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Sacred text of the Pagans - Chapter 2 - The Man and the Gods

The Man and the Gods
Lux, the Sun god, taught the humans how to make fire, and Tiara, the Moon goddess, gave them dreams.

Xanex often travelled through the skies on his flying horse, and thunder would strike all around him. Once, a bolt of lightning grazed Tiara and hit her ice disc, and little ice crystals filled the sky. Tiara found them so pretty that she decided to leave them there forever, even if now her disc wasn’t perfect.

Once, Xanex’s Axe was stolen by an evil giant called Zymm, who wanted to have Ana for himself to marry her and he threatened to use the Axe to destroy the Earth should she not become his.

Manias, the Trickster, disguised himself as Ana, and travelled to the World of the Giants taking an old woman and a young boy with him. When they arrived, Zymm wanted to kiss Manias, that still looked like Ana, but he said that he wanted to hold the Axe first. Zymm agreed, but only if the three of them would win two of three contests against him.

The first contest was an eating contest, and the young boy won, because he was Lux - the Sun god – and everything that he ate was burned. The second contest was a wrestling contest and the giant was sure he would win so to show off he did it himself, but the old woman won, because she was Old Mother Age, and the giant crumbled into dust. The three gods went home with the Axe, and the world was safe once again.

But the world of the humans was falling again in chaos and destruction.

A rich and powerful sovereign had conquered hundreds of Kingdoms and had declared himself Lord of the Earth. He had continued to bring war everywhere until the world was completely subdued to his will. But still not satisfied he challenged the Gods: he would declare war to them and wanted to destroy them, so that the whole of Creation could be under his control. In his Capital he started building a Tower that could reach the sky and he ordered to build thousands oh ships that would go to the Kingdom of the Oceans and he hired all the magicians he could so that they would pervert the souls of the soldiers to send them to fight in the Underworld once they were killed. The Gods, and Xanex most of all, where ready to fight against him and destroy once and for all the human race.

Rik, the god of Fertility, was Zuperius and Ana's youngest son. One day Rik was walking along the shore and came across an old wooden hut, where a woman called Ay lived, that offered him shelter and a small meal. Rik slept in her bed and then departed. Nine months later Ay gave birth to a son whom she called Thrall. The boy was strong but ugly, and he married a slave girl, with whom he had twelve sons and nine daughters, whose names suggested ugliness and short stumpy stature. Their progeny became a race of slaves.

Travelling further Rik came across a small house where a craftsman lived with his daughter. In the middle of the night Rik snuck into her bed. Early next morning he travelled onwards, and nine months the daughter of the craftsman had a son who she named Barl. He married a woman called Sni, and together they had twelve sons and ten daughters: they became the ancestors of farmers, craftsmen and herders.

One day, Rik came to a mansion, where Eko and Elba lived. Elba – the goddes of Motherhood – was one of Xanex’s daughters, that he had given in marriage to Eko, so that they would give birth to a progeny devoted to the Gods. But Elba was never able to conceive with Eko. Rik stayed with them for a long time, and after nine months Elba had a beautiful son whom she named Earl. Rik taught him the secrets of magic and to respect the Gods. Earl soon became a great warrior, he married Isa, and had three sons and one daughter. From their progeny the Warrior Nobility was born.

Earl and his first offspring, thanks to Rik and Elba’s blood and their teachings, had great strength and cunning and an unnaturally long life. Earl with his sons and nephews, young and beautiful for hundreds of years, where the favorites of the Gods. When the Lord of the Earth declared war to the divinities, they offered to fight in their name, praying to the Gods to let them show that man kind could still be saved. And so it was. Mani passed away, and Earl himself died. But the battle was won, the Tower destroyed, the ship sank, the soldier’s souls freed.

The Gods, moved by Earl’s Love, were merciful. However, the human race had still been decimated and it took many thousands of years for Man to return to its previous glory. Earl’s progeny was blessed and it was granted to them to be Lords among Men, but Rik’s blood was always more diluted and his descendants always less devoted to the other humans. .
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