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Title: Case A021: State against Vitaly Zagumenyi
Post by: Valkon Gorthauer on 25 November, 2014, 01:56:53 PM
By the power of Law given to Kievans by our Grand Prince of Kiev Mao Chao and the power of Order blessed of Our Lord, Deus Triune, High Court of Kiev start this prosecution against crimes committed by Vitaly Zagumenyi (

Vitaly Zagumenyi is accused of violating the laws of The Grand Principality of Kiev.

Prosecution will be represented by Fyodor Romodanovsky (, who have permission to present the accusations and collected evidences.

According procedure I must ask Vitaly Zagumenyi if he want to appoint an Attorney or prefer defend by himself.
Title: Re: Case A021: State against Vitaly Zagumenyi
Post by: (RIP) Fyodor Romodanovsky on 26 November, 2014, 02:08:14 AM
Your honor,

Defendant ignore our prince order and by this lose his privileges as free kievan citizen. You can see this stated in our prince decree  - Decree (,11198.msg76698.html#msg76698).

By this he lose his right to poses any lands on Principality territory without permission from Grand Prince, Seneschal or local vassal. as it is stated in the law:

VІ.1 It is forbidden to extract natural resources, buy farms and fields without a written permission in a sealed scroll from the Grand Prince of Kiev, a Seneschal, or a local Vassal. The permission may cover a particular region, particular resource, or particular farm.

An evidence to violating this article can be:
- wearing appropriate tools at the region's territory;
- investigation and documented report;
- any other legal evidence of extracting resources or attendant actions.
An unauthorized extraction of resources, buying farms and fields are considered a Severe Crime.

But here are the evidence that Defendant violate the law and our prince restrictions:


Prosecution plead for correspondent punishment:

fine up to 400 silver coins and/or up to 2 days of imprisonment
Title: Re: Case A021: State against Vitaly Zagumenyi
Post by: Valkon Gorthauer on 29 November, 2014, 11:19:30 AM
Since the defendant did not deign the court with his presence, the Court has to pronounce a verdict based only on evidences provided by the Prosecution. Evidences, in the court's opinion, clearly indicate the fact of violation of the law and the participation of the defendant in it.

In the Name of Our Lord Holy Triune God, with Power given to me as a Judge by His Majesty Grand Prince of Kiev, I pronounce following verdict:
Vitaly Zagumenyi is declared GUILTY in crimes presented by Prosecution.

Court sentenced Vitaly Zagumenyi to pay the fee of 400 sp and to be put in jail for 2 days.

Trial is closed.