Author Topic: Three Tokens of the Triun Deity  (Read 1021 times)

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Three Tokens of the Triun Deity
« on: 25 May, 2014, 09:08:41 PM »
   As best I am aware, I was born the third son of a minor Compte de Mont Alban in our kingdom of France. I was a cheerful child with a great love of learning and very outgoing. The instructors my father hired were quite challenged to keep up with me in the scholarly educations. On the other hand I was never much more than average pupil of the martial combats, although strategems were most intriguing. Where armies were concerned I was more adapted to maneuvers than to man vs. man skills. Though I liked the maturity to be granted command, I did not lack the knowledge or courage. The end result was that my mental skills grew but in training as a soldier only my bruises did.

   Until the age of 8 years I was raised among my siblings, an older brother (Bertrand) and an older sister (Bethany). My father (Phillip of Mont Alban) held me , it now seems, as some guarantor that the house name would survive to inherit, and I was unaware of the situations true nature until he discontinued my education by the learned clergy and my martial training beside the minor nobility and peers, but then pressed me to service of the church. It felt a great betrayal to be "pawned" to the local abbey for absolution to some great sins of his or my grandfather too which I had no blame or even heard even a whisper of. So at first I was the most obstinate of novitiates.

  This events were, at the time, quite sudden and unexplained, yet they have bearing as they occurred immediate to my brother and sister, twins, reached their majorities and were betrothed to some other houses of note in Southern provinces of France. His lineage and heirs secured for the future, my father perceived me to be a burden, and no longer of greater personal value as a security. Though I had learned all lessons and chivalrous rites to a fair level of skill the point was moot without the wherewithal to support two such knights in the household. He was confirmed gambler it seemed, and the upkeep of his habit and lineage was of greater personal value to my father, Phillipe, than was his own legitimate, but excess, offspring.

    The church accepted my service to the lasting benediction of my father and to their benefit as a secular assistant. I was never pressed harshly to adopt the vows of the Order, but I was continued in my education. It now seems the most logical of futures to me that I should remain of value to France and to a greater glory than my father was prepared to imagine. I finally accepted this as I had begun surly and a loner, who loved books and scrolls and the illuminations we wrote. So I shifted from family to books and in study I was soon granted a mentor. The Abbey librarian. He would begin by asking me questions about what I read to bring me out of the silence I had set to protect myself. The frequency was reminescent of my past tutors and his approach worked. Eventually I became his clerk and assistant which suited me well, as I was given unlimited access to all but the most highly prized works. My mind traveled throughout the world and throughout time within the walls of this place.

After a time these all  lead me to the Ile de France, the Royal city, while in the service as a scribe to one of the priests there in search of the blessings of the Bishop and consecration of my soul to the furtherance of the Theologian faith for the salvation of the souls of France and to renew the vision of Emperor Charlegmagne and the Holy Roman Empire reborn of France. Such a life long endeavor would have been foolish to have started anywhere but the Ile De France and among the courts and populations of blessed Paris. I seek the service of France through my works within the offices of the Universal Theological Church.

The Royal Court's Blessings and sponsorship toward that goal will be most appreciated and Never forgotten. It was with Great surprise that I was introduced by the Priest,  who recognized my value, to the French Chancellor and other people at court. Through them i was even mentioned to his majesty, King Henri II. In some days I may yet be of value to my father, brother, and sister wherever they have been placed, however, serving Tehos and France will always be my True family.

  With such I start I cannot doubt that Tehos guides my steps. Even now he has given me a task through my dreams. There are 3 tokens that I must research and acquire.
Let the search begin!

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