Chancellor, Ambassador, and lastly Drill Master, while all the time complaining about them in private and in public. Guljelm would yet promote him to a rank, but he was still so young and inexperienced... He had tried to explain things to him, help him and teach him patience...useless...

While he was having this thoughts, he saw that newborn on the ground. Was he sick, or tired, or hungry? Was he just feinting? He listened to his muttering and became very sad because none of what that man was saying was true and he could only wonder what worse things that man might be thinking about him, Guljelm.

Guljelm went over the man and looked at him. "You complain about me, though you never said to me you could not buy anymore food. You wish to eat and train everyday, without working. Well, I am sorry but that is not possible. It is not anyone's fault if you can not manage your finances, as they are, and it is not the world's fault, if you complain about everything as soon as you are born. My hands are harder than yours. I have worked more professions than you have ever heard of. I have mined stone and iron and all sort of other heavy and dirty materials; I have cut wood and have gathered herbs, I have worked different cultures in my field, I have traded and bought and sold, I have fought for Albania, when you didn't know it existed, I have hammered 714 hours to build that Academy you want to possess... I have studied countless hours to train myself to strength and agility, constitution and intelligence...
I think I deserve better citizens than you!"

Guljelm had a long breath and continued: "I see in my events that you have bought 3 soups from my products. Some fertilizers too. I am sending you 100 silver coins - I don't think you have spent more than that, buying my goods. Take the money and get out of my life. I don't want to know you personally anymore. If you have something to tell to the Vassal, you can write me and I will answer. Nothing else."
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 04 December, 2015, 09:17:09 PM
Arbro rised his tired head listening to the green words of a man with a bare blatterig sensless words.
In vague sight he saw Guliem and words started to be understood for him.

I told you mighty champion i could not buy food, but my words went to deaf ears . You were to busy wining a tournament then caring about your people. You shoow me your hands and accuse me to be lazy, but I have worked double more then what was needed for my food and training, but there were no purcheses in the market to justefy my work. I have bought a field and workshop in less then 20 months(days). In ten more i have sew 10 clothes 2 of them were shoes, one was dress and one nobelwoman dress. For all the materials neede and a field could supply, i have harvested them all from my field. If you think you are a good worker, i am double more then you. If tou have hammered 712h before i came, i will work 1400h after you will be gone.

What do you know about me? What do you know about the new members that have arrived in this nation, were some have left imediately after they saw the devastation you left behind to earn your own fame ?  You even forgot to greet them.You just speak about you, you , you. What about the people you left here without guidance, without laws and no order? I did this i did that ! Thats the reason this land is going ruins; you think only of yourself and forget about your duities. You show me your hands , all rinkles from hard work, but maybe this is, you have become old and old people need to be repliced cuz they tend to think only for themeselves. Do you need a substitute? You do not desere a citizen like me? I do not deserve a vassal like you! I diserve a better ruler then someone who show off to a desperate and pale citizen lyed in the road.

You did not let only me here withoug guidance, you pretend to teach me miles away, but also old members in here remain without guidance. I see old citizens unable to use a sword becouse of the high price of training. I see newborn female members afraid to go to the training groud becouse of  the nacked guy privilaged from the mighty vassal leaving the country in devastation to fallow his own fame.

Privilaged members walking necked theough our land is a disgrace and a shame to our nation from whoever  sees them.The silver for constructing dummies is very low confront the price trainers pay, and taking all those silver bags from our own citizens who need to train to take the lost land back without being rimbursed half their prize should be a crime punished from law. If being a carpenter is all it require to be a drill masster our new members could build it and substitute that position, or is something else that makes you unable to substitute him? Our new citizen do not need to come and rise their hand to you like you are some big fat merchant or wise guy to give advice. You should go and greet them if you really care about this land and if you want more citizen to stay to this lost country you have created. Is your ego higher then the value of your nation?

Go go! You do not want to know me personal?, who does to know you? They all leave cuz there is no you Go go, no one need to know anyone personally, just do your job. This is all i request .
Make laws for this country.
Take back our land; and with this train your citiZens without killing their economy
Start to guide new members and do not let them leave.
Go! Do this, becouse in there there is the reall fame.
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 05 December, 2015, 11:39:11 AM
As soon as Guliem went away. Arbro rised up on his feet and suddenly watched Gjin Bua Shpata eaves drop in the corner. When Gjin felt  Arbro's look , he stood back and went away.

Arbro then took out the dye he really wanted. After all Guliem was not bad, he remembered his request.
Arbro wanted this dye to color a dress for a special woman he had seen, but the color of the dress he sew was ouful,so he had sent it to be sold in the market. With all haste he walked toward the market to take it before it was bought.

When he was in the market he saw Gjin Bua Shpata leaving the market with a his hands full of clothes. Wen he aproached the seller, he smiled and said pointing his finger' That man just bought your clothes;a pair of shoes, one hose and a man short sleeve shirt'  and lied his hands with the money to Arbro. Gjin Bua Shpata was realy a good man . That was a way to help a person in difficulty, not throwing money to his face like a beggar, offending him. Our country should had leaders like him.

Arbro took the money and the dress back and pointed toward his workshop to color the dress before midnight. Suddenly he saw a someone walking in market. His heart started to pomp slowly and intensity, then he recognized her, she was Alara Osmani. A new come to the town. His heart then started to pomp fast.

He had seen her work every day at the prison. She was very beaty and full of grace.
Arbro went in a trance mode, like someone who have felt deep in love. His leaps started to wisper while looking at her.

SHE walks in beauty, like the night   
Of cloudless climes and starry skies,   
And all that's best of dark and bright   
Meets in her aspect and her eyes;   
Thus mellow'd to that tender light            
Which Heaven to gaudy day denies.   
One shade the more, one ray the less,   
Had half impair'd the nameless grace   
Which waves in every raven tress   
Or softly lightens o'er her face,    
Where thoughts serenely sweet express   
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.   
And on that cheek and o'er that brow   
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,   
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,    
But tell of days in goodness spent,—   
A mind at peace with all below,   
A heart whose love is innocent.
My heart beats for you my love.

He walked slowly toward his home with eyes lost in mind, strongly pushing the dress toward his body. He had felt in love.
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 07 December, 2015, 05:07:41 PM
With all the love you can do something, with all the care something could be done, Arbro dye the dress for his sweet love. He worked all night and in the afternoon the dress was dry and ready to be sent.

Should he send it himself, or should he send it with a delivery guy? He was feeling shy , and un ready to confront her and decided to smooth the aproach a little bit with a mistrious delivery .

He took a paper and wrote 'From an admirer in town'. Packed the dress in a box and putted the letter inside, payed 5 coins for the delivery and sent it to Alara Osmani.
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Post by: (RIP) Alara Osmani on 10 December, 2015, 01:04:21 AM
It was a hard day for Alara. She had nothing and knew no one in the town. Even the king nor dhe vassal greeted her in Dyrrachion. She was so frustated, upset and tired by working hard at the prison to win a piece of bread to survive in the outside wild world. While working so hard someone came close to her and gave her a pechage without saying anything. Who could had send her this when she knows no one. There was a note " From an admirer in town". Alara opened the pechage and pulled out a red very beautiful dress. It was exactly the dress she saw in the shop but she couldn't offer. She was so happy. But who was the admirer? Why didn't he came to her and talk to her? What did he want from her? She became so confuse and didn't know what to do. But at the same time she was so happy. She thought she was invisible and no one sees her. On the contrary someone noticed her even though she was tired, dirty and bad dressed. Someone non just noticed her but read her mind and knew even what she wanted. For a few minutes she reminded she was a beatiful lady and not just a dirty poor prison cleaner girl. She was happy and confuse, what should she do?...
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 24 December, 2015, 11:37:43 AM
Sitting in a cut tree eating an apple Arbro was lost in deep thoughts. During the days He had passed through the monarch building were the king was recently changed. A rebellion was initiated and rumors says when the monarch door was blasted the monarch was drunk and had lost senses not responding to any question. Still, being a member of high class the previous king was set as a lower position not to disgrace his family name. The town though was left without any vassal. The vassal need to have high intelligence and charisma. Apparently none of the other rebells had the quality to do that. If one of our citizen,Alara, were more experienced, she could had taken that position

Being in love and well fed  rises Arbros senses a lot and things started to make more sense to him. He reminded himself when he was starving for food and lied on the road blattering about king slayer ,and mentioning far away king names for help. His mind with empty stomach dreamed of a conspiracy theory against his land, but he was wrong. There were no foreign invaders in Albanian government. His hunger had made his eyes see only red and see everyone as enemy. The silent town and unwelcoming citizens  had made him feel unwelcome, but such was life. Man need to be strong. Many things he had said made no sense. Bulgaria was not allied with serbia, and many more things were his tongue spoke before his mind. He had really lost his mind back there.

Eating the apple he realized he had made a mistake and should apologize. He rise up, went home, took a bath,dressed up with decent clothes and went straight to the monarch building. There requested a meeting and waited in line. When his time come, the door was open and he was in front of the king Guliem Blinishti. He knelled in front of the king and start spelling:

My king!
I  requested a meeting with you to apologizes for my previous behavior.
I have been mistaking when i compared you with foreign invaders and deteriorated your hard contribution you had made to rise our nation might to high levels for so many years. I have been reading our history and investigating here and abroad of your name and family line.I understood i was wrong.
I also came to give you back the coins you gave me. They helped me to buy some food and come to my feet and senses. They helped me to buy books and and learn more. They helped me to buy raw materials and sew more expensive and profitable clothes.

'Arbro rise a small leather pocket'

This silver is not enough, and what a king deserves, but with time we might work together to rise our kingdom might and wealth at high stakes.

Long live the king!
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 04 January, 2016, 09:15:05 PM
Arbro waited and waited,but nothing happened. The king was not talking nor moving. The guard made a sign for him to go. Apparently the king was not forgiving him. His anger for not being acknowledged as a very important asset to his land had made him very upset.

More days passed after the meeting,but nothing had changed in the city. The nation still had NO LAWS . Our taken LAND were still INVADED and there were only false rumors those of retaking our land back.

One day while working in the prison Arbro meet Angry Rhino . He blasted Arbro with questions and long conversations meaning in the town the official leaders still were NOT WELCOMING new members. Some new members had passed and after seeing the cold people had left the town fast.

Our KING should live long,but he should not be so EGOCENTRIC and do everything by himself and for himself. His name being wroten to a piece of building should not mean to him more then a good word to new members. We are in this town too,living too and we all can do our part for our nation. We can work too for the good of the nations and he should not consider his nations as his proprety were he can buy or sell an item whenever he wants.
No one in this city nows what he does and were he goes. We see him making orders of stone and bricks,but no one nows what he intend to do. If anything is being build the people,nor the council is asked. The people are kept in dark of everything.

Once upon a time there was Pen Koloda who wrote about our historical events,new buildings to be build,laws,trials etc,now there is no one. No one writes anything and this is bringing the nation to a dark age. A nation does not need bricks and stone to be called a nation, firs it needs people and culture(conversation). It needs leaders who lead the way of a nation. We have Kings that do not speak,drill masters that run naked,chancellors that are never seen in the road or working. We have Blacksmiths and Carpenters that do not produce items to be sold in the market,instead they are being transported from far away lands and sold to our market with high prices.
The people are confused and desperate,time to time bringing extinguished families to town and suddenly empty roads.

Long live the King ,but what a fuss leadership we have...
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 08 January, 2016, 10:48:26 PM
The only possible in the city to earn some money was in the Prison. There Arbro faced many new and old citizens. Fishermen,carpenters,travelers,all work there,some regularly some rare.
One day during the work break ,in the middle of the open ground of the center of the prison,at the sunrise hour with the red sun shining gentle and soft with a  breeze of slow wind blowing the long hair, hair of a women... They got his attention Moving deliberately, she managed to get down off the stool without tangling her feet and made her way over to stand next to my table. Her  hair was artfully curled, and her lips were a deeply painted red. I couldn't help wondering what she was doing in a place like this. I smiled and saluted her gently bowing to her grace. There are a thousand beautiful women out there, but only a she possess the grace required by such beauty to move my heart from the chest.
They talked a lot together.
I ought to say she is one of those people who, at first sight, look plain, are quiet, unassertive, unmemorable even. But who, when they start to talk and you get to know them, become more and more attractive and impressive, and you see that in fact they are beautiful. Not conventionally beautiful, not just from the look, but beautiful at all senses.
In this town and also in this life only she was keeping him from going away, Alara Osmani .
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 17 January, 2016, 02:10:22 PM
High sense of things. Leaves falling from the trees, a wind blow moving  hairs slowly. Life has just started to touch deep the hearts and a new begining of a beautiful couple life suddenly stoped  and life become quite when a courrier brought a letter to Arbro. It was a call to arms. Woman eyes liked , cloud covered the sun, thonderbolt was hear from far away.
He went to the home armor and took a weapon, she fallowed and took a weapon too with a hand and with the other holdi tight his arm. She was coming too.
Both left the fields empty and workshops closed to be filled with dust.
Freedom needs blood.
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 26 January, 2016, 01:01:52 PM
The last battle was the most difficult one. The battle of Arta injured Alara badly.
Both came home from a very long road, but very slowly to Durrazzo. The wounds of Alara gave pain to every single movement her body could feel. She should not had come-thougt Arbro. The goverment had not send enough armors for her. Just a waraxe and a helmet. Also she had never really trained in the barracks. She passed most of the time reading and talking to people rising her intelligence and charisma to high levels. She should not had come, but her courage and persistent will to come had not made Arbro stop her. Now she needs to rest and hopefully some healing pills would come from te goverment to her aid.
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 03 February, 2016, 07:46:49 PM
A month has past. Alaras wounds were no healing. Her breath has become heavy and her face has turned yellow. No help has ever arrived from te goverment. Not only to Alara, but none of the warriors had ever recived any help for their wounds. The king even promised a reward, but nothing came. He does not keep his word, this is not somethig new, but this timea life of one of his warriors was in danger.

Arbro asked around for a healer and rumors said it was a very good healer south Of Albania. Someone who could heal deep wounds , and the only thing it required from his patiens was for them to believe they would get healed.

Arbro arrangd Alara's transport to be less painful and took a ship to sail south.
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 04 February, 2016, 09:35:40 PM,15258.0.html
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 11 February, 2016, 02:01:08 PM
10-Feb-1316,   Arbro arrived in DYRRACHION

Arbro returned in Durazzo and found it exactly as he left it. Nothing has changes. Not other fron the outside, but also from the inside.
The goverment members , fallowers of Guliem and also him, still were in hybernation and like  bears they were waiting for the spring to wake up and do , or propose any law. There was no referendum or citizen asked about the laws. They were done All in close doors as monarchy functions, what the king decides will be. Discontent citizens were not a problem for the new monarch.

Alara was happy to see the new home both would live. Home had a little dust , but it still did not have any arrival package or bonus for the knights who fought in the battle of Arta. The bonus the king promised was just a lie.
Who cares anymore of goverment help. We bleed for it, but we did not do it for the king. Being married meant  the only persons who you could relly rely now was each other, and sometimes a friend.

According to friends, angry Rhino had some items Arbro requested being sold in the market.
Arbro and Alara went after cleaning the house at the market. Arbro bought a pickaxe. The iron was a necessity to upgrade the house to a bigger one. Alara bought a fatchet. She needs woods to cook good meals. Living as a couple made life easier and more nice.

Arbro hoped Angry Rhino could had saved some silver for his future home now. He is a new citizen and need to keep him happy and with silver flowing. If we do not keep each other warm, no king of lies could do.
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Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 21 March, 2016, 02:01:27 PM
A lot of weeks has passed.
Arbro had taken all the materials required to upgrade his fiefdom and workshop. With his high strength he could chop 20 woods in few hours, and dig 15 iron ore in a blink of an eye.
Alara was not strong and choping wood was not for her, so he gathered all th required materials for himself and for Alara"s cookings. He upgraded his land and workshop, but instead for them to give more productivity,  made them look more beauty, just for Alara to pock her nose in Arbros work.
Alara did not upgrade her workshop of fiefdom, she was was upset with her living in Albania and ocasionally was asking Arbro to leave this country and live someplace else. Cooking all day for both of them had made her boring and unhappy with her life in this country.
 She could not find a job. She could not use her inteligence and charisma just to cook and sell some of her plates in the market. She had studied law and economic, but even with empty Judge position in the goverment, she could not be hired. Having a Judge position in the goverment was a high ranking position the king could not allow someone who was not in his payrall to be hired. There were also rumors that the laws were not made in this nation and delayed becouse he had not faund a the 'right 'Judge. For this reason the Kingdom of Albania had still no laws.
A puppet judge is expected to come soon. Untill then Albania will not have laws.
Title: Re: Rpg Dyrrachion
Post by: (RIP) Arbro Gramleg on 22 March, 2016, 07:03:44 PM
Finally Albania had laws. The dream of Arbro Granleg became true.Albania had reconqueared the lost provinces. Had its own army and his own laws. All what he had hopped became true.
A smile had finally blasted his face.
Alara from the other hand was not happy... She had become creazy. She had not been accepted as a Judge. She accused Arbro to be naive and dreaming with his eyes open.
Albania had not a Judge and thus the laws would be lame.
Albania had no Army because the army members had no armors and wepons of their own and could not fight against the Tyrany of the actual monarchy.
The new nation members would only be slaves of the corrupt Monarchy who had taken the key section of the goverment.
She shouted up and down in the house but Arbro could not understand her.
Finally she took her clothes and moved in a hurry to a chariot. Alara wanted to go away from this miserable place. If Arbro was not coming, she will go away alone. She did not even take the Nobelwaman dress Arbro had made from the silk he cultuvated himself for a month.
Arbro went after her with the other horse. The chariot  increased in speed. In a strong curve the chariot went outside the road, down the hill. A tragedy!
Alara died.

Arbro was no more recognizable. Lost eyes, no more color in his face. The trauma inflicted to him from Alara's death had made him suffer from neurotuc disorders.

 He was last seen south with some rugs, his head down and with hand and head shacking every 3 seconds...

The end.