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Sacred text of the Pagans - Chapter 1 - The Beginning of all Things

The War for Power


At the beginning there was fire and ice and two worlds. The first was Neja, the freezing World of Ice, and the second was Umao, the burning World of Fire. When the first cold wind of Neja touched the fiery surface of Umao, the first giant, Korsos, and a goat, Raha, mother of life, were born.

With every step that Korsos took, and every footprint he made, new young giants were born. One day, whilst Korsos was drinking Raha’s milk, the goat licked a salt stone, and, the life essence from the goat united with the power of the giant gave birth to a female, Ghaya. She is the mother of the Earth. Raha hid Ghaya from Korsos and his giants and fed her with her own milk, rich with the power of life.

Ghaya gave birth to three children: Xanex, Zuperius and Maia. When they grew in power they wanted to take control and so, with the help of Ghaya, they forged a powerful war axe and tried to slay Korsos. The first attempt was a failure and they were all condemned to live in the flames of Umao. Maia, the goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge, persuaded their guardian Morpheus, the giant of fire and protector of Umao, to free them and so they tried yet again to kill Korsos.

Raha poisoned his milk and Korsos, drinking as always from her udder, fell in a deep sleep. It was Xanex, when he finally found the sleeping giant, that slew him with his war axe. Then they created the World as we know it: From the flesh of the giant they made the earth, from his blood they made oceans, rivers and lakes, and from his brain they made the sky.

On this world lived only Korsos’ and they soon attempted a revolt against Xanex, Zuperius and their sister Maia. They won the battle, and they chained Xanex, Zuperius and Maia on an island.

The mother of the Earth saw this, and helped them bring to life new brothers and sisters: the twin brothers, Schytus and Abner, and the twin sisters, Ana and Batiara. They helped the other three escape from the island where they were imprisoned and together they hid in the Underworld, the world beneath the Earth and at the beginning of Umao.

There they forged weapons and with the help of Morpheus and other creatures of that world they declared war to the giants on the Earth. Xanex and Schytus were the bravest in that war, and each of them slew hundreds of giants, while the sisters Maia, Ana and Batiara assisted them with their powers. Abner was the crafting god who gave axes and swords to the allied gods while Zuperius controlled the water of the oceans to drown the giants. They fought with courage and killed almost all of the giants.

The four parts of the Earth - The Seven Gods

After they won the war against the giants, Ghaya’s children began to divide the Earth between them.

Xanex - the Supreme god - was the leader of all and he took the throne of the skies. He possessed the powerful axe as his weapon, which slew Korsos and the giants and gained the power to cast thunderstorms and blizzards.

Zuperius - the god of the Oceans, lakes and rivers - took the Kingdom of the Oceans. He had the Trident of Water, which could cast sea storms and command every living form of aquatic life.

Maia - the goddess of Wisdom and Courage - for her help in the "Giant War", was put alongside Xanex in the sky to watch upon Earth and look for potential threats. She later became Xanex’s wife.

Abner - the god of Death and Crafting - took the throne of Underworld and forged a prison of fire for the remaining giants. He had Morpheus to help him rule the dark kingdom. He had Korsos’ sword as his weapon, gifted to him by Xanex for the bravery and courage he showed during battle. He controlled the fire of the Underworld and could put life into weapons forged by him.

His twin brother Schytus – the god of War - lives on Earth and is always plotting beginning wars whenever he has the opportunity. As his weapon he got the mighty spear of Korsos, made from his bones after he was slain by Xanex.

Ana - the goddess of Beauty and Love - was taken by Zuperius to be his wife and to rule with him the Kingdom of the Oceans.

Batiara – the goddess of Hunting and of the Forest - was the preferred daughter of Ghaya, which stopped her before she was corrupted by Xanex, and lived with her in the forests of the Earth. Batiara gave birth to several Aras - half man half beast that live in the forest.

Among the rulers of the Kingdoms of the Sky, Water and Underworld there was hate and greed; Zuperius and Abner always tried to take Xanex’s power, but they feared his Battle Axe, which had slain Korsos, and the power of his thunder.

The Gods from the second generation

From the union of the First gods, Ghaya’s children, a second generation of gods was born. The first was Lux, son of Xanex and Maia, that fell in love with Tiara, daughter of Zuperius and Ana. But when their fathers found out, they prohibited them to see each other. During the day Lux – the god of the Sun - with his big FieryStone taken from Umao looked for his love in the skies, and during the night Tiara - the goddess of the Moon and the night - looked for her lover with a disc made from the ice of Neja.

Then there was Manias, the trickster, born from Batiara, that took the shape of a snake and tempted Xanex. He looked half god and half animal, he possessed a great speed and the power to lie, persuade and steal, and so he was later called the Trickster god or the god of Lying.

The making of Man and Woman

When all of the gods met on mount Erogos, they decided together to give life to another creature without powers. Thus they created humans, giving them some gifts - wisdom, courage, love but also hate and fear – that soon started reproducing themselves and spread on the entire surface of earth.

They got together in small groups, then tribes and villages. But then the God of War, Schytus, put his tail in the relations between the villages and so wars began. Seeing all that hate and all those battles Xanex, Zuperius and Abner met on the mountain Erogos once again and decided to destroy all humans. So, they sent a great flood and huge earthquakes, followed by droughts and glaciations.

Batiara, being a merciful goddess and seeing that the wars were caused by Schytus with his tricks and games, took some humans and hid them in a forest. After the three brothers made the plagues against mankind stop, Batiara went to see Xanex and attempted to convince him to forget the sins committed, and the humans, to show their regret, built shrines for each god, praying to them every day to have their mercy. Xanex agreed, but promised that if they did not keep the rituals alive he would destroy them once more. And so, the human race spread and populated the entire Earth, praising the gods and thanking them for their mercy, building many shrines and altars in their honor.

Seeing that their mercy was being repaid, the god of Crafting - Abner - gave them the necessary for making tools, the god of the Oceans - Zuperius - gave them orientation to guide them across the seas, the goddess of Love - Ana – made their feelings stronger, and the goddess Maia gave the human race great courage and great wisdom.
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