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Title: Barony Land der Chelmno
Post by: Leseyk Hydros on 07 March, 2015, 09:11:38 PM
I have been Guard Captain of Chelmno for some time, and was recently given the duties of Constable of all of Prussia. I am still learning what it means to be a Guard Captain, and now I am in command of all of the armies of Prussia. Do we have enough weapons for the army? What about food, and medicine? Wars are very costly, and take much time to prepare for, so if we are not ready for it when war comes, we may never be ready for it.

Leseyk looked at the last page he'd written in his journal. It was some time since he'd last written in it...back when Albrecht Hohenzollern had been King of Prussia. How long ago was that...? He didn't even know anymore. But he looked at the letter he'd opened, from the new regent, King Ignacio Garcia de Alfaro, and scanned it quickly. He read it again, more carefully. Much, much more carefully.

He'd been titled as the Baron of Chelmno.

He, Leseyk Hydros, had been given a noble title. His stomach tried to leap through his throat. There was so much to do, so little time to do it in. He was the Guard Captain of Chelmno, placed there to oversee the protection of Prussia's forest, as well as the Constable of all Prussia and in charge of the army. Now, he was also the Baron of Chelmno. It was almost...almost too much to handle. If he didn't have his son helping out, it sure would be too much.

His son, Vorian, turned out to be an excellent baker, and the bread seemed more flavorful when it was made by Vorian's hands, Leseyk never knew why. It warmed his heart to think of his son and how they worked so well together: Les would do the hard work of sowing and harvesting crops, and Vor would make delicious baked goods from them. This worked well for both of them, since one person couldn't do too much all at once.

Les wondered, maybe since he was now the Baron, he should do less of the manual work and more of the administrative work. It had been ages since he'd done anything in his own carpentry shop, since he spent most of his time growing wheat, chopping wood, or making sure that the barracks was clean. He'd been thinking of putting out some work orders to draw in more hands to help out around Chelmno.

They needed hoes made to sow the fields to grow the wheat.
They needed to grow the wheat for baking.
They needed to bake the wheat into food.
They needed wood to use to fire the ovens.
They needed more wood to prepare for more of the public works projects.

There was so much to do, Leseyk barely had time to sleep, and Vor spent most of his time making bread for the both of them to live off of, and still there were things not getting done on time, or projects to do, or things left unfinished. That was also not counting the fact that every couple of days they both had to do battle against Prussia's enemies. When they were off fighting, everything else back home was not getting done. It was so hectic, Les didn't know how he was keeping it all together.

But he was. And together, the Hydros family would show the rest of Prussia that the Barony of Chelmno was not accidentally bestowed on him. He would pour his heart and soul out for his King, his country, and his fellow Prussians. To do any less would be inviting disaster upon them all.

Prussia needed him.
And he needed Prussia.