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The University of Edinburgh
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"The University of Edinburgh was founded on January 20th, in the year 1313, which was the anniversary of the late Queen Henna's passing one year before.  In life she retained her unique Welsh insight, possessed a natural curiosity, and maintained that the pursuit of Art and Science would increase our understanding of the wyrld in which we are baern and the magic which governs it.  She succumbed to Influenza in the night during a particularly harsh Winter, having been wounded in a global quake which claimed the lives of 2 out of every 3 Scots, and countless others throughout Europe.  Scotland would not exist as it does today if she had not bravely accepted the arranged marriage which thrust her, at the age of 15, into the odd laef of a Scots and flung her far from her haem.

She captured our hearts for a time.  And she will be dearly missed.  The University of Edinburgh is dedicated to the memory of her."

The status of the University of Edinburgh is; "Under Construction"

We have acquired the following;
  • 2000 Wood;
  • 1000 Iron;
  • And 2000 Stone.
And of the 4000 hours of construction we must complete we have completed 2242

If you would contribute to the construction of the University at this stage in its development, you must acquire a hammer from the market.  If there are none (which is unlikely - if you're using a filter try using "weapons") write to the Captain, Sandy Wallace, he is our resident toolmaker.

It should be noted that there were countless contributions during the resources phase of this project.  The king of Ireland, Annan D'Lochlain donated a generous 2000.00 and for that we are very grateful.  The regent of Scotland, Bruce Enderson, also contributed a generous 6638.00 and the Captain of the Scots Army, Sandy Wallace, contributed heaps and tonnes of raw resources as well as gold coins and 3000.00.  We would like to especially thank Aviendha Althor and Alfonz De Gaul in halping acquire all of the materials we needed, as well as Aelfred Ulricsson and Agnes Beauly (posthumously), Allan Smith, Andriet Richileau, Barens Shaw, Basch Badgemagus, the Dunbar siblings Bailian and Allesandra, Benjamin Evans, Brandon McMoore, Carthaigh Bruthenan, Dar McDar (posthumously), Danius Dunedane, Dream Walker, Finn Bowman, Fearchara Scathach (posthumously), Guinglain Sieg Hart, Lannea De Chaol Gleann, Leanz Cruelly, Siobhan MacDubh (posthumously), Uther Pendragon, and William Lambert to name just a few for having invested so much time and energy in collecting these, as well as exercising a lot of patience with my incessant mails and constant nagging.  It would not have all been possible without them.  And we will take a moment now to bow our heads in remembrance of those whom lost their lives in this endeavor, and then say a final thanks to all of the auld gods which guided our hands and our minds.

So good luck out thaer today, and be smart ~
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